What is the purpose of root canal therapy?

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The process of root canal therapy is the use of root canal treatment of special equipment products by doctors to remove the infection and in


The process of root canal therapy is the use of root canal treatment of special equipment products by doctors to remove the infection and infection of the dental pulp dentin and toxic decomposition after root canal irrigation, root canal disinfection and tight packing, isolated bacteria enter the root canal infection, prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical disease,

1, reduce the patient's pain, prevent the spread of infection has pulpitis teeth will continue to deteriorate, eventually to pulp necrosis, even around apical disease

This process is quite painful, and root canal therapy can not only reduce the patient's pain, but also can make the teeth to be retained.

2, as far as possible to keep the teeth to avoid removal of: root canal treatment objective is to preserve pulp or periapical tissue around the teeth has been violated, can still in a good condition in its support organization, avoid removal or continue to deteriorate to the fate of collapse.

3, eliminate infectious lesions, reconstruction of teeth health: root canal treatment can not only eliminate the root canal and the decomposition of bacteria and toxins, and can treat apical surrounding tissue infection, promote tissue around the root repair and healing, eliminate sources of infection of oral diseases.

Root canal treatment also need to pay attention to the following points:

1, the number of root canal treatment: surgery is not the root canal treatment is a complete treatment, doctors often according to clinical examination, step by step graded treatment, in general, the root canal treatment to complete the visit to 2-4.

2, root canal treatment, the doctor equipment selection: due to root canal therapy is complicated, the doctor must be familiar with the requirements of dental anatomy of the knowledge and skill, so the root canal treatment device and equipment and materials, also need special support, root canal therapy is time-consuming and relatively high cost.

3, root canal therapy is not adaptive: during or after the completion of root canal therapy may be short or discomfort, usually taking anti-inflammatory analgesics can relieve local pain, should inform the doctor's treatment.

4, after the root canal treatment of protection: tooth treatment after the brittleness of the best line inlay or crown repair, prevent tooth fracture, extend the life of the teeth.

5, the treatment of chronic periapical periodontitis: treatment of patients with chronic periapical inflammation of the root in the stationary state, or just have acute onset trend, self-conscious symptom is not apparent, visit only a slight pain. The doctor will swing wash in root canal treatment, the intracanal infection removed from the root canal, the doctor must use instruments in root canal operation, then the bowel inflammation area originally static state, if the patient after treatment and low resistance, not timely take anti-inflammatory drugs, will have acute inflammation, pain feeling. If the patient resistance, after treatment in time to take anti-inflammatory drugs, not excessive fatigue, then, in general, does not cause pain.



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