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Notes for extraction and minor oral surgeryWhether you have just come to my department is about to undergo surgery, or has been successfully


Notes for extraction and minor oral surgery

Whether you have just come to my department is about to undergo surgery, or has been successfully completed treatment, to understand some of the extraction and minor surgery after the reaction and complications and precautions will be helpful to you.

Bleeding and hemostasis: after the extraction of compressed yarn can be removed after 30 minutes. The sockets and sucking eating hot food, mouthwash and strenuous exercise will repeatedly fall off due to blood clots caused by bleeding. The tooth fossa hemorrhage as follows: after long time there are still a lot of blood flow, the formation of large blood clots in the mouth, and there is no decreasing trend. Then you need to visit. One or two days after the surgery was pink saliva, with a small amount of blood should be normal.

The pain and swelling: there will be some swelling and pain after surgery, with complexity of operation and individual differences are different, generally do not need treatment, can also take painkillers, cold, dressing. As the four or five day after operation will not alleviate the symptoms of infection may need referral, check.

Other: postoperative infection, trismus, numbness of lower lip complications occurred in complex surgery after referral should be examined by a doctor treatment.

What is the formation of dental caries?

What is the formation of dental caries? Dental caries, commonly known as "cavities" but not by a small insect bite of the naked eye can see. Dental caries is the tooth surface of bacteria in trouble. Each of us has a large number of bacteria in the mouth, a lot of bacteria piled up, mixed with their metabolites and some of the components of saliva stuck on the surface of the teeth to form a layer of plaque. The bacteria in plaque with sugar as nourishment, can put sugar into acid. Although our teeth are very hard, but vulnerable to acid erosion and demineralization, a long time, there will be a dental caries. In particular, newly developed teeth and poorly developed teeth are less resistant to this type of erosion and are more likely to suffer from dental caries. According to the second national oral health epidemiological survey conducted by the 1995-1998, 5 years old children's caries prevalence rate is 76.55%, DMFT was 4.48, Beijing 5 years old children's teeth caries prevalence rate was 75.56%, DMFT was 4.18. Permanent teeth caries is 12 years old, the caries prevalence rate was 45.81%, while the 65-74 year old caries prevalence was 64.75%, 12 years before the visible is the high incidence of dental caries in children in our country, in the past 12 years has nearly half of the population suffering from dental caries, therefore, prevention of dental caries since childhood "is very important.

What are the hazards of dental caries?

What are the hazards of dental caries? Got a decayed tooth, may not have symptoms at first. Slowly eat feel toothache, dare not to use the ipsilateral teeth. In the long-term use of only one side of the teeth chewing, will cause bilateral facial asymmetry, a small side of the face. If often toothache can not eat properly, there will be malnutrition, affecting the normal development of the body. If the tooth to the further development of the apical abscess, one may spread to the growing periapical teeth, causing some problems listed permanent teeth; in addition, the apical abscess is a chronic disease, the bacteria with the blood flow to the body, the body resistance is low, the fix will be the cause of heart, kidney and other important organs joint disease. If the dental caries occurs in the anterior teeth, resulting in residual roots and teeth of the anterior teeth, or missing, but also affect the child's pronunciation and appearance, and may even cause the child's inferiority complex, affecting their physical and mental development.

The benefits of scaling

As everyone knows, dental caries and periodontal disease (often manifested as bleeding teeth, loose teeth fall off and so on) is the two most major human oral diseases, two are mainly caused by the plaque.

Because many people do not develop good oral hygiene habits, and don't brush your teeth or not according to the correct method of brushing, together with the natural flora in the mouth and the food residue in the mouth, bleeding gums, loose teeth fall off to arch-criminal. The formation of dental plaque and calculus, brushing is incapable of action. The tooth Zhou Jiezhi (as well as people often say that the scaling) of the main purpose is to remove plaque and tartar attached gingival junction and deposited on the surface of the teeth to remove pigment, local treatment factors, gingival damage is to stop the development of recovery orientation on health status.

