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The middle-aged people take the following measures to help prevent prematurely senile, feel younger and healthier.First, quit smokingSmoking


The middle-aged people take the following measures to help prevent prematurely senile, feel younger and healthier.

First, quit smoking

Smoking is not only the leading cause of cancer, heart disease and other diseases, but also to accelerate the aging of the culprit. Studies have found that smoking causes wrinkles and skin aging.

Two, deep sleep

Sleep can rejuvenate the body. When sleep, wake up refreshed, quick thinking, feel more energetic. Good sleep also helps to make the skin healthier, to prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes. Adults usually need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Ensure that no interference is the key to deep sleep time.

Three, eat more fruits and vegetables

A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits contain a large number of strong antioxidants, help to alleviate the aging process. A large number of cellulose in fruits and vegetables help to maintain smooth stool, eliminate intestinal endotoxin, maintain a shapely figure, which a lot of water to help the skin smooth. In addition, eat more fruits and vegetables can be adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, help enhance immunity.

Four, suitable form

Correct diet helps to maintain the body fitness, bodybuilding can give people an increase of self-confidence, so that the mood, can make people feel a lot younger.

Five, sit straight body

To maintain a good posture, can make the elderly appear younger, and bad posture will make people look older. Because of poor posture, can make spinal deformation, appear hunchback phenomenon. Good posture can also reduce the risk of muscle strain and back pain, help to increase self-confidence and happiness.

Six, strength training

Every day can walk, swim, play badminton, cycling, jumping square dance, etc., can also be appropriate to increase strength training and stretching training. Yoga and Pilates help to stretch muscles, improve body flexibility and balance, to prevent the fall of old age is essential. Exercise also makes people more energetic, the body does not gain weight.

Seven, protect teeth

Gum and tooth problems can have harmful effects on other organs of the body. Good oral hygiene habits are not only beneficial to health, but also make people more young. Recommended middle-aged, every 6 months to see a dentist, found problems in a timely manner. In addition, usually should develop good dental hygiene habits. White and neat teeth, no doubt will give young points.

Male eight, weight control

With age, obesity is not only more old, but also increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer and other diseases. Active exercise, scientific diet, help to maintain a healthy weight, young.

Nine, good attitude

As the saying goes: one laugh makes people ten years younger; worry, white head. Middle aged people have a good state of mind, a good mood can improve immunity, so that tumor, viral, bacterial infections, reduce the chance to greatly enhance the vitality of life.

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