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Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of health care has its unique efficacy, more and more people's attention, but many people (esp


Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of health care has its unique efficacy, more and more people's attention, but many people (especially young people) in the face of large packets of Chinese herbal medicine, I do not know how to cook as well. Now talk about some of the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

To choose the traditional Chinese medicine containers. The best medicine is suffering casserole, ceramic Waguan (aluminum products, enamel is also available), avoid using iron. Because of the stable chemical properties of the ceramics, the complex chemical reaction of the medicine can not interfere with the synthesis and decomposition of the medicine, which can lead to the effect of the medicine. We used iron containers in drug decocting process, tannic acid matter, glycosides and other ingredients easily with traditional Chinese medicine contained within the reaction caused by reduced drug efficacy or failure, even counterproductive, it should not be used.

To master the correct method of decoction. After the first drug pot, with cold water soak for half an hour, the effective ingredients of medicine decocting easy. The amount of water should pay attention to, the general water up to a little powder, treatment of edema disease drugs should be less water; child medicine less water, more water can be sweating medicine. The water should be placed first, not halfway with water, do not use boiling water to avoid the medicine, the medicine surface protein denaturation, and the effect of active components of precipitation. When frying Chinese herbal medicine, in order to make the medicine fried thoroughly, it is best to put the fried. Especially Chinese herbal medicine containing volatile ingredients, such as mint, sage, patchouli and Perrin, but also to cover cover, and in a short time the fried, in order to reduce the effective ingredients of volatile; some expensive drugs, such as ginseng, pilose antler should also cover and simmer fine fried. To master the heat decoction. With a fire emergency without boiling, after boiling simmer. Such as sweating medicine, fire boil for 3 ~ 5 minutes; Radix rehmanniae, Cornus officinalis, Chinese traditional medicine should be gently fry, boil fry for about 20 minutes. In addition, drugs and powder Decoction to fluff cloth made of wok, to reduce the villi on laryngeal stimulation. For the special drug caught, first fried, fried, fried, after blunt package, all to the doctor.

To master the use of methods. Chinese herbal medicine has cold clothes, hot clothes, said the medication time is also stress. Diaphoretic generally should use, in order to achieve the purpose of sweating;

Dispelling cold medicine should also be hot clothing; detoxification drugs, cough medicine, antipyretic drugs should be cold;

Tonic medicine should be fasting clothes, easy to digest, but not too much;

Sedative drugs for half an hour before going to bed, in order to strengthen the drug action;

Spleen and stomach weakness should be taken after meals, the stomach has a strong stimulation of the drug should be taken after meals;

To be cathartic fasting clothes, and not suitable for use at night, after the stool should be discontinued;

Diabetes thirsty, informal time;

Insectifuge fasting during the morning and evening wear, conducive to insect;

The patient should be contained in the mouth and throat, give full play to local drug effects;

Vomiting disease should a few times to drink the medicine, reduce the burden on the stomach, or take a little ginger, with Jiangni vomiting;

Children and infirm patients, less dosage;

Pregnant women should be careful medication.

Traditional Chinese medicine should not be used to drink tea and milk delivery, tea, milk and some drugs due to the chemical effect, reduce the efficacy.

Chinese medicine decoction for several times

Decocting of decoction, decoction times than a long time suffering is preferred. Decocting process of drug ingredients in the dissolution, completely conforms to the principle contained in drug leaching.

Alkaloid salts. Glycosides. Organic acid and organic acid salts. Sugar. Tannin. Protein. Pigment. Enzymes and other components can dissolve in water, resin and fatty oil is insoluble in water, but with other components

Together, can also be part of the dissolution, resulting in poor concentration of internal and external medicine, the active ingredient from the tissue inside and outside the exudate, when the drug concentration is equal to the internal and external, that is in a state of equilibrium, the dissolution of the stop

This must be leaching liquid, add water in [] the drug residue, the re establishment of the concentration difference, so as to be beneficial to the medicinal ingredients to dissolution. The experimental results show that the decoction can fry the ingredients contained in the two

From 80% to 90%, so it needs to be decocted for two times or three times. In BAITOUWENG decoction as an example, a dog, is more than 90%. The wasted Coptis phellodendron, and decrease the curative effect.

1) Decoction

The purpose of decocting is to increase the solubility of the drug, reduce the toxicity of the drug, give full play to the efficacy.

The ore types: testacean, angle of drug a, because of hard texture, effective component is not easy to fry, fry must first. Such as gypsum, calcite, halloysite, Magnetitum, red ochre, pumice, chloriti, natural copper, oyster, abalone, mother of pearl, sea clam shell, concha Arcae, turtle shell, turtle shell, pangolin, keel, dragon, turtle shell, water buffalo and so on, can be broken to fry for 30 minutes.

The toxic drugs such as aconite, aconite, pokeweed and so on, to fry for 1 to 2 hours, first fried, fried for a long time can reach attenuated or detoxification purposes.

Some medicinal plants such as: tabasheer, huomaren, Dendrobium, only the first decoction is effective.

(2) after

The purpose is to reduce the loss of volatile oil, the active ingredient from decomposition.

