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Winter in Taiyuan, there is no snow, cold and dry climate, the north wind is always blowing scraping, because the indoor heating has been ba


Winter in Taiyuan, there is no snow, cold and dry climate, the north wind is always blowing scraping, because the indoor heating has been baked warm, indoor and outdoor temperature difference has become great. The recent climate, making the children cold and fever in particular. How to take care of the baby, become one of the most concerned about each of our parents. On this issue, we invited to the Shanxi Province Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor Dr. Peng Tao young for all doubts. "To children, three of hunger and cold." This is the ancients summed up the principles of child care. According to Dr. Peng Tao, the Chinese children called "Chun Yang of the body, said children are" juvenile Yin and Yang, delicate organs, Qi not into". In other words, this time the child's innate is very adequate, but whether it is physical or physiological functions, but also immature and imperfect, so the day after tomorrow has not fully played the role of spleen and stomach. If the diet does not pay attention to words, often eat greasy food, easy to transport, accumulation in the body due to indigestion. This is the traditional Chinese medicine said, "diet from the times, the stomach is hurt" truth. If this time, a little change in the weather, the cold will naturally come to the door. That's one of the reasons why today's kids love the cold. For children, the primary task of this time is to keep his spleen and stomach. The children in the diet, we should pay attention to three points of hunger, don't eat too full, but also to eat Feiganhouwei, eat cold, eat more fresh vegetables, so as to avoid the stagnation of heat. When the transport function of spleen in children's dereliction of duty, that is we often say indigestion, try with the right index finger belly massage zusanli. Zusanli is located just below the knee and then out of a three inch inch, the meridian is the big hole with spleen effect. Some parents love to the children of chiropractic, this is also a good method. Chiropractic, as the name suggests, is pinched back spine in children. Chinese medicine believes that the spine belongs to a Du, master Yang, chiropractic can Yin and Yang, spleen and kidney, when children indigestion, may wish to the child every day pinched chiropractic. It is also very easy, just caudal to finger gently against the spine beneath the skin, to push up to the top of the spine tachui. At the same time, both hands thumb alternately in the spine repeatedly press, pinch. Here, I recommend to you a I used to xiaoerxiaoshi prescription: fried Hawthorn 9 grams or 6 grams Atractylodes 12 grams, white radish 3 large, shuijianbi. If the baby constipation, plus 12 grams of fried Fructus Trichosanthis semen 6 grams. Recently, can give love Jishi baby eat 2-3 days, prevent colds due to indigestion. At the same time, parents should also take the baby to adhere to outdoor activities. Some parents fear that the child is freezing, cold weather, do not let the children out of the house, pediatric respiratory long-term acceptance of outside air stimulation, not cold resistant exercise, exposed to flu patients, due to pathogenic bacteria resistance is poor, very vulnerable. Therefore, we should adhere to allow children to do outdoor activities, the weather is cold enough to choose the sun, the wind is smaller, so that children in the nature of activities for half an hour to one hour, can improve the physical fitness of children. At home, we also need regular ventilation. Winter is the season of high incidence of respiratory tract infection, due to winter heating, caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, the indoor temperature is high, the humidity is relatively low, coupled with the door closed, poor indoor ventilation, indoor microbial density is high, some pathogenic bacteria and virus invasion in children. Therefore, even in the cold winter, but also regular window ventilation, increase indoor humidity. If the indoor temperature is too high, can be in the radiator on the wet towel, or put a pot of water in the radiator. If the baby out cold, can be used to take 1 root leaf, 3 pieces of ginger, add brown sugar, fried hot water service, the slight sweating can prevent colds. Finally, we recommend a group of pediatric massage methods to improve the baby's physical fitness, increase health, prevent colds. These massage method is simple and easy, the mother can be at home for the baby massage. Mothers may wish to learn, try! 1 head point rubbing Yingxiang Dakwah lung, Tongli nose; can prevent and treat colds, or caused by allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms. [location] point at the outer edge of the baby's small nose, nasolabial sulcus. [massage] mother with the index finger and middle finger gently press on the point of kneading, the general continuous kneading 30-50 times. 2 thoracic and abdominal acupoint massage center wide chest Qi, cough and phlegm, often rubbing can not only prevent exogenous diseases, cough and asthma is also very effective for the treatment of children. [point position] in the middle of the baby's sternum, the midpoint of the two small nipples. [manipulation] with the thumb or finger in the baby's tanzhongxue on massage, continuous do 50-100 times. The abdomen spleen and stomach qi digestion; give the baby every day can not only promote the belly rub, digestion and absorption, and can promote the The new supersedes the old. is very good for disease prevention. [Methods] abdominal massage massage operation is relatively simple, the mother put the palm of the hand, four fingers close together on the baby's abdomen, gently massage for 5 minutes. [expert tip] if the baby's stool dry, rubbing the abdomen clockwise direction; if the baby's stool is thin, the abdomen on the counter clockwise to do. 3 back rub acupoint Feishu conditioning lung qi, replenishing wasting, cough and asthma, respiratory system disease is essential for prevention and treatment of the baby's point. If the baby is often cold and cough or asthma, daily massage this point can effectively alleviate the disease symptom treatment. [point position] Yu Shu Points in the back of the baby, third thoracic or so open 1-2 cm. [method] mother with two thumbs were in the left and right sides of the two Shu Points on the rubbing, the general continuous rubbing about 100 times. Massage Shenshu Yin Yang, tonifying Qi; on recurrent respiratory tract infection, often sick baby, daily massage kidney filling vigour, Yu Xue can enhance physical fitness. [points] in the back of the baby's second lumbar spine, left and right next to open 1-2 cm. [method of massage] and the same as Yu Shu points. Mother with two thumbs in the left and right sides of the two kidney Shu points according to knead, the general continuous press knead about 100 times. [] with expert tips rubbing Feishu to do, not only can the Qi, complement each other. The 4 leg of cheiropractic Zusanli, spleen and stomach meridians, regulate qi and blood; that we are more familiar with the point, health care and disease prevention is the most commonly used acupoints. [location] Zusanli acupoint in the baby calf, in the eye of the knee (knee lateral sag) below about 2-3 cm, pressed by hand with a hollow small hole. [massage] mother with the thumb rubbing points, can be a little bit of force, the general continuous press 100 times. Mother in the child massage, to maintain the gentle technique. If the baby is not willing to cry, do not force the baby or hard to press. Children massage should be carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, such as the side of the baby to tell the story, while rubbing points; or in the game with the baby to complete these points massage.

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