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Wei Muxin 1 Lu Ya Chuan 2(1 Jiangsu Province People's Hospital, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, 2)Published in the 2011,10 health ti


Wei Muxin 1 Lu Ya Chuan 2

(1 Jiangsu Province People's Hospital, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, 2)

Published in the 2011,10 health times

More and more medical evidence tells us that "aging from intestinal start, colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and Alzheimer's disease are important adult and intestinal health are closely related, understand the intestinal condition, for just for us old friends, especially can not be ignored.

A toilet factory - gut

The stool is made in the large intestine, the large intestine is not digested and absorbed food, its main function is to absorb water and electrolytes, making stool side by side diarrhea. The thickest part of the colon is 5 to 8 cm in diameter, with a length of about 1.5 meters. It can be divided into the cecum, colon and rectum in three parts. The food is digested and the remaining sticky like residue from the small intestine into e.. The large intestine begins to move, absorbing water and electrolytes, and turning the paste into a solid state, the stool. Digestion and absorption of food, served at the end of the small intestine, about 5 to 10 hours, and to reach the large intestine after the need for 9 ~ 16 hours to absorb moisture. Intestinal bacteria can ferment or corrupt food residues to produce shit. After the formation of the stool is usually accumulated in the sigmoid colon, soon, when the stool because of their weight and moved to the rectum, the sensor will be stimulated in the rectum, resulting in.

The intestinal tract can effectively protect the body from invasion of the enemy's tiny, shit about half is made of bacteria, intestinal and microbial bacteria like experts confrontation. The intestinal tract is also easy manufacturing, maintaining an important place of the body.

Two, observation will be color

1 Brown: brown yellow stool from the blood, every day, the blood of the human body will produce a large number of red blood cell death, they contain hemoglobin is decomposed into hemoglobin and bilirubin, bilirubin was transferred to the liver into bile. Subsequently, the bile is discharged into the duodenum to participate in the process of digestion of fat, and bilirubin along the intestinal tract down all the way, and the digestion of the food to be fully mixed, dyed brown, which is normal.

2 red (dark) Brown: stool for a long time to stay in the intestines, some of the waste has not been absorbed by the large intestine, which is caused by constipation.

3 red stool: mostly lower gastrointestinal bleeding, lower gastrointestinal tract including the jejunum, ileum, rectum, colon, due to the "short distance", less chemical changes, these parts of bleeding, stool should be red. Red is the blood and stool mixed together, if not with blood mixed with the stool, only a deviation in the stool surface or part, even after the blood, it is suffering from hemorrhoids.

4 deep yellow: generally associated with hemolytic anemia or hemolytic jaundice, which is due to hemolytic cell infection, congenital defects in red blood cells and certain chemicals or toxins caused by poisoning.

5: black with black road as the Cypress oil, also known as tarry stool, is a common gastrointestinal bleeding stool. It includes duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastric mucosa prolapse, ten cirrhosis esophageal varices bleeding.

6 green stool: a watery or paste, sour odor, more foam, more common in the digestive tract, intestinal dysfunction and other diseases. If the green was mixed with pus, is acute enteritis or dysentery performance. After major abdominal surgery or widely accepted antibiotic therapy for patients, such as suddenly appeared with the stench of green water and stool, with gray white translucent white flake like pseudo membrane, suggesting that Staphylococcus aureus enteritis. In addition, eat a large number of foods containing chlorophyll, or too high acidity in the gut, will also make manure into green. Iron too much, too late to iron absorption, green two ferric salt form with the stool out. The baby will be green.

7 white: that the excretion of bile is impaired, suggesting obstruction of the bile duct, gallstones, bile duct cancer or pancreatic head cancer may. In addition, white feces can also be found in barium meal, this is not caused by the disease, which is physiological feces. White rice water stool was that no fecal matter meters hogwash water white turbid liquid, the amount of common in cholera. White grease quantity, and odor, common in pancreatic diarrhea or malabsorption syndrome. White mucus may be a chronic enteritis, intestinal polyps and tumors.

Three, all kinds of people alert message poo

The number of children suffering from atopic dermatitis or asthma is increasing, and one in every two babies is suffering from the disease. If the female production, is to adjust the intestinal environment, so that there are a lot of bad bacteria in the gut, when the baby is born, it will be harmful to the bacteria, which may lead to infant asthma and other diseases. This is the traditional Chinese medicine that the lung and large intestine inside and outside are inseparable, if the function of the large intestine is not good, it will also reflect the respiratory problems, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc..

Female acne, dull skin, skin allergies and other symptoms, the first appears, it seems that there is no direct association with intestinal condition, in fact, and balance of intestinal bacteria, modern 48% of women suffering from constipation, constipation is mainly caused by eating time is not the law, not defecate, eating too much a snack or bread cannot produce food residue, and because of excessive weight loss diet etc..

Men were the opposite of women, most of whom were affected by diarrhea. A nervous diarrhea, drink a little beer, easy diarrhea.

The elderly increases with age, weak, cause gastrointestinal peristalsis slow, not defecation, stool is excluded, rows of uncomfortable symptoms such as chest tightness, and even lead to qi stagnation, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease.

To sum up, no matter how gorgeous, no matter how great a poo in the body. Whether male or female, whether it is always less to pay more attention to their own poop, it is the body of the signal lights of the disease, found the problem from color poo status, provide valuable clues for health. I hope our old friends, to pay attention to and manage their own convenience store".

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