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With the popularization of oral health knowledge, people pay more and more attention to the cleaning of teeth. Dental clinic often met the r


With the popularization of oral health knowledge, people pay more and more attention to the cleaning of teeth. Dental clinic often met the requirements of "Scaling" patients. The so-called "Scaling", known as "oral scaling" is not only the cleaning for the appearance of the teeth, in fact it is a kind of periodontal disease treatment, then talk about this knowledge, so that we can better dental health care.

Because the environment of the teeth, the tooth surface is often deposited by saliva protein, bacteria and food debris consisting of soft sediments, if these sediments can not be completely removed, calcium and phosphorus ions will be deposited in the saliva, the formation of hard, calcified, not to brush the tooth stone, and pigments in food or in the drink and become black or yellow, affect the appearance of the teeth. Dental calculus is often deposited on the edge of the tooth surface or the neck of the tooth. Calculus is the core of oral bacterial attachment, further aggregation, breeding, dental calculus obstruct oral hygiene, often caused by oral odor; dental calculus and its surface bacteria, bacterial metabolites, and the gingival periodontal tissue irritation, cause gingivitis and periodontitis, periodontal abscess, bleeding teeth, bad breath and so on; excessive deposition of dental calculus, gingival, alveolar bone compression shrink, causing root exposure, loosening of the teeth, chewing weakness etc.. Therefore, dental calculus is the main cause of the development of periodontal disease. It is very important to maintain the oral health and protect the health of periodontal tissues.

The adhesion of dental calculus firmly on the tooth surface, must use medical devices to remove the dental clinic, the commonly used ultrasonic scaler to remove dental calculus, is called "clinical oral scaling", is the main treatment for the prevention and prevent the occurrence and development of periodontal disease, attention is paid to the removal of dental neck, supragingival the dental calculus, and is not a simple method to whiten teeth cleaning or treating gingivitis and halitosis.

In addition, often smoking or drinking tea friends, often on the tooth surface deposition of dark brown pigment, smoke spot, this is due to the tooth surface wear or corrosion due to tooth surface acidic food or drinks not smooth pigmentation caused by. People who have more teeth are more likely to deposit pigment. These stains are different from the dental calculus of the dental neck, and have no obvious pathological significance. Because the ultrasonic scaler tip is small, can not uniformly remove stains, with sand washing, removal of stain can effectively restore the teeth, color, luster, achieve the effect of beauty. This is in order to dental appearance "and a blast".

The formation of dental calculus, and oral environment such as viscosity, the amount of saliva and oral health habits, diet, endocrine and other factors, the water sediment as the kettle, generally not easy to prevent, of course, eat soft and sticky foods, eat more fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in fiber, oral training good health habits, can reduce or delay the deposition of dental calculus in some extent. With the increase of age, the tooth surface may be more or less the deposition of some dental calculus. At the beginning of the dental calculus, does not cause gingivitis when no symptoms, easily overlooked, so if possible, should make regular oral health examination (about half a year or so), so as to be able to promptly discover and remove tartar, protect the health of periodontal tissue.

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