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Water related questionsWhy is water the source of life? What is the proportion of human body water content? The special nature of water? Are


Water related questions

Why is water the source of life? What is the proportion of human body water content? The special nature of water? Are you drinking water safe? Is it good for old people and children to drink pure water for a long time? How much is the disease associated with drinking water? What are the main diseases caused by water pollution? What are the characteristics of diseases caused by water pollution? Longevity village secret of longevity? High quality drinking water standards? Which body is easy to water? How thirsty to drink water? Do you want to drink water? The old man should drink more water? The best time for drinking water for the elderly?

1, why water is the source of life?

The human body is 75% water, the surface of the earth is 75% water, the universe of accidental coincidence? Hunger breeds discontentment, food drink first. Diet diet; “ ” “ ”. Water is a macro nutrient, there is no kind of nutrients can be widely involved in human functions as water. Each organ of the human body contains extremely rich water, blood and kidney water accounted for 83%, the heart is 80%, muscle is about 76%, the brain is about 75%, the liver is also a bone, also contains the water of 22% of the moisture content of 68%.

Life is made up of cells, cells must be “ soaked in water ” only to survive. Drying is the main performance of aging. Young people accounted for 42% of the cells in the water, the elderly accounted for only about 33%, resulting in wrinkles, subcutaneous tissue gradually shrinking. The process of aging is the process of losing water. People can not eat for a few days, but can not drink water a day, if the body loses weight 15%— 20% of the water, the physiological function will be stopped, and then died.

2, the proportion of human body water content?

As we all know, the human body close to 70% for moisture. That is, the weight of sixty kg of water, accounting for a total of about forty kg. If it is a baby, then more than 80%, the proportion of fetal water is still higher in the mother. The water content of the elderly is only 50%— 60%.

3, the special nature of water?

Answer: water has many special properties, in recent years has aroused people's concern. For example, in the form of volume increases; the capillary water or living organisms, they are called interstitial water, can not freeze at -110 DEG C; the water molecule is H2O, the molecular weight of only 18, it is at room temperature as a liquid.

4, do you drink water safe?

Answer: 1) water is the water to the river, river, lake water treatment. At present, our country is generally used water treatment, centralized water supply, and then through the pipeline water supply to the residents of the family to provide drinking water. For high-rise buildings, the use of high-level water tank two pressurized water supply. However, the water pollution caused by industrial development is becoming more and more serious, which is limited by the conditions of technology, technology and economy.

A certain amount of chlorine preparation currently used in tap water disinfection process (bleach), caused by the residual chlorine in water, and with the organic reaction of chloroform. It is now known that chloroform was the major carcinogen in tap water, cold water in the state, more than chloroform is within a predetermined range, but the content of tap water in the heating rapidly after chloroform rises, especially in the 95 to 100 DEG C when the content is the highest, boil for five minutes more than less residual. In addition to chemical pollution, the corrosion of the pipeline, the water does not dissolve calcium, organic matter and high-rise buildings, such as water storage tanks on the two pollution is also more serious.

2) the boiling water is stagnant

Chinese people are used to drinking boiled water. That tap water is not safe, which there is a certain amount of dissolved oxygen and minerals, and the water heating process, the dissolved oxygen in the water will be lost due to warming, even more frightening is that the content of chloroform in boiling water is tap water 3— — 4 times. No wonder the cooling after boiling water for watering flowers withered, fish fish.

3) pure water (space water, distilled water) ≠ good water

Pure drinking water, is our current drinking water standards, and scientists remind people, “ pure water is not equal to healthy water ”. Scientists define the new standard of drinking water is: on the basis of pure oxygen rich, with activation function, dissolution and permeability.

Although pure water does not contain impurities and harmful substances, but its nutrition and two pollution and so on, have been mixed Public opinions are divergent..

4) known as mineral water containing minerals and trace elements, but medical experts have proposed, how much there is no research on the quantitative mineralization science beneficial to the human body, and mineral water is not for anyone favorable, but the market is difficult to distinguish many counterfeit products.

5, the elderly and children drinking pure water is beneficial?

Answer: China Consumers Association issued consumer tips: experts pointed out that the human body most suitable for drinking alkaline water, the elderly, children and infants, especially for the pure water as drinking water, long-term drinking a lot usually.

In recent years Chinese mainland of bottled purified water sampling results show that the poor quality of the overall quality of the products, serious polarization. It is understood that China is a large number of pure water used in reverse osmosis technology. The method uses reverse osmosis membrane device to achieve the purpose of purifying water. This method not only can effectively remove bacteria and organic pollutants, but also effectively remove calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon and other organic matter. Therefore, the pure water basically no pollution, but also basically no nutrients.

