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Question 1: what skin disease do I get?Answer: according to statistics, about 30% of patients with diabetes can cause skin diseases, some of


Question 1: what skin disease do I get?

Answer: according to statistics, about 30% of patients with diabetes can cause skin diseases, some of which are specific cutaneous manifestations of diabetes, but most are nonspecific, i.e. not diabetic patients also suffer from skin diseases. Now you can have little effect on blood glucose control, skin diseases, if you do not see the specific performance of the skin, it is difficult to determine the nature of the disease. According to your description of the possible diagnostic considerations for psoriasis or lichen planus or cutaneous amyloidosis, it is best to consult a skin specialist. General TCM for blood heat Sheng or blood deficiency and wind dryness, according to other performance and dialectical treatment of your tongue.

Question two: why is the numbness of hands and feet?

A: the most common complication of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Usually the symmetry of the distal polyneuropathy showed sensory abnormalities, such as cold extremities, numbness, swelling, chuanxiaoxie tightness, burning, or even a loss that occurred hypoesthesia, accidental injury and I feel all kinds of acral unknown ulcer, such as limbs vascular stenosis, you are more likely to cause ischemic necrosis, acral gangrene, so-called diabetic foot. Some DPN treatment effect is not very ideal, the general principles of treatment are: 1, strict glycemic control; 2, improve blood circulation, such as alprostadil; 3, nerve nutrition, such as Mecobalamin; 4, antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid; 5, Chinese medicine treatment, the use of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Tongluo medicine internal and external washing with fumigation. Suggest that you: 1, check the HbA1c to determine the blood glucose control situation; 2, feasible EMG, evoked potential to clear the location and degree of nerve damage; 3, Department of Endocrinology, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment.

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