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Wei Muxin (Professor, chief physician, Ph.D.) Research Institute and a visiting fellow at the school director of the Department of tradition


Wei Muxin (Professor, chief physician, Ph.D.) Research Institute and a visiting fellow at the school director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University of Japan national physiology w

The W of traditional Chinese medicine, Geriatrics Society Health Specialized Committee chairman w rehabilitation Specialized Committee vice chairman, why winter tonic is the most appropriate health care methods, traditional Chinese for a long time, a very wide spread, so why the most suitable health tonic? Chinese ancient health has long been recognized that nature has Chunsheng, summer long, the autumn harvest, tozo laws. Human being is a part of nature, and it also has the law of the four seasons. In autumn and winter, the weather is getting cold, the human digestive function increased, strong absorption activity, tonic during this period, the nutritional substances transformed to limit the maximum energy stored in the body. The body nutrition, nourishing the five internal organs, strong physique, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, there is a saying: "winter tonic the coming year, tiger." The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a unique theory based on the observation and accumulation of experience for thousands of years. Despite the development of modern science and modern medicine to the molecular genetic level, there are many barriers in the field of disease prevention and treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in many aspects. An important aspect of the health is the Chinese Preventive Medicine thought. The best winter regimen is the object of Chinese people? We can be summarized as follows: the prevention of healthy people, sub-health state of the body, the patient's adjuvant treatment, serious illness and postoperative rehabilitation. In almost all want to improve the quality of life (LQ) who can take advantage of the favorable opportunity of the winter, to the motor body, add oil, do the "inspection", let her next turn some more happy. The method of traditional Chinese medicine health is also a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, especially according to the constitution of the patients the deployment of special paste (also called soft) is the most effective and reliable method, and other physical therapy: health, health food, sports and health, mental training regimen and sexual health profile photo.

Two, how the winter winter tonic to health regimen should be targeted, not to say what kind of supplements can be easy to take. Why? Different from modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is not a cure, but treatment. Chinese medicine for disease the most basic understanding is: the formation of all diseases, are in effect of pathological factors, the deviation of the body (a different "card"), the diagnosis of the disease is to find these deviations (called dialectical), the treatment of diseases is to correct the deviation, return to normal (Chinese medicine the term is "dialectical theory of governance"). Therefore, according to the "winter health certificate". Countermeasures of TCM syndrome differentiation, to restore health remedy defects and rectify errors. You can call it "the diseaseThe fill", such as the constitution of yin deficiency, Yang deficiency and Qi deficiency, blood deficiency and the viscera function, the lack of what repair what, targeted, the effect is better. The original winter season, suffering from chronic diseases, it can be combined with the disease, while fill, while that of disease treatment, treatment and rehabilitation, a greater role. The elderly, because the physiological characteristics of the old people, various functions of the human body, will increase with age, and tends to decline, but the tonic, can enhance physical fitness, anti-aging and longevity. The general health is good, but usually have to work and study very nervous, over time, reduced resistance, immune ability, and easy to aging and disease, the tonic, or to pay attention to "level up", not too cold and heat, can enhance physical strength and resist disease, is also a good investment in health, prevention measures.

Three, how to self diagnosis to tune up the tonic in many ways, is a kind of tonic, "paste", but also to take health care products - whether it is to take that way, the most important point is to tailor. According to each of the different physical, tonic method is not the same, in other fashionable words, absolutely is "personalized" service. Fill what, how much, and the physical condition, must not blindly follow the advertising or other people's advice. As the main object of TCM health care is sick people, not just the suffering of the disease, even if the same disease, vary from person to person, the card may also be different. The different stages of the same disease can also show different syndromes, indicating that the card is changing. In the process of health is a dynamic treatment. The tonic to health must be an antidote against the disease. The body of the human body, a large number of types, but on the whole can be summarized into 4 categories, to learn the self discrimination of deficiency syndrome, for the reader's friends is very important. The symptoms are described as follows, easy for readers to self diagnosis.

1 clinical manifestations of qi deficiency syndrome W: shortness of breath, lassitude, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, tiredness, fatigue syndrome, when the disease is aggravating, pale tongue, weak pulse. Also refers to the general spirit of the poor, physical strength.

Commonly used drugs: ginseng, astragalus, Atractylodes, licorice, Chinese yam. There are a lot of friends love with ginseng tea. Ginseng, including ginseng, white ginseng (Panax ginseng), wild ginseng, red ginseng (Korean ginseng, Korea ginseng) etc.. In general, Qi and slightly hot, such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis, climacteric syndrome should be taking ginseng is appropriate; Qi deficiency can take pure white ginseng (Panax ginseng), Qi deficiency is serious person can take wild ginseng; Qi deficiency cold application of red ginseng (Korea ginseng) tonic. 2 clinical manifestations: blood deficiency, pale or sallow complexion, tongue pale nails, dizziness, palpitation, dreaminess, numbness in limbs, women's menstruation, pale, Yan period even amenorrhea, pulse fine. Anemia, similar to modern medicine.

Commonly used drugs: Angelica, radix rehmanniae, Radix Paeoniae Alba, gelatin. Also called "gelatin", gelatin is called "blood panacea", sweet flat, with the blood to stop bleeding, Ziyin lungs etc..

3 clinical manifestations: Yin deficiency syndrome refers to human nutrition blood, body fluid, Yin is insufficient, further development, blood deficiency of yin deficiency: the main symptoms of two zygomatic red, emaciation, hot flushes and sweats, Fanre, dry throat, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse.

Commonly used drugs: Shashen, ophiopogon root, Dendrobium, medlar, turtle. Sea cucumber in food is also good. Use every day more than 3 grams of Cordyceps also has certain curative effect, its intensity and Ophiopogon japonicus, wolfberry is also roughly the same, but the price is higher than the common drugs thousand times. So there's no need to be superstitious. The clinical manifestations of 4 Yang deficiency: Yang: generally refers to the disease in addition to Qi deficiency, and fear of wind, chills, cold extremities and other symptoms. Performance: aversion to cold, lassitude, shortness of breath, mouth thirst, or hi hot drinks, clear urine, loose stools, or oliguria, edema, white face, pale tongue, weak pulse delay.

The commonly used medicine: antler, epimedium, gecko, walnut, eucommia. Antler aphrodisiac strong function, can be milling canned capsules, 1 grams a day. Or dip. But patients can not take fire, otherwise there will be trouble heat instability and other adverse reactions.

Photo 1 Wei Muxin was invited to lecture at the National Conference on Gerontology (2008.11)

Photo 2 Wei Muxin, chairman of the general assembly, presided over the Jiangsu Conference on Gerontology (2008.10)

Photo 3 Wei Muxin, Professor of physiology at the National Institute of physiology, Japan, Haruki (2008.10)

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