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Many patients ask me: I brush my teeth every day, why the teeth will be bad? Periodontal disease and bad breath? How exactly is it right to


Many patients ask me: I brush my teeth every day, why the teeth will be bad? Periodontal disease and bad breath? How exactly is it right to brush your teeth? In fact, many people do not brush their teeth or brushing time is not correct, can not be effective teeth cleaning. Today Shenyang dentist Li Xiangjiao give you the world oral preventive medicine scientific brushing method recommended BASS brushing method, also translated as Bayesian method of brushing or PAP brushing method, I personally love Bayesian this translation, if everyone can be as carefully as brushing like baby teeth will reward you with a longer working time.

BASS brushing method has many advantages, the first simple and effective: all actions are "short distance horizontal movement", not easy to lose direction, high efficiency. Second: the general people and patients with periodontal disease, are very useful to learn, for life. Third is the most recommended in the world: the Bayesian method is the most commonly used in modern textbooks, brushing the law, a number of American and Swedish researchers and scholars in the United States and the United States public health scholars, are strongly recommended by the method of brushing the teeth.

The main purpose is to clean the teeth brushing the teeth and tongue, lip, gum and near the occlusal surface. Brush your teeth when you have to take a little gum to clean your teeth. Remove plaque, gingival natural health. Belfa's main advantage is that it can brush into the gingival sulcus a little, the most helpful on periodontal health.

Specific operation of BASS tooth brushing method:

1 correct grip, the thumb outstretched, hold the toothbrush.

2 place the toothbrush on the teeth and the gums, brush the teeth up, cover a little gum, and brush the teeth for a short distance. When brushing the teeth, brush down, according to the same method.

The 3 bristles and the teeth are in an angle of 45 degrees, and the bristles are pressed to the teeth at the same time, so that the brush hairs are slightly circular, and the side edges of the bristles are also in contact with the teeth.

4 toothbrush positioning, start the horizontal motion of short distance, two teeth, two teeth brush ten times about back and forth.

5 when brushing mouth, see the upper right end of a tooth. Then start from the right side of the cheek, brush to the left; then the left occlusal surface, the left side of the tongue and then back to the right side of the tongue, and then the right side of the occlusal surface. So there will be no missing sequential brush.

The order of a (brushing formula: right, right end. )

6 brush the occlusal surface, and two teeth of two teeth, brush back and forth.

The 7 is the posterior side of the tongue palate is not easy to brush the place, at the junction of the brush hair is still aligned teeth and gums, brush handle close to the front. On the right side of the tongue brush when the brush handle naturally toward the left, advised with posterior lingual brush on the right side of the left hand, is much better.

8 in addition, the buccal brushing teeth with ipsilateral hand, namely the right buccal brush with the right hand, the left side with the left cheek. At the same time, the brush handle can be opened to facilitate the cheek, the line of sight.

9 brush over the teeth, and then use the same principles and methods, brush the teeth below.

How did you learn? BASS brushing method is time-consuming, but it is a good way to clean teeth. Beautiful women and handsome men spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day to take care of hair and makeup, but also a little more time and energy to the teeth. I wish you to use the BASS method of brushing teeth more healthy!

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