6, the number of human diseases and drinking water?

A: WHO survey pointed out that 80% of human diseases related to water. The main method of disinfection tap water is chlorination, although the removal of a large number of bacteria, but there are also harmful substances, especially heavy metals, molecular chlorine and nitrite constituents in water. At the same time, water storage and transportation process cause two pollution to a certain extent. Although the boiling water, but can not remove heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water, excessive intake of these substances, can cause great harm to the human body.

7, what are the main diseases caused by water pollution?

Answer: cancer: nitrite compounds, chloroform, particle radiation.

Liver disease: toxic organic compounds, heavy metals and other toxic substances contained in industrial waste water and pesticides.

Stone: high hardness of groundwater.

Cardiovascular: high levels of inorganic salts.

Dementia: aluminum, etc..

Skeletal disease: heavy metal cadmium.

Hematopoietic diseases: heavy metals.

Endocrine disorders: toxic organic compounds, high levels of inorganic salts, heavy metals, etc..

8, what are the characteristics of the disease caused by water pollution?

A: (1) gradual: a variety of toxic substances in the human body slowly accumulated until the onset, due to a longer time is not easy to detect, more subtle.

(2) is not easy to break down: most of the toxic organic compounds and all heavy metals in the human body can not be broken down and metabolism, can only stay in the human body for a long time, the accumulation of.

(3) it is easy to accumulate in the body: once the heavy metal enters the body, it will form a compound which is difficult to metabolize.

9, longevity village secret of longevity?

Answer: longevity village in the southern Caucasus in the former Soviet Union is very famous. Caucasus longevity village is the only place in the world where there is no cancer, even the incidence of adult diseases are very low. In this area, more than 100 years old meet the eye everywhere, life expectancy is 120 years old, they are not the pain of the disease, dying sleep sleep, it passed away peacefully.

Scientists further study found that longevity village drinking water is the small molecules of alkalescent water. So a conclusion is: “ longevity village people often drink is weakly alkaline small molecules of water, daily life would be clean and excretion of feces, it is easy to get the health and longevity of ”.

10, high quality drinking water standards?

A: WHO (WTO), according to a large number of survey results in the region of the world's longevity, the quality of drinking water is the 6 standard is:

1) does not contain harmful human health, physical, chemical and biological pollution;

2) contains a number of beneficial to human health, and the state of the mineral ions (potassium, magnesium, calcium and other content in 100mg/L);

3) the molecular mass of water is small, and the solubility and permeability are strong;

4) should be weak alkaline (pH value of 8— 9);

5) water containing dissolved oxygen (5mg/L), containing carbonate ions;

6) can quickly and effectively remove the body's acid metabolites and various harmful substances.

So far, only active ion water can meet the above criteria. Therefore, it is not only suitable for the health of people drinking, but also because it can regulate gastrointestinal function, regulating blood lipid, anti-oxidation, anti fatigue and obvious effect of beauty, is also very suitable for the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, constipation and allergic diseases.

11, which is easy to water shortage?

A: the elderly to reduce the sensitivity of thirst, so the body is often in a state of dehydration, digestive juice secretion, easy constipation, blood viscosity, adverse cardiovascular health.

The baby grows fast, so The new supersedes the old. exuberant, unit weight to add content higher than that of adults, although infants with liquid foods, but in the middle of the two breast-feeding should also feed some water.

Children with large amount of exercise, the need for water is much, however, children often have fun and forget to eat when drinking water, hurried into the water, so as to affect the digestion and absorption of food.

12, thirsty to drink water?

Answer: “ thirsty not drink ” is a proverb. If you drink too much water, more than the capacity of the stomach, the stomach expansion caused by the general stomach uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the stomach suddenly took a lot of water, all of a sudden to dilute the gastric juice, will inevitably affect the digestion and sterilization function of gastric juice. More importantly, after a large amount of water absorbed by the blood, the blood volume suddenly increased, decreased, the burden of the heart when the heart function will not appear flustered, shortness of breath, chest tightness and other discomfort. Renal function is not good, but also edema and edema. First, thirsty to drink several slobber, throat, stop for a moment to drink, but also drink salt water, add salt loss. Using “ many times, a small amount of ” drinking method, is good for your health.

13, not thirsty to drink water?

Answer: if you wait until thirsty to drink water, then the body has been dry. Active principle that people should take the initiative to regular drinking water. In addition to three meals a day, the average adult needs to add another 1500-1800 ml of water every day. Days sweating a lot of heat, drinking water also increased. “ not thirsty to drink water ” for the elderly, it is more important, if the elderly can insist on active drink every day into the right amount of water, to improve blood circulation, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases are favorable.

