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Bad weather environment, diabetes and more complex.Cold water dry gold our weather, five and six shall be well.Seize the three principal syn


Bad weather environment, diabetes and more complex.

Cold water dry gold our weather, five and six shall be well.

Seize the three principal syndromes of little diabetes, clinical investigation.

Chronic complications, magic had five law.

The light diet is better, grain is not bad.

Eight meals a day to eat, hungry side dishes of bean dregs.

Daily fat selection of vegetable oil, with less seasoning frying.

Fat should not drink salty food, drink more terrible.

Weak thin mouth greedy, edible lean chickens and ducks.

Yam lotus xiaomizhou, than the poor drug efficacy.

Cowpea seed wheat kernel porridge, qingrelishi can boast.

Peanut vegetables treat constipation, stools diarrhea, Gorgon yam.

Gastrodia elata boiled chicken dizziness, celery hypoglycemic also step-down.

Thin drink mutton soup, fresh melon in obese patients.

Lotus Gorgon treatment frequent urination, two eyes dim Qiju tea.

And things don't touch the lips, usually diet to avoid spicy.

Nutritional supplements, soy products are the best.

If the blood more vinegar, hawthorn vinegar egg will grease.

But any more gas repose, little thought not heart desires.

Eat more grains should be light, cheerful and optimistic Mo Sheng chen.

Take the medicine on time. In winter, Good medicine is bitter. disease from the body.

Differentiation up temper the spirit within it.

Often should walk after dinner, Xiaoshi spleen as well.

Exercise throughout the year, the body of a hundred degrees Corelle spring.



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