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Abstract: constipation is a chronic disease. More common in the elderly, young and middle-aged women, children and infants. A year old, beca


Abstract: constipation is a chronic disease. More common in the elderly, young and middle-aged women, children and infants. A year old, because virtual fluid deficiency weakness of spleen and stomach, inability to transport, due to slow gastric motility. And eating habits, lifestyle, child anorexia, indigestion and gastrointestinal development of infants and young children are not perfect and other factors. The serious harm of constipation: self poisoning; destroy the balance and stability of the intestinal environment, and thus lead to multiple viscera, multi system pathological damage and many diseases. In view of many factors and mechanism causing constipation, to correct the pathology, recovery of gastrointestinal dynamics and physiological function for the purpose of the creation of "Tong, health, culture, health care treatment solution" four word based framework, syndrome differentiation. With Decoction of the overall conditioning, followed by three layer soluble condensed consolidated.

Constipation refers to prolonged defecation interval, more than 48 hours, hard hard hard, not smooth, adhesive or uncomfortable, even by a chronic illness or drug enema stool can be discharged. It is mainly caused by constipation and often lead to a variety of diseases, can also be a complication of a variety of diseases. Constipation is a common disease, more common in the elderly, in recent years, the incidence of a younger trend, young women, children and even infants and young children also have constipation. A year old, because virtual fluid deficiency weakness of spleen and stomach, inability to transport, due to slow gastric motility. And eating habits, lifestyle, more static and less dynamic, mental tension, anorexia, indigestion caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction and gastrointestinal development of infants and young children are not perfect and other factors.

Constipation should not be underestimated, serious harm to human health, and disease, aging, rehabilitation, health and health care (health, fitness and longevity) very close relationship. Serious harm: self poisoning. The waste and toxins produced by the metabolism of the digestion of food in the gastrointestinal, such as can not be discharged, through hepatoenteral loop, repeated absorption caused by self poisoning. The Han Dynasty famous health experts Wang Chong said: "the desire for immortality, intestinal frequently clear, want to die, no residue in the intestine." We advocate "Zhu Danxi Jinyuan four daocang", Zhang Zi and Chen to advocate "Quyu and stomach clean". We use cleaning methods to remove the left gastrointestinal toxicity, with intestinal illnesses and disease prevention in the first place. Thus, Chinese medicine has a profound understanding of this. At the beginning of twentieth Century, Russian scholar Mei Qi Fu proposed? Minke adopted human intestinal bacteria, at all times produce a large number of toxins, so as to promote aging. Holland Amsterdam doctor, based on intensive care patients given early gastrointestinal cleaning, can effectively prevent the day may occur after infection. Clinical studies have confirmed that the health of people in the blood cholesterol, creatine and other harmful substances can be rapidly eliminated, so the blood becomes clean, have a direct relationship with Tongfu detoxification. Conclusions yangmingfu visceraexcess combined with China's traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine (high fever, dizzy, delirious stool closed knot, red tongue, moss Brown) is the essence of "endotoxemia" conclusion, which is based on the stomach and intestine, bile and pancreatic disease early inhibition of the function, reduce the secretion of stasis and increased bowel gas occlusion well, aggravation of liver and stomach, heart, kidney, lung and other secondary lesion. One of Fu Shi poor intestinal bacteria groups in clinical trials, if the stool, keep stool 1-2 times every day, after 10 days of intestinal bacteria decreased from 108 to 104. On the contrary, still constipation, 3 - 5 days from a stool, after 10 days without any change. Instructions to maintain defecate unobstructed, can make the body waste, toxins and harmful bacteria timely discharge, reduce poisoning. Destroy the balance of the intestinal environment. According to statistics of intestinal Escherichia coli, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Bacillus aerogenes and 100 kinds, between the flora of interdependence, mutual restraint, to maintain a relative balance, forming a natural defense, to prevent the harmful bacteria, to maintain intestinal homeostasis, which is good for the synthesis of group B vitamin, folic acid, vitamin K etc.. Modern medical research has confirmed that the maintenance of intestinal patency, cleanliness, flora balance, stability, health, treatment, rehabilitation of the necessary conditions. As mentioned earlier, constipation, Fu Qi will inevitably lead to yangmingfushi syndrome, endotoxemia. Thus destroy the stability of the intestinal environment. The direct or indirect constipation caused many diseases: such as bloating, belching, abdominal pain, anorexia, upset, insomnia, dizziness, forgetfulness, trapped, weak, restless and other symptoms, for a long time can have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, fatty liver, hemorrhoids, pigmentation, acne and other diseases may.

In summary, western medicine recognized at home and abroad, not only has the important function of intestinal digestion and absorption, nutrition supply, and is the largest human shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, for the detoxification of drain pipes, must be smooth, in order to maintain stable balance of the intestinal environment, this is the motherland medicine 2000 years ago gastrointestinal incisive "belong to Fu, diarrhea instead of hiding, to pass through, and to fill the truth.

