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Dear patient friend:Thank you for coming to the orthodontic clinic! We will take full account of each of your requirements, choose the best


Dear patient friend:

Thank you for coming to the orthodontic clinic! We will take full account of each of your requirements, choose the best materials and the most suitable for your correction, to provide you with the best service and best treatment results. For your benefit, please inform us of the relevant matters of orthodontics.

1 orthodontic treatment and cost: orthodontic treatment is abnormal teeth, jaw, face and other deformities of biological reconstruction, bone resorption and proliferation, so a longer course of treatment.

The general primary and mixed dentition treatment takes about 1 years, may need to stage II treatment after changing the teeth after (crowding teeth, occlusal adjustment). Permanent teeth needed about 2 years. Difficult cases need longer. After the completion of treatment need to wear the retainer for about 2 years (a few patients may be longer), in order to prevent recurrence.

The cost of treatment for the patient's age, deformity, appliance type, patient's degree of cooperation and course and different, please charge to your doctor consultation is in the decision before treatment. The cost of treatment includes the cost of diagnosis, design, material and treatment. Our hospital generally take the cost of a clear method, but does not include the cost of special materials.

The 2 goals of orthodontic treatment: appearance, balance (after correction, overbite, normal, molar relationship between neutral and relatively stable, cusp fossa (no recurrence after treatment).

3 orthodontic examination: including X-ray, photography, recording mode and clinical examination. The purpose is to give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for you, as well as before, after treatment and after treatment.

4 there are more than 1/4 of patients who need extraction treatment. Its main role is to relieve the crowded teeth, improve the appearance of the face. The tooth does not cause loose teeth or sequela syndrome.

5 at the beginning of each visit after wearing fixed appliance and afterburner, mild pain may have teeth or discomfort, mild oral mucosa ulcer, 3 - 5 days can be reduced or disappear. If the pain continues to worsen, or other circumstances, please contact the doctor. Orthodontic treatment may result in different degrees of root resorption.

6 special attention should be paid during the treatment of oral hygiene. We should carefully brush your teeth after meals and before the visit, to prevent the occurrence of dental caries, gingivitis, affect the treatment process. Brush your teeth will not damage the appliance. Oral health is not good, for your health, we will consider the termination of treatment.

7 return on time. 1 - General appliance activities 2 times a month, 1 times / month fixed appliance. If not timely referral, treatment may lead to prolonged, even lose control of the teeth. Not return on time for more than 3 months, will be considered as a waiver of treatment, if required to continue treatment in patients with newly diagnosed registration.

8 bony malocclusion (face not good-looking) should be early patients (or deciduous dentition) treatment, in order to promote the normal development of the jaw, to permanent dentition and then a two period of treatment, occlusal adjustment and alignment of the teeth. Due to the growth and development continued to 18 years old, so the effect of bone dislocation treatment may be unstable, there is the possibility of recurrence, severe patients with surgical treatment.

9 the incidence of temporomandibular joint disease (TMD) in orthodontic patients is the same as that of TMD in the general population. Regular orthodontic treatment does not cause TMD. If the patient before the treatment of temporomandibular joint snapping, pain or abnormal opening, please consult your doctor in the treatment of possible problems and matters needing attention.

10 due to the different causes of the formation of different mechanisms, so the best treatment time and the best treatment effect of each patient are not the same. Orthodontic treatment did not cause changes in the thickness of the lip and cheek. The type and degree of age and improve the patients with wrong type, serious person must cooperate with the surgical treatment. Please pay attention to your facial symmetry before treatment.

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