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The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical UniversityWei Muxin Wang YaoRemember when I was young, every time to lean in winter and ear


The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Wei Muxin Wang Yao

Remember when I was young, every time to lean in winter and early spring season, the earth a bleak, can have several kind of fruits and vegetables at the dinner table for so long, it is satisfied. However, with the improvement of living standards, the agricultural technology matures, the market in addition to enjoy seasonal food, we can buy a superb collection of beautiful things colorful fruits and vegetables, spring green autumn winter watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes and so on, greatly enriched our dinner recipes. If we don't have these anti season foods, our lives will lose a lot of color.

Anti season food can improve our quality of life, but eating too much is not a good thing. First, greenhouse vegetables accumulated too much pesticide. Anti season vegetables in greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse temperature and humidity is high, is not conducive to the degradation of pesticides, so that most of them remain in vegetables. In the long-term accumulation of trace amounts of pesticides in the body, the liver and kidney damage, causing anemia, peeling, and even leukemia. Greenhouse vegetables light is insufficient, nitrate content is high, light causes dizziness, nausea, weight spasm, coma, and even death. Long term consumption of such contaminated vegetables, can cause chronic or acute poisoning. Secondly, the transportation time is long, the nutrition loss is much. Anti seasonal fruits and vegetables are often transported over the long haul, transportation will cause a certain amount of nutrient loss. According to nutritionists determination, in the process of transportation, within 3 days, will lose 50% of the garlic and onions carrots, bean will lose 60% of the vitamin C. Some of the natural anti-cancer substances and enzymes in food can also be damaged during transport. In addition, a variety of road dust and fuel waste, as well as a short period of time, cold and humid climate change will affect the nutritional composition of vegetables. In addition, there are a lot of season fruits are used in various chemical ripening agent. Normal animals and plants in the growth cycle to mature, with the smell. But contrary to the natural growth of vegetables, in violation of the law and Chunsheng summer long Akishujika Tokura, will lead to hot and cold food is not adjustable, smell confusion, become "a dish". No seasonal temperament, is only the form without the matter. As of summer cabbage, but a better appearance can taste, winter winter; tomatoes mostly hard and tasteless. These anti season vegetables, containing too much hormone, long-term consumption, it is harmful to the human body.

Therefore, we believe that Chinese medicine, eat anti season food, a lot of choice of seasonal food. Because the food and drug also pay attention to "gas" and "taste", from the perspective of Chinese medicine, food and medicine are composed of "gas and taste", and the smell of them only in the season, which is consistent with mature solar term time, in order to get the essence of heaven.

Confucius famously said: "from time to time, do not eat." That is, do not meet the solar terms, try not to eat. Our neighbors Japan also has a similar view, "early" people love to eat, which refers to the season listed on the fresh food, and can feel the seasons change in delicacy, experience to the human and the nature harmonious beauty and happiness.

Our ancient Chinese classics "Yellow Emperor" in the words called "our old preparation", is to follow the nature of yin and Yang gasification preparing drugs, food, drug and so collected food to get the essence of heaven, and smell, high nutritional value. So people should eat a solar term, and the best medicine to take wild herbs.

With the advent of autumn, then what should we eat in the fall season food, and refused to eat too many other anti season food?

In autumn, the temperature began to decrease, rainfall decreased, the relative humidity of the air was reduced, and the climate was drier. The autumn and autumn gas lung injury is extremely dry climate of lung yin, resulting in dry mouth and throat, cough less sputum, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms, severe cases can cough with blood, so the autumn health to prevent dryness. In addition, the fall in the dry gas also implied in autumn. After the summer people too much to vent, the body of the organizational systems are in a relatively poor state of the water, then longer if the wind cold, extremely easy to cause headache, stuffy nose, stomach pain, joint pain and a series of symptoms, or even relapse or trigger a new disease. The elderly and the weak constitution of this change adaptability and tolerance is poor, should pay more attention to cool.

Therefore, the diet should be light, eat less fried things, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables should be used when season foods such as cabbage, spinach, cucumber, wax gourd, white fungus; edible meat, meat duck, herring, etc..

Lung and liver injury, students from Chinese medicine five grams of gold, lung, liver belongs to wood, Jin Wang can make wood, wood damaged liver. It should be appropriate to eat sour food, because the acid into the liver, liver wood may be strong, prevent lung injury caused by too much of the liver. Can eat some sour food, seasonal fruits such as oranges, hawthorn and so on. Although sour food can convergence Qi, protecting liver function, but also not excessive. Because many acidic foods, such as vinegar, ebony, its acidity can stimulate the stomach, prone to ulcers, gastritis and other diseases, to health.

Appropriate more water, eat more seasonal radish, banana, pear and honey lungs Sheng Jin, Yin Qing dry food; try to eat or not eat onions, ginger, garlic, chili, liquor and other hot products and fried, greasy.

The physique, weakness of spleen and stomach, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases, the morning can porridge, such as lily lotus porridge, porridge, black sesame porridge Tremella borneol, can eat some red dates, lotus seeds, lily, medlar and clear up, reinforcing of the goods, to fitness, prolong life. Cannot eat meat, and fruits are not over eating, summer cool watermelon is good, after the beginning of autumn, regardless of watermelon, muskmelon, melons, can not eat, otherwise it will damage the spleen yang. Therefore, the fall do not eat too much cold food, to protect the gastrointestinal, lung protection.

In one year, any seasonal diet cannot do without grain, especially in dry autumn and cold climate effects on the human body caused by the need to resist these grain drying, various kinds of anti Qiuzao and health care to cereals are edible when season grains are: peanut, cough and asthma, which disorders, anemia, constipation, dry bowel has good effects on treating the spleen and stomach, is a kind of food for all ages. When eating peanuts in the attached skin to eat together, so that both tonic and hemostasis, especially for pregnant women and patients in recovery period and after Tixu disease for human consumption. Sweet potato, it was known as the "soil of ginseng", is a kind of delicious food and longevity. Its sweet nature is cool, can Shengjinzhike, lungs and slippery bowel, spleen and stomach, Tom Lee stool, also has anti-cancer effects. It is a low calorie, low fat food, but also to prevent carbohydrates into fat, eat in the fall can play a role in weight loss. But not a sweet potato eat too much, otherwise there will be symptoms such as heartburn, abdominal swelling exhaust, gastric ulcer and diabetes, people should not eat too much. Sesame, "Shen Nong's herbal classic" said, "sesame can complement V to, Qi Li, long muscle, replenishing essence". Sesame in vitamin E can prevent lipid oxidation damage to the skin, treat a variety of cancers of the skin, make the skin more white luster, its nourishing effect on rough skin, dry is greatly improved. Autumn climate is relatively dry, at this time to eat some sesame seeds will make the skin becomes delicate smooth, ruddy luster, and eat more do not have to worry about getting fat, weight loss can be assured that the United States eat. In addition to the above three kinds of Cereals, rice, millet, rice, corn, beans and other food very is also suitable in the autumn.

In addition, we must pay special attention to food hygiene, protection of the spleen and stomach, into the warm food, cold temperate and cold drink, so as not to cause disease, enteritis, dysentery.

Finally, in addition to the diet, autumn also need to pay attention to exercise and maintenance in daily life, emotions and so on, in order to achieve longevity effect.

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