Scaling, can not only maintain oral hygiene, can remove the dirt on the surface of the teeth, the teeth to restore the natural color. But one thing to note is that the scaling and drifting, it cannot remove the internal teeth pigment, make teeth white is not the true sense.

What is the "six age teeth"? How to protect the "six age teeth"?

What is the "six age teeth"? Any protection for "six age teeth"? In the first molar of the deciduous molars, because the children around six years of age, so it is called "the age of six teeth". Just adorable out "six age teeth" is not very strong, but without abrasion of occlusal surface is uneven, the fissure is very deep, easy accumulation of food debris and plaque, and is not easy to clean, so they are eroded by acid producing bacteria, it is prone to caries. We can use the method of pit and fissure sealant, before the occurrence of dental caries, add the occlusal surface of the deep pit, so that food residue and plaque is not easy to accumulate, to prevent the effect of dental caries. In addition, due to the "six age teeth" Adorable out early, it is quietly at the end of a long teeth on the rear, is often mistaken for early caries of deciduous teeth, did not receive timely treatment, wait for the pain, has been destroyed seriously, even as a teenager would have to be removed, regret in life. To avoid this situation, should regularly take the child to the hospital to check the teeth. When you can not determine teeth or teeth when there is a problem, you should go to the hospital to ask the doctor to help solve the problem.

New teeth hurt how to do?

New teeth hurt how to do? Don't panic about such a serious accident! If the teeth were from the alveolar fossa in the knock out, be sure to find out the teeth immediately. Remember: pinch the tooth crown, find the nearest cold boiling water or tap water flush teeth surface dirt, but do not use a brush or other things brush teeth root surface. Then wash the teeth back into the socket and go to the doctor. If you are not sure, you can soak in the teeth of fresh cold cows, or put in the mouth under the tongue, quickly find a dentist, do not delay a minute. It's wrong to wrap your teeth in your hands and paper. The shorter the time to leave the body, the greater the likelihood of success after replantation, it is best to reach the dentist within 30 minutes. Teeth were loose, broken, even if there is only a crack, also need to check the hospital. The 8 year old is the permanent anterior teeth trauma incidence age, at this time, the newly developed incisor root has not been fully developed, after trauma, timely treatment is very important.

The impacted tooth (teeth) what harm?

That is the third molar teeth, generally in 18 ~ 25 years old a adorable. Because the human jaw degenerated, and the size and the number of teeth is not changed, so the last out of the third molars are adorable adorable because there is no space, impacted, as a part of, not just adorable adorable and completely buried impacted. Impacted tooth of higher incidence, its harm mainly as follows.

1 recurrent pericoronitis. A blind bag is formed between the dental and soft tissue around the teeth impacted, caused by the accumulation of food, bacteria, resistance to decline, there is inevitable pericoronitis. The general anti-inflammatory therapy palliatives, therefore recurrent pericoronitis.

2 caries. The position is between the second molar teeth and easy accumulation of food residue, and is not easy to clean, usually a few months can form dental caries, direct damage to tooth tissue.

3 impacted teeth on the jaw and often fail to establish normal occlusion relationships, long time can lead to temporomandibular joints, mouth pain, bruxism and other symptoms, physical and mental health of young great influence.

4 there is some evidence that impacted is some trigeminal neuralgia lesions.

Hold the teeth jaw continuously degenerated, which impacted tooth is the inevitable result. The extraction of impacted wisdom teeth without any adverse effects on chewing, language and other functions, and the extraction is the most effective way, the treatment of impacted the recommendations as soon as possible and decisively caused the harm of the extraction of impacted teeth.

The best time forever

"A" the term "denture", according to the timing of the denture can be divided into immediate denture, denture, fixed denture, denture and implant etc.. In addition to the immediate denture, the timing of each denture is related to many factors such as residual roots, crowns, intact teeth, hard and soft tissues, etc..

