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ExperienceAuthor / Li Chongyu source / "small doctor doctor's notes"The following words and deeds, or teachers, or the patient to tell, or c



Author / Li Chongyu source / "small doctor doctor's notes"

The following words and deeds, or teachers, or the patient to tell, or chat with students say, or read the.

1, to make the soft soft taste good, the patients are willing to drink. Polygala, few in Phellodendron because of its bitter taste, soft, not to use the word, used up to 100g. But no more than 60g into the soft extract of Coptis chinensis.

2, if the patient requires not fat is soft in soft, with even less yam, Poria cocos, Atractylodes; if the patient requires long fat soft drugs, Chinese yam, Poria cocos, white atractylodes rhizome, costusroot, Amomum villosum, Gallus gallus, fried white lentils with spleen and stomach is the party.

3, to give young people open the soft side, usually to ask the occupation and working environment etc.. To the comfortable people to fill soft, flat flat.

4, if the patient is constipation, increase the dosage of honey; if the patient is soft, is to increase the amount of sesame candy. Matang is one of the three famous specialty in Hubei, dating back more than 400 years of history. It refined rice, sesame and sugar as the main raw material, warm lung, stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney function. In Hubei with sesame candy instead of caramel.

5, Costus root and amomum compatibility is the stomach, and then go without limbs Amomum compatibility. In addition, the effect of Ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma lucidum.

In short, the 6 effective treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis: after chewing a few fresh hawthorn.

7, master the treatment of gastritis: trichosanthis 20g, Fructus aurantii 15g, Sichuan Magnolia 15g, rhubarb 15g, Costus root 10g, Amomum 8g, Poria cocos 20g, 20g yam, Atractylodes 15g, dandelion 25g, Coptis 6G, chicken 15g, polygonatum 15g, Ganoderma 15g.

8, the basic treatment of prostate disease: 20g Passepartout, Vaccaria 20g, peach 10g, Anemarrhena 15g, cypress, 12g, Poria 20g, 20g flavescens.

9, stone commonly used drugs: Jinqiancao, Lygodium, Herba Dianthi, Polygonum aviculare, Passepartout, Vaccaria, Gallus gallus.

10, male disease in psoralen, puzzle, antler glue; party in disease of Department of gynaecology turmeric, motherwort, Cyperus rotundus, gelatin. To the clinic to the men and women of the party has not said the.

11, the man afraid to wear boots, women afraid to wear a hat, that is, men are afraid of lower extremity edema, women fear facial edema.

12, Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes is good. The two folk prescription treatment of diabetes. Fang Yi: yam 25g, Coptis chinensis 6g. 1 doses a day. Two: yam, Trichosanthes volume, 30 g each time, water decocted.

13, my teacher used antihypertensive drugs: Prunella vulgaris, uncaria, chrysanthemum, Tribulus terrestris, Vitex, gastrodin, Achyranthes, apocynum.

14, "Jinshuibao" in the treatment of senile chronic bronchitis is very good, this medicine from Cordyceps from Qinghai from fresh - Cordyceps Paecilomyces strain Cs 4, light brown powder by purified processing, its composition is similar to natural Cordyceps sinensis.

15, Gegenqinlian Tangjiabai Maogen, Fructus Gardeniae praeparatus can cure intractable epistaxis (nosebleeds dry nose, at night, refractory). On the other, Sangbaipi 20 g, treatment for lung Shangni and nasal hemorrhage with magic.

16, Albizia and thistles is the medicine treatment of liver and spleen. (from "the little doctor doctor's notes" people's Medical Publishing House, Li Chongyu.)



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