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Li Chongyu Zhuhai Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor Liu Zhilong studioNongyan: it is a pomegranate openi


Li Chongyu Zhuhai Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor Liu Zhilong studio

Nongyan: it is a pomegranate opening, water chestnut and equinox dance

The pomegranate is Chushu season seasonal fruits, according to the Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "by Shaoyang Qi and Liu, Rong Sheng in April, in May, in the summer, cooked in late autumn. Danhuachi, its sweet acid, its temperature is acerbity, with wooden fire like. So much food, and tooth loss of lung phlegm. Acid is the convergence of the gas, so the break down, the collapse of the medicine. Or cloud: leucite Kawaji Pullorosis, red pomegranate Kawaji red dysentery, also." Because of punicic acid can help, therefore has a body fluid, thirst for check. So the autumn often appear dry throat, thirst, body fluid deficiency endlessly can also eat, dry syndrome, diabetes can also be used to eat, and the temperature of the pomegranate astringent and can be used for the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, metrorrhagia, menostaxis syndrome, and also such patients eat.

In addition to garnet, there are so many sons of Italy, infertility or pregnant women can often eat. But there are clouds "eat Shizhen lung, and tooth loss phlegm", this is because the acid content is very high in pomegranate, eating more will cause some damage to the teeth and stomach. Which season Chushu pomegranate is good, but not gluttony, one day up to a half or a pomegranate is enough.

Two: Nongyan Chushu walnut dew frost red jujube, persimmon Hill

The health effects of walnut, now we basically is known for having heard it many times, the walnut is walnut, Qiang peach, with almond, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and known as the world famous "four nuts". Walnuts are rich in nutrients, hectogram containing 15~20 grams of protein, more fat, and contain essential calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and minerals, and carotene, riboflavin, vitamins etc..

"Read" cloud: "the production of walnut, hu. It is shaped like a peach, with meat outside, a walnut is its kernel, so a walnut. Sweet and warm, into the kidney and Mingmen, can warming under the coke, perturbation strength. The quality of the skin moist, astringent, so can lungs and kidney, moisturize the skin black, cold cough treatment long unhealed, with the tonic phase and service. The performance of copper, copper coins and walnut with food into powder, who swallowed copper objects who eat themselves. Food and dental caries are acid. Eat walnuts is not the solution, and also can measure the physical." Because the walnut into the kidney and the life gate, and we like the human brain, but also with the lungs and kidney function, so people often say walnut Bunao walnut actually work, in addition to the above effect, but also can treat heart pain, kidney stones, frequent nocturia, inability to urinate, skin sores ringworm, which has the symptoms or the frail elderly people, often with the brain of people can eat walnuts in the Chushu season, as a nutritious product.

Nongyan: Chushu see three red dates, hit the net equinox

Chushu season, fresh jujube large market, this is the best time to eat red dates, "materia medica words": "Shen Yue, the world drug chonghezhiqi, Gan run paste coagulation, fill the Yin and Yang, Qi and blood, body fluid, choroid, bones, bone marrow, all are deficient, xuan. If the treatment of palpitation palpitation Longtan, amnesia, ambition and coma, does not keep the spirit, or in discord, eating tasteless, lazy body weight, muscle win thin, this is the two yuan loss dirty heart card, will be used for the treatment of jujube."

It has yellow complexion, menstruation, palpitation, restless sleep and other symptoms at edible red dates, red dates is a kind of medicinal and edible products. Many parents feel that their children's body thin, at this time can also give children eat. Of course, red dates are good, more food should not be excessive, a day to eat three dates is enough.

Four: Nongyan Chushu grape dew dish, not to not equinox wheat

The grape is also very good seasonal fruits, with "fruit of God" in the title. "Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "the name of the Dragon circle grape, Shu, the elderly white horse milk wine, a crystal grapes, see a black purple grape. "Han" said Zhang Qian to the western regions, before this, the "Shennong Materia Medica" the grape, is the former Han Longxi old, but not entering the ear". This grape medicinal in the early age started Shennong bencaojing.

The modern view of grape flat, sweet and sour into the lung, spleen and kidney. With Qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, the effect of urine. The Qi, lung deficiency cough, palpitation, sweating, thirst, rheumatism, gonorrhea, edema, pox impervious, 100 "materia medica recorded" cloud: "this is in the form of treatment, grape buckling spread, winter spring roll Shu, ribs and similar, so can benefit the bones. In fact, very sweet, taste the soil so it can nourish the muscle. Liver reinforcement, spleen meat, but also to fill the medicine of liver and spleen." So it was in the edible Chushu season, moisturizing effect of the grape, against autumn dryness heat, Yin consumption of.

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