The fragrant volatile oil of drug, such as peppermint, patchouli, Costas, Amomum villosum, cardamom, grass cardamom, sandalwood, rosewood, incense, sweet wormwood, asarum and so on are after, generally in the decoction of Chinese medicine decoction before 5 ~ 10 can be divided into.

The not long fried drug, such as rhubarb, senna, uncaria, almond and so on should be after.

(3) Decoction

The drugs such as pollen, pollen, pollen powder; small seed drugs, such as Tinglizi; drug powder, such as indigo and so on should be fried package.

The contents of starch and phlegmatic more drugs such as Plantago easy to stick pan gelatinization, coking in the boiling process, so it needs to be fried package.

Attached to the villi of drugs, such as the rotation of flowers, etc., to take the package fried, can be avoided by the fall of the hair mixed with soup to stimulate the throat, causing coughing.

(4) into the show

For some kind of adhesive or sugar, viscous, such as gelatin, antler glue, honey, caramel and so on, should add appropriate amount of boiling water dissolved into the soup, liquid or liquid melt taking into the soup. If mixed fried, will lead to the viscosity of liquid medicine, affecting the dissolution of other ingredients, glue is also subject to certain losses

(5) Decoction instead of water

The huge volume of water generally a large amount of drugs such as loofah, stove, subsoil loosestrife, glutinous rice root etc. first appropriate with water decoction, drug juice from dregs after frying his medicine.

(6) melt

Such as Glauber's salt, also can dissolve into the decoction of Mirabilitum dehydratum application

(7) after frying

Some expensive drugs such as ginseng, American ginseng, pilose antler can be decocted separately, the juice mixed with taking decoction of.

(8) raw juice

Such as fresh rehmannia juice, pear juice, leek juice, lotus root, ginger juice, juice, juice of Rhizoma imperatae, not fried can be blended into the cooked in taking decoction.

(9) combined with medicine

Some valuable medicine effective ingredient in drug dissolved in the water or heating after some effective components easy to decompose, such as ginseng powder and bezoar powder, antelope powder, 37 powder, musk powder, scorpion powder, cinnamon, Euphorbia powder, powder for mixing will have fried decoction after service.

A traditional Chinese medicine decoction should be several times as well?

Generally speaking, a traditional Chinese medicine effective components contained in the decoction after two times has been greatly reduced, it is better to decoct two times. But for larger drug prescriptions, more effective components in two times after the decoction may remain, can fry third times to 3 times a day to take to save resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and to a certain extent, can improve the curative effect.

Decoction of traditional Chinese Medicine

A, decocting container to casserole, enamel ware, stainless steel is appropriate, prohibit the use of iron.

Two, traditional Chinese medicine should be immersed in cold water for about 20 minutes. In general, water decocting soaking powder 1-3 cm. Large doses and easy to absorb the bubble water can increase the appropriate amount of water.

Three, decocting time should be based on the drug and general medicine for 30 minutes. Solution table medicine, heat clearing drugs, aromatic drugs should not be long fried, boiled 15-20 minutes after boiling.

First with the tonic fire after boiling, slow fire to fry for 40-60 minutes.

Decoct must stir the chemicals 2-3 times. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction for two times, the second time can be a little short.

Four, fried dose: 50-100 ml per dose for children. Adult 150-200 ml per dose.

Five, special medicine decocting method:

1, "the first medicine": boil for 10-15 minutes, then add other drugs with the decoction.

2, "after the drug": in general medicine is fried to a predetermined amount, input with fry for 5 minutes.

3, the "melting medicine": the dose should be predetermined in other medicine to take medicine, juice, fire boiling, stirring constantly dissolved.

4, "blunt medicine": Chong fried juice or drug medication into the water.

5, other special drugs prescribed decoction.

How to cook traditional Chinese Medicine


The selection of the decocting apparatus - decocting quantity of water - decocting problems - before decocting soaking - decocting times - decocting temperature - decocting time - take medicine volume - clothing - special medicine decocting decoction method


Decoction is the Chinese medicine clinical application of the earliest and most widely used form. Because of its adaptability to TCM syndrome differentiation, with disease principle, and has the advantages of simple preparation, the effective absorption characteristics of fast, favored by the doctors and patients.

However, in the face of a bag of traditional Chinese medicine, often make people feel at a loss, to introduce you to some of the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.

A selection of the decocting apparatus.

Decoction for quality and selection of Chinese medicine decoction have a close relationship with the. It is still in the casserole for good, not because of chemical reactions and drug composition material stable casserole, the heat evenly to ease, this is also one reason has used since ancient times. In addition, can also choose enamel pot, stainless steel pot and glass pan. But you can not use iron, copper pot, mainly because of the chemical properties of iron or copper pot is not stable, easy oxidation. Can react with the chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine decoction contained in, such as tannin components can generate iron, so that liquid darkens. And the flavonoids can be used to produce a hard polymer. Organic acids can form salts. These will affect the quality of decoction, directly related to the clinical curative effect of the decoction of Chinese medicine.