14, the elderly should drink more water?

Answer: drink plenty of water in the summer, especially in the elderly to take the initiative to drink water. The body of the elderly in the water than young people about 1 / 3, plus God heat sweating more, the body more water. Not thirsty does not mean no water, even if the elderly do not feel thirsty, but also to drink more than 1000 milliliters of water every day, drink plenty of water, a small number of times, usually do not have to drink thirsty, you can also drink a little light tea. The daily urine volume is not less than 1000 ml, so as to ensure that the blood can be diluted to maintain adequate blood volume, reduce blood viscosity, excretion of toxins, reduce the burden on the heart and kidneys. In particular, sweating or fever, diarrhea, but also to drink more water to facilitate blood dilution, promote blood circulation of the brain to prevent embolism.

15, the best time for drinking water?

Answer: after getting up in the morning: be sure to drink water, because it is the day the body began to exercise the key. When older people sleep at night, because of urination, sweating, breathing, blood concentration, slow blood flow, function of metabolite accumulation. Drink water after getting up, can make the blood circulation, prevention of high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other diseases. Running after drinking water is more beneficial. Water is best to drink in the morning fasting, with a small mouth to drink 450 ml of water at a slow pace, after drinking a simple action can not sit quietly.

Around ten in the morning: This is the most time of the day in the human body biological clock, should be added to the water of 300 ml. Around three in the afternoon: This is exactly the time to drink tea, drink up to 400 ml. Before going to bed: drink 400 ml before going to bed, for the elderly or suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking water before going to bed at night, you can prevent fatal infarction. Many elderly people are not accustomed to drinking water before going to bed, afraid of night. In fact, the elderly bladder contraction, reduce the capacity of drinking water to keep up. The middle of the night: drink 200 milliliters, the elderly due to kidney systolic dysfunction, nocturnal urine, which leads to the water body, the blood viscosity, cerebral blood flow resistance, easily lead to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, drinking water in the middle of the night is very important.

16, the special time of drinking water:

After the exercise: Although we are not athletes, the amount of exercise is not so big, but no matter what kind of exercise, such as cleaning the room should be drinking water, so not easy to tired, it is not easy to ache.

In an air-conditioned environment: in particular, the need to add water.

17, the morning drink note:

1 what to drink?

Fresh water is the best choice. Boiled water is a natural state of water through the multi purification treatment after boiling, the microorganisms in the water have been killed in high temperature, and the water of calcium and magnesium elements are very beneficial to health. Studies have shown that calcium, magnesium and other elements of the hard water for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

It is wrong to drink light salt water in the morning. People in the night sleep not drink water, but breathing, perspiration, urinary but is still in progress, the loss of physiological activity consumes a lot of water. Get up in the morning, such as drinking some boiled water, you can quickly make the blood to be diluted to correct the night hypertonic dehydration. And drink salt water then it will add hypertonic dehydration, it is more dry mouth. Morning is the first peak of human blood pressure, drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.

The morning of the first glass of water is best not to drink fruit juice, cola, soda, coffee, milk and other beverages. Most contain citric acid soda and cola and other carbonated drinks, in metabolism will accelerate the excretion of calcium, reduce the content of calcium in the blood, long-term drinking will lead to calcium deficiency. While some drinks have a diuretic effect, the morning drink not only the body can not effectively supplement the lack of water, the body will be increased demand for water, but water shortages caused by the body.

2 what temperature?

Early morning drink, drink at room temperature the best cold drink boiling water, boiling water temperature, to minimize gastrointestinal irritation. It is found that the boiled water which is cooled to 20 - 25 C after boiling has specific biological activity. It is easy to pass through the cell membrane, and can promote metabolism and enhance the immune function of human body. Those who are accustomed to drinking warm, cool boiled water, the body of the high activity of the enzyme, the metabolic state is good, the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue to reduce, not easy to feel tired. The night before airing boiling water must be stamped, because exposure to boiling water in the air for too long will lose activity.

3 how much to drink?

A healthy person should drink at least 7&mdash a day; 8 glasses of water (about 2.5 liters), a large amount of exercise or hot weather, the amount of water will be increased accordingly. Get up early in the morning is a new day to add water to the body at a critical moment, at this time to drink 300 ml of water.

4 how to drink?

Early in the morning to drink water must be fasting, that is, before eating breakfast to drink water, otherwise it can not receive the promotion of blood circulation, flushing, etc.. It is best to drink water with a small mouth, because the excessive drinking water is very harmful to the body, may lead to lower blood pressure and brain edema, leading to headaches, nausea, vomiting.

