Basic treatment of periodontitis

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Importance of periodontal basic treatmentIn patients with mild periodontitis, after periodontal treatment, the majority of patients with per


Importance of periodontal basic treatment

In patients with mild periodontitis, after periodontal treatment, the majority of patients with periodontal pockets may be shallow or disappear, periodontal tissue can also be restored to health, directly into the long-term periodontal maintenance phase. For severe periodontitis after periodontal therapy, inflammation subsided, periodontal pocket lighter, but still retained deep periodontal bag, usually require surgical periodontal therapy, further also, also usually require dental, orthodontic repair, multidisciplinary treatment.

At the same time, periodontal basic treatment or periodontal surgery treatment and other oral related treatment, such as repair, orthodontic treatment of the premise and foundation. For example, patients with periodontitis to periodontal treatment before treatment, in order to make accurate restoration, and prevent further damage to the periodontal status. Even if there is no periodontal disease, if there are more calculus, is also the need for periodontal treatment, in order to ensure the accuracy of the mold repair.

In the mouth also need some advanced periodontal therapy prior to major surgery, in order to eliminate the hidden infection; orthodontic treatment before and during treatment is also the need for periodontal treatment, to ensure healthy gums, prevent periodontal destruction.

The main contents of periodontal basic treatment

The main contents of periodontal treatment include: periodontal disease patient education, self control plaque to guide the patients, learn to use oral cleaning tools, such as toothbrushes, floss and interdental brush usage; the removal of unqualified value teeth; the real Shi Jiezhi, curettage, root the flat surface to remove plaque and calculus; the elimination of plaque retention factors, such as missing teeth, overhang, caries, bad repair body; the occlusal adjustment necessary in the control of inflammation, when necessary to do temporary fixing loosened teeth; and when necessary

Can be supplemented by drug treatment.

Notes on periodontal basic treatment

To be successful periodontal treatment, clinicians should pay attention to periodontal treatment, on the other hand also need to master some skills, including correct patient selection and appropriate inspection methods and make the correct diagnosis. Finally, clinicians must also use standardized procedures to complete the basic treatment, which requires specialized, standardized training to master.

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