1 immediate denture is completed before the extraction process is good, in the 30 minutes after the tooth is worn, with its protection of tooth extraction, to prevent the teeth to the lack of tilt and other functions.

2 removable denture, usually in the last tooth extraction for about 3 months (residual roots, Yu Gen, etc.) according to the specific circumstances and change the time, the prerequisite is that the other conditions in the mouth are to meet the requirements of removable denture.

3 fixed denture, is also the last time in the extraction of teeth for about 3 months (residual roots, Yu Gen, etc., according to the specific circumstances and change the time), the prerequisite is that the other conditions in the mouth are to meet the requirements of fixed denture.

4 complete dentures, but also the last time to extract teeth for about 3 months (residual roots, Yu Gen, etc.) to change the time according to the specific circumstances, the prerequisite is that the other conditions in the mouth to meet the requirements of complete dentures.

5 surgical implant, 2 months of tooth extraction corresponding to be planted around, the alveolar bone in the tooth extraction wound healing completely, and other local and systemic conditions to meet the requirements of the implant, the subsequent operation requires time and corresponding conditions.

The types and application of porcelain fused tooth restoration

Porcelain teeth is the most suitable for the best color, the most realistic color effect of oral restoration.

Porcelain repair is divided into metal and non metal porcelain.

Two kinds of precious metals and non precious metal porcelain. In noble metal porcelain metal crown is generally containing gold, palladium and other precious metals. It has two advantages: one is color, especially porcelain teeth and gums contact place is very beautiful, does not appear pale and gray; the two is a combination of metal and porcelain is very good, very few have the porcelain.

No metal porcelain refers to the porcelain teeth without metal inner crown, is all porcelain teeth. Vivid color.

How long is the life of all kinds of dentures?

It is worth noting that the mouth teeth almost all people who wear dentures are concerned about such a problem, that is how long to wear your dentures. According to the type of fixed denture.

There are three kinds of commonly used denture dentures, fixed partial dentures and denture activities. Fixed dentures usually can be used for a long time, but under special circumstances, the life will be dramatically reduced. As the stress of porcelain teeth during chewing, so that it can easily fractured and damaged, in addition, if the relevant and fixed dentures in individual dental caries occur, or periodontitis and loosening of the teeth, the teeth will shorten the life.

The removable partial denture life in general in 3 ~ 5 years, extending the life of the way is to maintain oral hygiene. Complete denture service life in 5 ~ 7 years. Because it is made of plastic materials and plastic and metal materials mixed, so it is not wear. Unplug, alveolar bones occur are absorbing, have a greater gap between the base and the oral mucosa of complete denture, density reduced, easy to fall off and the effect of chewing. Therefore, consideration should be given to replace the complete denture.

In a post extraction

Many people think that the teeth pulled out, as long as the wound healing, it Everything will be fine. This understanding is not correct after the tooth pulled out, leaving a gap in the middle of the dentition, if not filled in time, then the teeth with the relative. The teeth will be due to lack of antagonistic force, will be significantly elongated, and the gap on both sides of the teeth, inclined to gap. Inevitably caused a large gap between teeth.

This gap is easy to food impaction, there will be a long time periodontal disease and dental caries. At a young age and a permanent pull is not timely, can cause more tooth displacement occurs, teeth arranged in disorder, cause lifelong pain.

In theory, after tooth extraction, alveolar bone loss of physiological masticatory function of the stimulus, will gradually shrink, about 2 months to reach the level of stability. Generally, this time a most appropriate.

Some are crowded teeth, because there is no a pulled out position, do not need a. And the end of the tooth is the third molars do not need to be removed after the insertion.

What is dental implant repair?

The gums edentulous implant surgery (implant), the implants connected to upper denture (crown), its appearance and function like natural teeth.

At present, both single tooth loss, or tooth loss and full dentition loss, can be used to implant denture.

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