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Condyloma acuminatum is a common disease of dermatology. In view of the disease attributable to the disease, and the recurrence rate after t


Condyloma acuminatum is a common disease of dermatology. In view of the disease attributable to the disease, and the recurrence rate after treatment is high, most patients are prone to fear, the problem is also a lot of patients. In this, I am in the process of diagnosis and treatment of condyloma acuminata or in the online patient often consult some questions to answer the question of the way to make a brief introduction, in order to lift some of the doubts of the patient, is conducive to the prevention and treatment of condyloma acuminatum.

Q: how long does it take to develop a human papilloma virus (HPV)? Does acuteness wet wart happen after infection HPV?

Answer: usually, after the infection of HPV in most of 3 months or so acuteness wet wart. As far as I can see, the patient with HPV who developed condyloma acuminatum is the shortest of 3 weeks, with a maximum of up to 14 months. After infection with HPV, not all people will be the occurrence of condyloma acuminatum, which is related to the individual's resistance and other factors.

Q: what is the basis for the diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum?

Answer: diagnose acuteness wet wart basically according to clinical expression, it is the pathological change of skin mucous membrane. Acetic acid test and / or histopathological examination of atypical lesions. In addition, the positive detection of HPV in the lesions is helpful to the diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum.

Ask: can be diagnosed acuteness wet wart through blood examination HPV positive?

A: there is no such diagnostic method, even if there is such a diagnostic method in the future, if there is no skin lesions can not be diagnosed as condyloma acuminatum.

Ask: suffer from acuteness wet wart, HPV can cause acuteness wet wart of other organ through blood?

Answer: not. The main cause of condyloma acuminatum in HPV, mainly in the skin of the male and female genitalia and anus, as well as the urethra, vagina, cervix, anus mucosa and a very small number of oral mucosa. HPV could not pass blood infection to other organs, like flowers and plants can grow in the land, may not grow in sand.

Ask: acuteness wet wart can radical cure?

Answer: radical refers to the lesion will never be removed after the recurrence. Acuteness wet wart can cure. Although patients with condyloma acuminatum due to low resistance factors to infection, most patients have recurrence after treatment, but as long as they can improve their resistance, adherence to treatment is completely curable, unless re infection.

Q: what are the external methods for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum? What's the best cure?

Answer: topical therapy on the treatment of condyloma acuminatum in my choice of online article. To emphasize the need for a wealth of clinical experience of physicians in accordance with the patient's condition, such as the choice of treatment, in order to alleviate the pain in the treatment process, as much as possible to reduce the cost of treatment.

Q: in the process of treatment of condyloma acuminatum to prohibit "Volatile"?

Answer: the so-called "matter" usually refers to the meat, shrimp and crab. The treatment of condyloma acuminatum do not need to ban any food, but if there is a large area of laser surgery should be appropriate to control pepper and wine and other irritating foods.

Question: how to reduce the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum?

Answer: the patients do the following aspects can reduce the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum: one is to pay attention to rest, adjust good mentality, avoid mental tension and fatigue; the two is to strengthen nutrition, eat more protein rich foods to improve their immunity; the three is under the guidance of doctors reasonable anti virus and improving immunity drugs.

Q: how to prevent the infection of condyloma acuminatum between husband and wife or sexual partners?

Answer: in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum between husband and wife or sexual partners to avoid sexual life, to avoid contact with skin lesions. Even in the short term after the treatment has no condyloma acuminatum lesions, sexual life should also take measures to prevent such as condoms. Acuteness wet wart patients should wash their hands frequently, the towels, underwear and basin to separate cleaning.

Ask: how long after acuteness wet wart cures, do not send hair to calculate more?

Answer: there is no gold standard in this regard. On my personal experience, usually in the removal of condyloma acuminatum lesions no longer after more than half a year more than.

Question: suffering from Condyloma Acuminatum will cause those adverse consequences? Impact on fertility?

A: after the treatment of condyloma acuminatum will not leave any adverse consequences for the male and female fertility, etc..

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