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1, "I carefully brush your teeth every day, no periodontal disease, do not need to wash."Brush again good, will inevitably have a corner, a


1, "I carefully brush your teeth every day, no periodontal disease, do not need to wash."

Brush again good, will inevitably have a corner, a long time will form a calculus, especially some snaggletoothed, long-term smoking and drinking tea people. It once formed, it is easy to accumulate the pathogenic bacteria, and cause periodontal inflammation, a long time, but also because of the health effects of periodontitis. Therefore, the best year to wash a tooth, easily the best half of patients with periodontitis long calculus even 3 months once.

2, "scaling will let loose teeth."

In this case, more patients had plaque prone. In fact, the phenomenon is not caused by the loose teeth itself. These patients had a more serious periodontal disease, alveolar bone has been absorbed, periodontal fiber is destroyed, the teeth have been loose. The effect of the splint calculus was temporarily "support", usually feel loose teeth. Odontolith washed out after the teeth become "isolated", then again appeared loose, actually is to remove the factors lead to a loosening of the teeth, the loose tooth should take further periodontal treatment.

3, after washing the teeth, the teeth will be pain."

In general there will be two kinds of pain: one is in the process of scaling sore. It used to gather on the gingival margin, the neck of the tooth and tooth neck is relatively weak, from the tooth nerve from the past, so when cleaning the teeth will feel sore. Another is to wash the teeth for some time, some people will feel hot and cold sensitive. The outside stimulation barrier calculus removal, after removal of these sensitive factors through some channels on the tooth structure directly stimulate tooth nerve, will appear allergy symptoms, but the symptom is temporary, a few days or one or two weeks will gradually disappear.

4, "scaling will damage the teeth."

Ultrasonic scaling head itself has no function of cutting teeth, correct operation will not damage the teeth. However, if the improper operation, such as pressure or stay in a place for a long time, there will be a slight scratch. After scaling is generally performed polishing, can make up for some of the fine rough surface, otherwise easily pigmentation or deposition of dental calculus.

5, "scaling will be a lot of blood."

In fact, the amount of bleeding is often reflect the degree of inflammation, this situation is similar to bleeding teeth, not because of bleeding is not to brush your teeth or teeth, on the contrary, only careful brushing teeth, scaling to eliminate inflammation, inflammation control or elimination of bleeding will reduce or disappear. In addition, the scaling when mixed with water and saliva from the head cleaning, can also cause bleeding a lot of illusion.

6, after scaling the teeth larger, longer teeth."

Accumulation of tartar, gingival inflammation can cause gingival swelling with teeth, scaling after removal of dental calculus, gingival swelling gradually subsided, teeth became obvious, licking up the tooth profile is more obvious and the feeling of long teeth.

7, the scaling process is easy to infectious diseases."

This topic is often referred to, in fact, as long as the formal medical institutions, select a professional doctor, strict disinfection of equipment, you can avoid infectious diseases.

The 8 is to "scaling teeth."

In fact, a popular saying, professional terminology called "Scaling" is not a simple beauty, but strict medical behavior, is the basis for treatment of periodontal disease, only choose professional operation, in order to standardize treatment, but also can reduce the discomfort of, to avoid cross infection.



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