The strategy is based on "gastrointestinal constipation is Fu, Xie Tibet, to use" theory, in the long-term clinical practice, a comprehensive system of the spleen and stomach theory and gastrointestinal dynamics, for many factors and mechanism causing constipation, to correct the pathology, recovery of gastrointestinal dynamics and physiological function for the purpose of creation ", healthy, nourishing, solution" four words for health care treatment prescription guidelines based on the framework, combined with the specific circumstances and individual differences in patients with syndrome differentiation, "tailored". To avoid the bitter cold Decoction overall conditioning, take seriously, the spleen and stomach. Following the three layer strengthened by dissolution, release, concentrated pill, fundamentally solve the constipationofbitterness is the fundamental strategy. Through the connotation: kequ lag, can discharge heat, not silt, not pain, order of bowel gas unobstructed, remove toxins, as blood, strong metabolism, activation function, enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, is "to use, to purge to fill the principle of concrete now. The connotation of health: health is Spleen Qi, Spleen Yang Sheng Qing Jian and turbid Yin, orderly movements, enhance the gastrointestinal motility, to restore the spleen and stomach function, strengthen the digestion and absorption ability, protect the Qi and blood of the source is sufficient, in order to keep the viscera all the limbs and bones give full play to the role, the day after tomorrow ", this is healthy this is also the basis for rehabilitation, disease and the source of power. Raise the connotation of two: raise the stomach, stomach Yin Yi two. The stomach and stomach also dropped, run down, and the spleen rose to match, to lift and orderly, can restore health movement function, enhance the gastrointestinal motility. Solution: Connotation of solution of detoxification, fear of residual toxin, the less sweet cool detoxification products, to receive full power. All parties to play through without injury, repair without stagnation, toxin and righteousness to make complex, and the transport of the spleen and stomach health, and intestinal Funing dross, so called "tongfuning". The ideal treatment for constipation. Preparation of scientific design unique, is divided into three layers: the outer function, sequence, bitter sweet moist, first dry, liquid boat; the middle, spleen qi, shengqingjiangzhuo, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis; the inner layer, a matter of course, by catharsis, by foul detoxification, Runchang, promote, played a total of purgation, detoxification, defecation. "Not a rule, and all should be tailored, flexible, so that an antidote against the disease, highlighting the characteristics of TCM preparation is just perfect. To change the status quo, applicable to all kinds of habitual constipation. For the elderly or more static and less mental workers, due to weakness of the spleen and stomach, Tianjin gas double loss, gastrointestinal motility constipation is particularly suitable for.

Pay attention to the daily dosage: specific 5 pm before meals take 10 ~ 20 pill, warm boiling water, the water in order to facilitate defecation, the next morning to smooth soft stool should be discharged. According to the texture of the soft and hard stool, medical history for a long time, physical strength and increase the dosage and determine the length of treatment. Must take medicine regularly, regular defecation, develop a healthy cycle of defecation.

The prevention of constipation should always protect your spleen and stomach function, reasonable diet, diet, eat more vegetables, fruit and fiber foods, not eat spicy. More exercise to enhance physical fitness, such as the prevention of constipation has a positive significance.

3 cases attached:

1, Zhao, male, 70 years old, the deficiency of the spleen, gastrointestinal weakness, constipation in 8 years, 5-7 days are required to take 1 stools, guide laxatives, self serving Tongfuning 1 times a day after forming soft. Dose from 5 pm every day to take the pill, gradually reduced to 8 pills, and finally reduced to a total of more than 4 pills, continued to serve more than a year, and finally develop the habit of defecation for the 1 time 1 days, stop taking medicine.

2, Guo Mou, female, 4 years old half, maternal complaint, after birth 5 days without stool, vomiting without milk, body after treatment of jaundice, the first stool, then every 5-7 days always rely on laxatives only in the long stool, very painful, affect the appetite and sleep. Children often fear every time hard stool dry stool, such as sheep feces, has been four and a half years old, after checking the above dilatation of the colon rectum, anal fissure. Take first Tongfuning 1 times 5 pills, not take the stool, 10 pills, abdominal pain and bowel not defecate, with daily dose of 5 pill, 5 pills of surface water 30ml, anal injection, 1 1 times a day, every day there is no stool, abdominal pain, the first 5 days of the stool often with dry like sheep vector lump. The stool a week after discontinuation of anal injection administered only with the daily 5 pm to take medicine regularly 5 pills in the morning on time from soft stool 1 times, then according to the quality and decrease dosage for 3 months, has acquired 1 stool 1 times a day good habits, the children happily said to me: "grandpa I can own toilet, no longer afraid." No relapse after withdrawal.

3, Zhao, female, 82 years old, constipation in 20 years, increased half, 10 days without fever and defecation due to vomiting, abdominal pain in a hospital stay, with antibacterial, dry feces enema discharge block, 4 times 4 days, slightly relieved. Two days after discharge, and in August 10, 2004 in our hospital. The symptoms of abdominal pain, fever (38 C) retching without eating, three days without stool, red or crimson tongue, no moss, blood stasis tongue, slippery pulse string. The card is the Yang Ming Fu, Yin hot. Surgical consultation for incomplete intestinal obstruction. According to the patient when pulling it straight from the abdominal pain intensified, deep pressure sore conjectured the existence of intestinal inflammatory hyperemia and edema. When acute Yin, with Dachengqi decoction after 1 doses, dry defecation as sheep vector, two agents are still under dry stool, defecation head dry pond agent three. Abdominal pain reduction, abdominal distension disappeared, soft stools, appetite increase, temperature of 37.5 DEG C, followed by yangyinyiwei, spleen qi, detoxification of live blood stasis, clearing its vestiges, and with Tongfuning concentrated pill, 1 1 times a day, take 30 pills, half of all the more. Single serving Tongfuning pill 1 times to consolidate 20 pills, has more than six months, normal stool, physical recovery, can doing the housework.

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