23 misunderstandings in dental treatment (two)

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6, filling material is out of the doctor's faultMany patients had filling tooth loss and later the hospital, doctors often complain about th


6, filling material is out of the doctor's fault

Many patients had filling tooth loss and later the hospital, doctors often complain about the level of difference, filling filling teeth cannot make forever, this is actually a misunderstanding with. Factors of filling material is off depends on many aspects, among which the most important is your teeth cavity size, imagine, if your teeth caries is very small when you come to the hospital treatment, how can so easily? It takes 18 months for a tooth to develop from the beginning to a large cavity, and it takes about 30 months to develop into the pulp Once the development of large cavity even if the doctor is difficult to ensure this tooth cavity materials do not fall off, why then this hope you can review their own fault, and then consider the technical level of doctors.

Suggestion: dental early treatment, go to the hospital to check regularly

7, root is not willing to treat, all require removal

With the development of high-tech many teeth especially single tooth, if after comprehensive treatment is completely preserved, then a crown on it, can exercise the normal function, but there is a premise that the root must be intact (through dental examination). Many patients indiscriminately as long as the root requires removal, this is wrong.

Suggestion: to keep a good root is to save a large sum of money

8, do not want to shoot a film

Some patients do not shine teeth, they think it is a waste of time, in fact, as the purpose is to understand the root, dental pulp, periodontium and alveolar bone and so on, is very helpful to the diagnosis and judgment of doctors, so in some cases (such as trauma, periodontal disease, root caries disease, some the treatment of the teeth...)... Is one of the most commonly used diagnostic methods in the Department of stomatology. Some parents lack of medical knowledge, think dental children eat bad line, but don't worry, a few pictures of your child is not what effect.

Suggestion: trust the doctor, according to your dental benefits only, and you can keep the original data, you must keep

9, easy to clean surface of the tooth enamel in grinding

Some patients worry about the scaling of the tooth surface enamel damage, so do not want to regular cleaning. In fact, the dental ultrasonic machine imported, it is the principle of ultrasonic vibration, rather than. Sandblasting machine is adopted, high pressure water cleaning gas, sand and the principle of the tooth surface dirt removal, will not cause harm to the tooth.

Recommendation: try to know

10, tooth extraction is not good for the brain

Some patients are very reluctant to extraction, they worry about teeth through the brain, after the removal of the impact on the brain, in fact, this is not necessary to worry, the teeth in the alveolar bone, and brain extraction distance, also do not have what effect on the brain.

Recommendations: to learn more about the point of the Department of Stomatology

11, requiring doctors to shorten the treatment time

Dental treatment requires a certain period of time, such as: small filling caries can complete a simple treatment of deep caries to appease a can fill. Root canal treatment usually takes three to four times, about two to three weeks, after the root canal treatment, some need to do crown repair, which takes time. Some may need one or two years to correct the teeth, once a month. Blindly require doctors to shorten the treatment time is not conducive to treatment.

Advice: please stay! Listen to your doctor for your dental health



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