Human body requirements for drinking water

In general, the amount of water to drink every day, at least with the body's water consumption balance. The day the body discharge urine volume of about 1500 ml, plus from feces, breathing or the process of evaporation of water from the skin, the total consumption of water is about 2500 ml, and the human body every day from the food supplement can neutralize the moisture in the The new supersedes the old. only about 1000 ml, so the normal day to drink at least 1500 milliliters of water, about 8 cups.

A lot of people often think of drinking water when thirsty, and often gulp, this practice is wrong. Drink too fast will be invisible to swallow a lot of air with, easy to cause hiccups or bloating, so it is best to water in the mouth, then slowly drink, especially the weak stomach who drink should drink a mouthful slowly.

Avoid thirsty drink water during the two meal drink water, best every hour to drink a cup. People can also according to their urine color to determine the need for water, in general, the urine is pale yellow, if the color is too light, it may be too much water to drink, if the color is deep, then the need to add some more water. After sleep, bedtime drink less drink drinking water is also the correct principle, because before going to bed drink too much water, will cause the eyelid edema, the middle of the night will be running the old toilet, so that sleep quality is not high. After a night of sleep, the body of about 450 milliliters of water loss, the morning need to supplement, so the morning fasting drink beneficial blood circulation, but also can promote the brain awake, make clear and quick thinking that day.

To drink boiling water, do not drink unboiled water. Boil and boil for 3 minutes of boiling water, chlorine and some of the harmful substances in the water can be evaporated, while maintaining the necessary nutrients in the water body. Many of the harmful effects of drinking unboiled water, because the chlorine in tap water can not burn in boiling water residual organic matter interaction, leading to bladder cancer, rectal cancer to increase the chance of.

To drink fresh water, do not drink too long to put water. Fresh water, not only sterile, but also contains more than ten kinds of minerals needed by the human body. However, if the time is too long or drinking water heater overnight boiled water, not only did not have a variety of minerals, but also may contain some harmful substances, such as nitrite, etc.. Nitrite poisoning caused by this is not uncommon.

White boiling water is the best drink, white boiling water does not contain calories, the body can not digest the direct absorption and utilization, is generally recommended to drink boiling water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius below the best, so as not to overly stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and not easy to cause vasoconstriction.

Drink will not “ &rdquo, “ poisoning; water poisoning ” refers to the long-term excessive drinking or short body through urine and sweat to discharge excess water, but with water discharge, human body with sodium - based electrolyte will be diluted, the salt in the blood will be less and less, water capacity decreased, some water will soon be absorbed into the tissue cells, the cell edema. Will start dizziness, weakness, heartbeat and other symptoms, even when severe cramps, disturbance of consciousness and coma. Therefore, some girls want to rely on a lot of water to lose weight is very dangerous.

The best time to drink 4 times a day:

The first time: just get up in the morning, this is the state of blood deficiency.

Second: 8 to about 10 in the morning, you can add time to work to lose moisture.

Third: around 3 in the afternoon, it is time to drink tea.

The fourth time: before going to bed, the concentration of blood will increase when sleeping, such as the amount of water before going to bed will dilute the backlog of liquid, expansion of blood vessels, good for the body.

Healthy body moisture balance must be maintained, people should be drinking 7-8 cups a day of water. “ a day's plan is in the morning ” the first glass of water in the morning is especially important. Maybe you've got used to drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning, but have you ever looked at how this glass of water should be drunk?

The morning of the first glass of water is best not to drink fruit juice, cola, soda, coffee, milk and other beverages. Most contain citric acid soda and cola and other carbonated drinks, in metabolism will accelerate the excretion of calcium, reduce the content of calcium in the blood, long-term drinking will lead to calcium deficiency. While some drinks have a diuretic effect, the morning drink not only the body can not effectively supplement the lack of water, the body will be increased demand for water, but water shortages caused by the body.


Excessive drinking

If the water intake exceeds the capacity of the kidneys, can cause excessive body water or cause water poisoning. In very rare diseases, normal water poisoning. Water poisoning, due to brain cell swelling, cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure caused by headache, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, serious person can produce progressive mental retardation, trance, coma, convulsions, severe cases can cause death.

Water deficiency

Inadequate intake of water or excessive water loss can cause dehydration in the body also known as dehydration. There are three types of water and electrolyte loss.

1, hypertonic dehydration: loss of water, electrolyte loss is relatively small.

2, hypotonic dehydration: the main electrolyte loss, less water loss.

3, isotonic dehydration: loss of water and electrolytes in proportion, the body fluid osmotic pressure unchanged, more common in clinical.




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