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The root canal treatment clear - layman can understand professional articlesRoot canal therapy is my favorite treatment. I prefer a more cha


The root canal treatment clear - layman can understand professional articles

Root canal therapy is my favorite treatment. I prefer a more challenging work, one of the most challenging treatments in dental therapy is root canal therapy.

The root canal system is very complex, like a big tree, there are branches and branches, it is necessary to treat such a complex root canal system in place.

It needs to master the technology more, related to the equipment is the most, the treatment of a tooth often need to put 3 large table tools. When you take a long time to a tooth root canal treatment in place, X-ray after watching, feeling like very beautiful in the appreciation of a work of art, have a sense of achievement. Our teeth are hollow inside, and they contain pulp, like a bone in a bone. If the cause of dental caries or periodontal disease, dental pulp was infected with the bacteria, there will be symptoms of toothache. Some of this pain can be severe, with half a headache. More serious when inflammation is not treated in time to the root of the root, the side of the face may be swollen. To eliminate inflammation, oral drugs can not completely solve the problem, because the drug through the blood circulation to the teeth, has very little, some internal teeth of the capillary itself has already been destroyed, drug can't arrive here. We can only take out the infection of the pulp, the root canal disinfection and then closely packed. That is, we often say root canal therapy or "kill nerve"

Do root canal treatment, we must first find the root canal, the root canal is very small, the number of different teeth root canal is not the same, even if the same tooth, in different people who are not the same. Put them all out, need a doctor's knowledge and experience, here reflect the advantages of dental microscope, a tooth magnified 10 times, it is easy to find them.

When we find the root canal, we need to take out the infected pulp tissue inside the root canal, and at the same time, we must remove the infected root canal wall. Just like a room that has not been cleaned for a long time, it is not only necessary to clean up the garbage on the ground, but also to clean the ceiling and wall stains. This time you need to use some special instruments (the most advanced equipment is specially designed rotary nickel titanium instruments), which can take root canal parts inside to clear and without destroying the structure of the root canal, we certainly don't want to clean the room, clean up debris, the house collapsed. The root canal infection cleared out, in addition to rotary nickel titanium instruments chip to go out there are some residual debris stuck on the wall of root canal, to be part of the debris washed out and will be used in root canal ultrasonic instruments or acoustic instruments, driven by the high frequency vibration, vibration of internal root canal flushing fluid, so that the debris from the root canal wall off and rushed out. Well, now the root canal inside clean up, and the rest of the cavity we have to fill it completely, so that the outside world of bacteria into the interior. This time we will use a material called gutta percha, this material is relatively stable, long-term root canal. Now the more advanced gutta percha is a hot gutta percha filling system, after the gum is heated to a certain temperature, it is fluid, and it is filled with the whole root canal by vertical compression.

Before the root canal treatment, we have to do anesthesia, so the whole process is not painful. In the course of treatment to use rubber dam, revealing only to the treatment of teeth, the other part of oral in rubber dam, can be separated by saliva, saliva is because of bacteria, if the side cleaning, again a saliva flow to the internal root canal, then it can not be completely sterile. At the same time, there is a rubber barrier isolation, can prevent the treatment of the instrument fell into the throat, which is very important.

After the completion of root canal treatment of teeth, the strength is decreased, because the previous dental caries, as well as our treatment in order to allow the device to smoothly into the root canal, to grind some of the tooth tissue. In order to prevent the teeth due to their own strength and fracture, we have to give this tooth to do a full crown repair, and sometimes even before the crown in the root canal in a pile to reinforce. The above a series of measures, a teeth can be effectively treated with daily oral maintenance, regular check, our teeth can be long-term preservation.

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