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"How old are you?" "66", "Zha or the 66? You're 66!" Haha......". Suddenly, the aunt laughed. This is the afternoon of August 13th, the firs


"How old are you?" "66", "Zha or the 66? You're 66!" Haha......". Suddenly, the aunt laughed. This is the afternoon of August 13th, the first municipal people's Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, director of the Department of oncology Zhang Ju an aunt conversation. Laughing, Zhang aunt, poly mansion to diagnose prescription, finally watched the happy family aunt was launched in consulting room. The mother was 66 years old because of diabetes leads to cerebral hemorrhage, after the family come find a poly palace treatment, 3 years later, the old man's family said she did not expect to recover so well.

"Healthy and happy you, I, he" is a commitment to the patient's commitment to the hospital, but also to the patient he put forward the "happy therapy". Over the years, this joy is accompanied by the number of patients out of the ward, to a healthy and happy life.

In February this year, 62 year old Ms. Lee suffering from liver cancer admitted to the hospital of Chinese medicine oncology, at this time, due to her illness has led to abdominal cavity. On the basis of "happy therapy", she was treated by Chinese medicine dialectically. Doctor Zhang smiles watching every day, Ms. Lee's mood began to slowly and actively cooperate with the treatment, 2 months later, her abdominal water was gone, all have the strength. After several visits, Ms. Lee's physical recovery, quality of life and normal people. Now, there is a headache fever she also went to find a house to house the transfer of drugs, Zhang medicine produced her private doctor". In her words, Dr. Zhang can make me happy."

"A happy mood is really helpful." Ma and Ms. Lee feel the same. In November last year, Mr. Ma was hospitalized for lung cancer, hospitalized because of pulmonary hemorrhage has not been able to do pathological examination, his mood and illness, but also in constant deterioration". Zhang Fu together with Chinese medicine and chemotherapy treatment for him, because of the reasonable medicine conditioning to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy, plus a poly Palace "happiness therapy", Mr Ma is more and more perseverance, have great confidence in the cure. 3 months later, a miracle happened, and Mr. Ma's lung disappeared. Now, he has been like a normal person no longer use, then he will give Zhang Fu poly Gesanchaiwu call for peace.

13 on the afternoon of more than 5 points in the afternoon, there are a number of patients waiting outside the consulting room waiting in line, his phone rang. "You have to go to Yexian County after work, where an elderly patient is in trouble." Zhang Ju Fu said. "How often do you work overtime?" "Some patients are far away from home, and I run faster than they do." The face of the reporter's question, Zhang Fu kindly smiled together.

45 year old Zhang gathered in 1987 graduated from the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the same year in September was assigned to the first people's Hospital Department of traditional Chinese medicine, engaged in Chinese medicine. October 2007 director of traditional Chinese medicine. In May 1999, director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, June 2008 served as director of the three tumor. Over the years, he has a complete and accurate grasp of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, master of Chinese medicine and related professional knowledge, to master the latest progress and development direction of the profession at home and abroad. The diagnosis and treatment of common disease has accumulated rich experience, especially for many Difficult miscellaneous diseases of various malignant tumors can also make the correct analysis and judgment, proposed the correct principle, method, prescription and medicine, unique insights and unique treatment, has obvious curative effect for countless patients.

Over the years, Zhang Fu has been committed to the study of poly cerebrovascular disease, mental disease and gynecological diseases, vertigo, stroke, insomnia, infertility, stomach disease has accumulated rich experience in the treatment. In recent years, he worked in the national and provincial professional journals published by "yiyifuzibaijiangsan treatment of gastrointestinal perforation after abdominal inflammatory mass in 38 cases", "Gu Ben Xiao Yu Decoction for treatment of esophageal cancer after anastomositis 32 cases", published more than 20 papers and two monographs. Won the first prize of the science and technology progress award 2, was awarded the "outstanding youth of Pingdingshan science and technology experts" title. (reporter Niu Yingying)



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