The inner thigh earthworm like erythema is what skin disease, skin slightly sunken, do not itch does not hurt?

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"Earthworm thigh erythema is what skin disease, skin slightly sunken, do not itch does not hurt?" What is the disease?Belong to the "shrink


"Earthworm thigh erythema is what skin disease, skin slightly sunken, do not itch does not hurt?" What is the disease?

Belong to the "shrink lines", "atrophy pattern" is called "expansion of the grain", is a very common skin disease in young people, often because of long in the privacy of the site, it is generally not noticed.

The pathogenesis of atrophic striae by dermal elastic fiber breakage. The cause of the fracture of elastic fibers has a rapid growth, puberty, elastic fiber formation is less than the growth rate of the body, the elastic fiber was torn off; two, obesity, elastic fiber was torn off; three, some endocrine disorders, excessive secretion of glucocorticoids, elastic fiber fracture and decomposition (glucocorticoid the hormone can promote the decomposition of protein fiber); four, some oral corticosteroids, elastic fiber fracture and decomposition; five, long-term topical hormone drugs, elastic fiber decomposition and fracture; six, the decomposition of elastic fibers breaks lead to other factors.

The clinical manifestations of atrophic striae occur in the thigh, abdomen and other parts, is red, pale white alternate distribution patterns of watermelon streak striae, generally there are many, neither painful nor itching. According to the onset of puberty, location, clinical manifestations, the disease is easy to diagnose. The disease has no significant effect on health, so there is no special treatment.

Not only women but also men, it is a physiological phenomenon in the development of healthy young men and women. The appearance of the atrophy of the adolescent is mostly after the pubic hair grows, and most of them appear at the same time as "acne". Most men appear in the thigh and the waist, the female is mainly in the lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, etc.. The contraction pattern of early, slightly higher than leather, gradually became irregular parallel striations or ribbon like skin depression, depression skin thinning, shiny surface, up to several centimeters, 1 centimeters wide, color is reddish or purple. Six months to two years later, most of the color and color into a light colored marks, may not subside for a long time, but also some of the youth will slowly fade, disappear. The contraction pattern neither painful nor itching without any other discomfort, or not, what impact on health.

Atrophy can be caused by weight loss. Fat deposition of fat to expand the skin, when weight loss, the expansion of the skin atrophy, resulting in a number of patterns. If atrophy is caused by endocrine diseases, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Normal atrophy of the adolescent pattern without treatment, but because it affects the appearance, targeted to select some skin care products can also be controlled.

The expansion of grain is due to the bones and muscles grow too fast, more than skin extension speed, dermal elastic fibers were broken, thus forming the. There are few effective treatments, and the results are still to be seen. If you are too eager to try it. One way is to use the laser wrinkle, it can stimulate the dermal collagen, so there is some help, there is some containing collagen firming cream, long-term use may have a certain effect.

In medicine, as a result of rapid growth or rapid development of some parts of the body caused by swelling of the thin stripes. Not until adulthood or longer disease, their color becomes dark, may eventually disappear. The performance of the site is not fixed, the general performance such as fungal infection symptoms, this time must not smear drugs of fungal infection, otherwise it will become more and more serious. But Mr erase drug can make color pigment.

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