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The practice of "big medicine road" on prescription of interview with vice president of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine professo


The practice of "big medicine road" on prescription of interview with vice president of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine professor Li Ji 2008-10-21 7:55:52 source: Chinese TCM report: "read Chinese books, said Chinese words, Chinese people do want to Chinese medicine." This is Professor Li Ji on the "big medicine way" simple and concise. He said that this is described by the progressive process of Chinese medicine students to become the four key links: Enlightenment - understanding - Learning - practice. In September 10, 2008, twenty-fourth Chinese teachers' day, the Fourth National High School Teacher Award in recognition of the General Assembly held in beijing. At the meeting, a total of 100 national recognition of teachers, vice president of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine professor Li Ji on the list, but also the only one of the National Academy of traditional Chinese medicine winners. Since 2003, the Ministry of education, Ministry of finance to start the National Higher Education Teacher Award selection work, a total of 400 college teachers in the country won the award. At present, in Chinese medicine colleges only 6 national teacher, Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine has 2, namely TCM professor Li Ji and his mentor subject -- the first national high school teacher laureate professor Duan Fujin.

Li Ji is a doctoral tutor of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine, Longjiang Province, Minjiang scholar and Fujian scholar. The national key discipline of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine formulaeology academic leaders, Heilongjiang province key discipline of Chinese medicine (Ji Xueke) academic leaders, the national excellent course of science of prescription and the person in charge of teachers. In 1996 to enjoy special government allowances, in 1998 was named the national outstanding teachers, in 1999 in Heilongjiang province was awarded the title of model worker, in 2004 the new century talents project of one or two national level candidates, in 2005 won the national title of "advanced worker".

Learn the way of studying Chinese Medicine

Li Ji was born in 1960 in Inner Mongolia of Ulanhot City, the vast prairie gives his innate heroic character. He was born in a family of scholar, studious child. In 1977 admitted to the Heilongjiang College of traditional Chinese medicine with excellent results, opened his "big medical way" and "Enlightenment" prelude. Since then, he had to "read Chinese book", the Chinese medicine medicine and indissoluble bound ancient thick.

In 1982 he graduated in pharmacy teachers, he immersed in their own can "speak Chinese words" and "understand" the joy of "medicine" the essence of deep feeling ", think Chinese things" should "learn" diligently strive after the "big medicine road", "I can make the medicine" passing the torch, beings will be remembered throughout the ages. Then in 1984 he was admitted to the first results of Heilongjiang College of traditional Chinese medicine prescription for postgraduates, from the real beginning of the in-depth study of traditional Chinese medicine of the road. Later, in 1991 admitted to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Pharmacology PhD students. After receiving a doctorate in medicine, from 1994 to 1996, Li Ji postdoctoral work at Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine postdoctoral work to become China's first postdoctoral. Raise him do "practice" and "do Chinese people" the ideal sail.

Because teaching about multidimensional Bo

After graduation from the University of Li Ji began his own career. 26 years no matter in the academic Time passes very quickly., what kind of achievements made, or the position change, Li Ji always insisted on standing on the platform of undergraduate teaching.

He based on absorbing the essence of the former teaching, Dusing Sims, at the beginning of this century, first constructed TCM "multi-dimensional features for Party education" teaching mode. The model is the core of TCM "six" teaching method, namely logic reasoning method and do Jien Bo Ka teaching method, teaching method, teaching thinking about the corresponding phase information teaching, new teaching methods, the unity of knowledge and practice teaching method.

Li Ji presided over the "TCM Teaching Mode -- the multi-dimensional features for teaching topics for the first national education oriented teaching reform project in twenty-first Century. And in 2000 won the first prize of excellent teaching achievements in Heilongjiang province and in 2001 won the first prize of national teaching achievement".

Due to the unremitting efforts, he will "formulaology" course in 2004 was named the first national excellent course.

In addition, he is the editor of the publication of the national medical colleges of the new century textbooks "formulaology" (seven years), the ordinary higher education "in 11th Five-Year" national planning textbook "formulaology" (in English), the national medical colleges and teaching materials quality planning materials "agent" (five years) other 9 teaching materials; in "higher education research", "Chinese education" magazine published 8 papers for teaching and research; third-prize Henry Fok Education Fund outstanding teaching achievement first prize 1, two prize 2.

The doctor into, the essence of the square is also changed

"Medicine into, the enlightenment also; side of the essence, change also." This is hanging in the national key discipline leader Professor Li Ji the office of the eye-catching characters. He will own years of practice, the "big medicine road" and the highest level of prescription research focusing on "Enlightenment" "change" word.

The prescription is composed by drugs, the core theory of prescription is the monarch prescription principle. Li Ji believes that the "monarch on drug accountability theory" (1992 published in the "Chinese medicine"), first proposed the "drug formula". That is = + + + usage amount of drug compatibility...... This formula makes the main disease that Jun "theory more comprehensive, clear, objective, not only solved many disputes formulaeology, and" multidimensional features for the teaching mode of prescription party education "and its research work has laid a solid theoretical foundation.

Li Ji has always been to "prescription compatibility law" as the research direction of the main melody, and adhere to the theoretical research, clinical research, experimental study on "three in one" model of scientific research. "Fifteen" since the end, he has presided over the national Ministry of science and technology "in 11th Five-Year, the national science and technology support project", the National Natural Science Fund Project and the national Ministry of education Doctoral Fund, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine foundation and the Heilongjiang Province outstanding youth fund project, science and technology project of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province Natural Science Fund, 10 research projects at all levels the remainder. Has won two national science and technology progress award, the first prize of science and technology progress in province, the first prize of the 1, the other 3 awards, such as the three prize, the first prize of science and technology in Heilongjiang Province, the first prize of science and technology of the Chinese medicine in the first prize of 1 items, such as the first prize of the year of the year of the first prize in the world of science and technology of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as the first prize of the two prize of the science and technology in Heilongjiang province. Obtained 1 national invention patents, published more than 20 academic monographs, published academic papers of 148. In 1995 and in 1998 were awarded the Harbin Youth Science and technology award, Heilongjiang Youth Science and technology award.

In the teaching, scientific research work, Lee Ji always adhere to the expert clinic, pro card is good at diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other medical complex. Developed Qiyaoxiaoke capsules and other 6 kinds of drugs. Because of its superb skills, noble medical ethics, has been rated as "National hundreds of outstanding young Chinese medicine", "Heilongjiang Province Chinese medicine", "Heilongjiang Province health system of cross century talents", "Harbin ten outstanding youth".

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, its vitality lies in clinical practice, must carefully understand the formation of logical thinking mode of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to get the gist." Li Ji often says to his students and young teachers in the discipline team. He has recruited 6 doctoral students, doctoral students, and a master's degree of 58 students in. He was named "Heilongjiang outstanding graduate tutor", the guidance of the graduate thesis was named "Heilongjiang outstanding master's thesis". He led the discipline of Science in Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine in 2007 was named "outstanding teaching team in Heilongjiang province", "national education system advanced collective".

"On the modern education concept, the concept of language education of traditional Chinese medicine, but also" brothers "." Li Jishen said with emotion. "Brothers", modern education is a "talent" equal numbers in sequence of brothers "and" two "concept; from the classical theory of traditional Chinese medicine origin of Huangdi Neijing" Qi Bo "Bo" and Han Sheng "Shanghanzabinglun" author Zhang Zhongjing of "Zhong", which embodies the "thick foundation, modern Chinese medicine" the concept of clinical education.

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