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"About half a year ago, my heart was finally ready to 1 (meat) out, but then every time it will lead to a be brutal and inhuman pain. Was a


"About half a year ago, my heart was finally ready to 1 (meat) out, but then every time it will lead to a be brutal and inhuman pain. Was a month ago, I went to the dentist, took

X, the final decision to One finished, all is finished. Sure enough, after pulling teeth to eat refreshed. "

What they should pull?

Third, also known as the "third molar".



In the course of human evolution, with the increasing use of food, coupled with the use of fire, food becomes soft, greatly reducing the intensity of chewing food. Because there is not enough stimulation, the human upper and lower jaw is shorter and shorter, but the number of teeth is not reduced. As a result, there is often not enough space for the third molar. So, the teeth (third teeth) often cannot erect a normal adorable. Cause this is the most common impacted teeth.

Generally, "impacted" should be removed.


Do you have impacted?

A judge whether impacted wisdom teeth, the most simple and effective examination means take a panoramic X

Slice. The panoramic radiograph is the article title as a film, but is completely black and white.

From the panoramic view, we can see the adorable gesture opsigenes. If you are lying, lying, or even inverted, so sorry, it is quite possible that the teeth will not complete, adorable, perhaps removal is the best choice.


Why should the impacted tooth extraction?

Because of the wrong attitude, not all adorable, often make it difficult to clean it and formed between the front teeth, local bacterial accumulation, will lead to severe dental caries, dental pulp disease and acute pericoronitis, produce unbearable pain! What is more, will lead to maxillofacial space infection, osteomyelitis of jaw.


What should be extracted teeth?

When the teeth have been severely difficult to treat bad caries and periapical periodontitis, advanced periodontal disease, is not recommended to retain. Because the treatment is very difficult, the treatment effect is very poor.

In addition, when wisdom teeth are cyst, tumor, or due to the need of orthodontic treatment, should also be removed.

What they should be preserved?

In short, healthy teeth without removing. If a tooth to "correct posture" adorable, and there were no serious lesions, is worth preserving.

Because, in addition to continue to exercise the function of molar, the future if there is wisdom teeth for various reasons before the teeth missing, it can be used as a potential "teeth" for denture (i.e. dentures) provide the basis for repair, so you can be linked.

Although the process will be adorable teeth, because gingivitis appear temporary pain, but the proper use of toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash slobber, maintain oral hygiene, generally can survive, until a completely adorable opsigenes.

Contraindication of tooth extraction

Not all can pull wisdom teeth removal, in the extraction before should exclude some extraction contraindications.

Severe heart disease (heart function)

III, IV grade, severe hypertension (systolic blood pressure > 180 mmHg or diastolic pressure > 100)

MmHg), certain blood diseases (such as anemia, hemophilia, leukemia, etc.), diabetes, etc., should be controlled, and then under the conditions of care for tooth extraction. Pregnant women, in pregnancy 4, 5, June, more secure teeth extraction.

The risk of wisdom teeth

Not a medical operation is no risk, the tooth is no exception, and pull the impacted teeth is even more so.


After surgery, pain, swelling, opening difficulties may occur;


The upper teeth near the maxillary sinus, sometimes occurs in maxillary sinus perforation caused by maxillary sinusitis;


Some mandibular wisdom teeth near the mandibular nerve tube, sometimes irritation of the mandibular nerve, causing numbness of lower lip, from a few days to a few months;


Some of the impacted tooth, and in front of the counter because the molar periodontal ligament is removed, stimulation to the front teeth, causing pain sensitive period of time.

In addition, there are some other postoperative adverse reactions. However, most of the treatment can be recovered, patients need not because of these reasons and did not dare to pull the pull teeth, The loss outweighs the gain.

Notes after tooth extraction

The extraction process, the patient would be more anxiety, like me such a dentist, lying on the chair will also have a "human Daozu, I fish" fear, it relies entirely on the formation of the calm enough to comfort the dentist's skill and proficiency to action.

After the tooth, the dentist will give some attention:


Bite on the cotton ball after half an hour to spit, do not need to replace more cotton;


Two hours after eating and drinking water, as far as possible, try not to eat too hot and hard food, try not to use the tooth side of the tooth;

3 after extraction 24

Don't brush your teeth;

4 after extraction from 24 to 48

There is a small amount of blood or blood in the mouth with blood is normal phenomenon. If a large number of bright red blood should be timely treatment;

5 after extraction from 1 to 2

Avoid strenuous exercise during the day;

6 suture, postoperative 7 ~ 10


Compliance with these considerations can significantly reduce the incidence of postoperative complications, or reduce the severity of complications, and is conducive to rapid recovery.



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