Some problems of Orthodontics

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The purpose of OrthodonticsThe main function of the teeth is chewing, pronunciation and appearance, so the correction of teeth is to solve t


The purpose of Orthodontics

The main function of the teeth is chewing, pronunciation and appearance, so the correction of teeth is to solve these problems. The vast majority of people in order to solve the problem of beauty, which may affect the study, job, love, etc.. The rest may be to solve the problem of pronunciation and chewing, and has a high degree of patients told me that after straightening teeth, reading English is not so awkward.

Is there any age limit for orthodontic teeth

You may think that only young people can correct their teeth, one of the reasons is that the problem of uneven teeth at this time began to show. There is an improvement in the standard of living, the parents of their children's health and looks, even if their teeth are not good, it is not important. Therefore, in the economic conditions are not very developed in the city, most of the objects are corrected under the age of 20. But in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, because of the different concepts, as well as colleges and universities gathered, adult correction also accounted for a considerable proportion. And some teeth deformity is only after the performance of adults, such as periodontal disease can also make the teeth are not neat, so that the correction is not a juvenile patent, age is not a problem.

Time to correct teeth

In general the correction process to 1 and a half years to 2 years, and with the degree of patients, the severity of tooth deformity, and patients on the reactivity of the appliance.

Timing of orthodontic teeth

Human life has two pairs of teeth and permanent teeth. 6-12 years of age, gradually replaced by permanent teeth, fixed appliance is generally a permanent dentition dentition, so the treatment time is the routine after the age of 12. But some abnormalities such as anti jaw teeth, or to early treatment, because it would limit the development of maxillary bone, concave face grow ugly, even after the correction of the face may still not ideal. Anti jaw teeth corrected age is 4-6 years old, crossbite jaw corrected age is 8-10 years old, and then later would wait until after the age of 12. There are some serious tooth deformities and bad habits, etc., can not wait until all the teeth after the correction.

Orthodontic tooth retention

Orthodontic tooth movement is the process of teeth, teeth in the correction before the jaw is a stable state, the correction is completed when the teeth are unstable, there is a tendency to return to the previous position, which is the recurrence. To prevent recurrence, it is necessary to use the device to stabilize the teeth in a new position, which requires careful wear retainer.

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