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Caries prevention and education of dental caries is a common disease of human beings, which is characterized by high incidence of oral disea


Caries prevention and education of dental caries is a common disease of human beings, which is characterized by high incidence of oral diseases is widely distributed, mainly, but also one of the most common human diseases, the WHO has with the cancer and cardiovascular disease are three major human disease prevention and control. The concept of caries caries is in a variety of factors to bacteria, dental hard tissue occurs a disease of chronic and progressive damage. The clinical features of 1 caries teeth hard tissue changes in all aspects of color, shape and quality. In the early 2 caries teeth is a shallow black hole, groove or small pain, often do not pay attention to. Dental caries is not treated in time, the lesions will be expanded, it will form a dental caries or deep caries. The predilection sites of permanent teeth caries: • mandibular first molar caries rate is highest; followed by • mandibular second molar; • then followed by maxillary first molar, maxillary second molar, premolar and the third molar, maxillary anterior teeth; • caries prevalence rate is the lowest in mandibular anterior teeth. Teeth: • caries incidence is the highest: mandibular second molars. •, followed by: second maxillary deciduous molar, first molar, maxillary anterior teeth, deciduous mandibular anterior teeth. The etiology of dental caries: four factors theory (host, food, bacteria, time). Blocking any of these factors, dental caries will not happen. Health education in the prevention of dental caries caries in the primary prevention of • oral health education of oral health knowledge, understanding of caries knowledge, establish self health care consciousness, develop good oral hygiene habits. • control and eliminate the risk factors, take feasible measures to prevent and control. The dentist under the guidance of caries prevention methods, such as: rational use of fluoride sealant coating, anti caries. Two stages of early diagnosis and early treatment of regular clinical examination and X-ray examination, found that early caries filling. Three grade prevention • prevent caries complications of dental caries caused by pulpitis and periapical periodontitis should be treated properly, prevent inflammation to development (alveolar abscess, osteomyelitis and space infection etc.). The teeth should not be removed in time. • tooth defect and dentition defect, timely repair, restore the normal function of the mouth, maintain good health. • method to prevent dental caries; at least two times a day brush thoroughly, preferably in the morning and go to bed at a time. • the use of fluoride toothpaste brushing, can effectively prevent the occurrence of dental caries. • use dental floss or interdental brush to clean the teeth every day, cleaned out the interproximal dental plaque is not easy to brush toothbrush. • develop good eating habits: eat candy, chocolate, dessert and ice cream sweet and sticky food, drink sweet drinks, and try to eat meals after after eating or brushing teeth must be. • regular (about half a year) to the hospital for oral health inspection and maintenance. • method of preventing dental caries in children; the correct tooth brushing method: anterior teeth brush, posterior arc method. • regularly check the teeth: check once a half year. • after dinner before going to bed brush your teeth: do not eat food before going to bed, if you have to brush your teeth. • add useful things: eat more vegetables, fruits and fish, promote dental health. • control of cariogenic foods such as ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc.. • correct bad habits: not for a long time to bite hard objects, such as biting fingers, tongue Tim, easy to cause malocclusion, and malocclusion (especially irregular dentition) will cause the teeth are not easy to clean and easy caries. Pit and fissure sealant and dental fissure sealing, prevent occlusion (he) effective method of fissure caries. Refers to the removal of the occlusal surface of the tooth body organization, in which coated with a layer of adhesive resin, protect the enamel from bacteria and metabolites erosion, enhance the ability of anti caries teeth, so as to achieve an effective prevention of caries prevention method of dental caries. Principle: the sealant (a polymer material) is coated on the teeth of the wogou point gap, forming a protective barrier to prevent food debris, bacteria and its acidic metabolites into the pits and reach to caries. Indications: fissure narrow and deep, including a suspicious caries; caries tendency of the teeth caries or the molar and premolar occlusal surface; (he) a good filling, but filling body around the fissure narrow and deep; limited to early caries fissure. Pit and fissure closed the most time: after the eruption of the teeth to reach the occlusal plane that is suitable for pit and fissure closure, generally within 4 years of eruption. • deciduous molar 3-4 years; • first permanent molar 6-7 years; • second molar 11-13 years; • premolar 9-13 years.

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