The spleen and stomach disease and the constitution of the people?

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Treatment of stomach diseases, we emphasize in western medicine disease, TCM syndrome differentiation and constitution, and combine the thre


Treatment of stomach diseases, we emphasize in western medicine disease, TCM syndrome differentiation and constitution, and combine the three, at the same time. Use of medication. This paper focuses on the "stomach" type of constitution and how to use the ordinary food nursed back to health and treatment, understanding of science, to understand the physical, to avoid blindly, more important than patients with other diseases. "We think this sentence primary school age Disease enters by the mouth." slogan for the blind pursuit of "health" of friends, also warned the significance.

There are five main types of pathological constitution in patients with gastric diseases. Each type we open a small prescription for your reference. They don't matter to the spleen and stomach, especially the stomach and the navel, a cold disease, stomach pain, belching, and loose stool can also see. They often like hot drinks, stomach with a cotton pad after feel comfortable. This type of patients should be more into the temperature of food usually, such as cabbage, leek, small shrimp, and avoid cold foods such as persimmon, pear and other raw fruits. This is a lot of patients do not understand, especially young women, always think that eating fruit directly related to the beauty problem, how can not eat? In fact, the cold stimulation is detrimental to the gastric acid, can directly damage gastric mucosa, hurt the stomach of the human body will be affected by the The new supersedes the old. Hurt the "acquired", you can not afford to raise. I recommend this kind of friends with Huangqi 10g ginger 3, jujube 10, 5 grams of licorice, total soup to drink. 1 daily dose. Usually cooking time may be appropriate to add a little hot spices like five spice powder.

The Qing Dynasty famous doctor Ye Tianshi treatment of a rich woman strange stomachache story.

Their common weakness, anorexia spleen and stomach yin deficiency do not move, sweating or sweating, indigestion, dry stool, much less menstrual. Hands heart fever, dry mouth, dry throat, tongue naked, no tongue. Watermelon, cucumber, pear and so on, can also make tea with Ophiopogon japonicus.

The fire is red, medium irritability, constipation and other discomfort mouth parched and tongue scorched. The clinical features of dry mouth think drink, drink without thirst, stomach burning, such as heat or pain, terribly hot, or cold drink, often with bleeding tendency. They should eat cold food, such as vegetables, spinach, chrysanthemum, bitter gourd, and avoid eating hot food, such as chicken, shrimp, leeks, onions, ginger, orange, litchi, longan, especially avoid drinking liquor! Once the taboo light stomachache, heavy bleeding, can not be careless! Now the sale of Chinese herbal medicine for many of the stomach heat, the type of stomach is the more painful, because the drug and physical fitness. You can make tea with gardenia 5*

Gas stop dampness matter has full stomach, bad breath will foul and discomfort. This type of wetland in the South and coastal areas, including South Korea and Japan are quite common. Because of their poor function of the spleen and stomach, coupled with more wet depressions, internal and external phase of the introduction of different odor, urine turbid foam. I suggest that this kind of friends to eat white radish in winter, summer eat melon soup, add a little leisure food such as nine of citrus to Shun Qi, can often get miraculous. But when they avoid ginseng, bogey alkaline foods such as chicken, 100, Steamed Buns, bread, flour, food, wine and honey jujube. People often suffer from stomach disease when eating pasta, which is a greasy substance is misleading. Wheat flour is the damp heat, avoid greasy hysteresis of matter. Error compensation is more common in this type and dry red.

Chronic blood stasis is stomach pain, pale complexion, prolonged healing and other discomfort. The type found in recurrent old patient, longer course of disease, stomach blood stasis obviously, such as the stomach, duodenal ulcer, atrophic gastritis and hyperplastic gastritis gastric mucosa epithelial metaplasia observed in the submucosa and muscular layer, common small vessel thrombosis.. This type of advice for tea Salvia 15g every day. The clinical manifestations of patients with gastric cancer can also be similar to this type. I never encountered in clinical patients with obscure quality were let down, please doctor for further examination, to exclude malignant lesions, in order to confirm the diagnosis

Finally, want to tell you, "stomach" patients must pay attention to take food according to the constitution, not blindly tonic and no restrictions of any kind, should pay attention to the regulation of the pace of life, work and moderate. Remember, any disease is multi factors also play a role, and also when the head is only conditioning.

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