Two. The amount of water decocting

The amount of water decocting is also very important, how much amount of water directly affects the quality of decoction. Less water, will cause the drug decocting through leaching, effective components of incomplete. Add more water, decocting the liquid, medication is not convenient.

Chinese herbal medicine because of its different texture, it is also a large difference in the amount of water absorption, the general amount of water control in 5-10 times. The same weight of the drug, the bulk of its bulk texture, the amount of water naturally more. Solid texture, its volume is small, less water absorption. Therefore, decocting the flowers, leaves and whole plant medicine, the amount of water will be more. Boiling mineral, shell drugs, the amount of water is less. According to the traditional method of water, is the drug of first boiling into the pot, add water to water more drug surface 3-5 cm, second times the amount of water decoction to more than 3 cm to the surface of the drug. The method is simple and easy to master.

Three. Pay attention to the problem in medicine

1: soaking before decocting the drug must be soaked in boiling before, this is because Chinese medicine derived from plants are dried by soaking in the water can make the medicine become soft, restore the natural state of tissue cells after expansion, extraction of valid components easy to decoct.

In general, flowers, leaves, stems based drugs, soaking time is 1-1.5 hours. Root, seed, rhizome, fruit based drug immersion time was 2-3 hours.

2: the decoction decocting times several times than a long time and good effect of decoction. Practice has proved that the decoction can be two times the fried ingredients contained about 80%, so the number of decocting by two or three times better.

3 the decocting temperature: the temperature of the medicine, Chinese medicine called general heat traditionally known as fire or fire. The so-called slow fire, fire is weak, slow temperature rise, evaporation of water. The fire, fire is strong, fast temperature rise, evaporation of water is also fast. Such as medicine or heat is too strong, the moisture evaporates quickly, will affect the leaching of active ingredients, but also easy to paste pot. On the contrary, if weak, poor drug effect of decoction. In general is not before boiling to Wuhuo boil and then switch to gentle, keep in boiling state, can slow down the evaporation of water, which is beneficial to the effective components of herbs.

4: according to the properties of the drug decocting time and disease, and drug case. Generally for the first fry to boil the calculation takes 20-30 minutes, second fry 30-40 minutes. Treatment of cold medicine, first fried 10-15 minutes, second fried 15-20 minutes. Tonic medicine, first fried 30-40 minutes, second fried 40-50 minutes.

5 take medicine volume: generally refers to a drug by medicine volume two times Decoction combined. Adults take 400-600 ml, two times a day. Children take 200-300 ml, two to three times a day to take.

Methods 6 medication: general medicine decocting two times with liquid, two times a day. Children can be divided into 2-3 times. The treatment of colds, fever, enteritis, diarrhea, also can use the method of service frequency, i.e. every 4 hours, each taking 30-40 ml, went to check, and then take 2-3 times a day, with a small number of children as well.

7 special medicine decoction: doctors according to the patient's condition and the nature of drugs, prescribe medicines in the prescription with footnotes.

(1) first medicine: general is some minerals, shells, a corner drug, because of its hard texture is not easy to extract effective components, the general first fry for 30-40 minutes, and then mixed with other drugs after decoction. There is a common gypsum, dragonbones, mother of pearl, raw sienna etc..

Another toxic drugs first fried, long frying can achieve the purpose of reducing poison or detoxification. Such as Aconite Decoction can make the drug for aconitine is decomposed into aconine, its toxicity is only the original 1/2000. Such as cooking for a long time can not only reduce the toxicity of aconite can increase cardiac effects.

(2) after drugging: general is fragrant drugs containing volatile oil or easily boiling for a long time, to be fried in drug 10-15 minutes before into the pot. Common are patchouli, uncaria, rhubarb and so on. As with Uncaria sinomenine, decocting time more than 20 minutes of the step-down components is easy to be destroyed. Rhubarb, which has the function of clearing away heat and clearing, is a glycoside, but it is not stable to heat, and it will decompose when heated for a long time. And the effect of rhubarb glucoside is stronger than the aglycone, so it is not easy to fry for a long time.

(3): General Packet decocting seeds and individual pollen drugs, with gauze bag into the group of medicine in the decoction. There is a common plantain seed, flower etc.. If the car is easy to stick sticky pot, coking. So need to pack fried,. The package can avoid fried Inula Decoction in the stimulation of villus in the throat.

(4): hot melt service will dissolve after taking medicine liquid. The common drugs Mirabilitum dehydratum, mirabilite.

(5) Yang clothing; mainly is some kind of adhesive agents, with hot melt after taking liquid. If the combined decoction will make the liquid viscosity, affect the leaching of other components, rubber drugs also have some losses, so the method of taking the show. The common life of gelatin, antler glue and tortoise plastron glue.

(6) fried against another, some valuable medicine should be decocted alone, then blended together to take medicine. There is a common ginseng, American ginseng, pilose antler etc..

(7) a day, some drug powder can not be expensive together with the group of medicine decoction, with the method of taking water, the powder is dissolved in liquid service. This is not only conducive to play the role of drugs can also save medicine. There are 37 common plane, antelope horn, bezoar surface etc..

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