The Chinese medicine treatment of senile constipation with diet therapy

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The Chinese medicine treatment of senile constipation with diet therapySenile constipation: dry stool, difficult defecation, defecation inte


The Chinese medicine treatment of senile constipation with diet therapy

Senile constipation: dry stool, difficult defecation, defecation interval of 3 to 10 days, with varying degrees of backache leg soft, mouth parched and tongue scorched, dizziness, abdominal distension etc..

Constipation is a common disease in elderly patients, a survey showed that the prevalence of constipation in elderly patients was 15% - more than 30%, the high incidence of elderly people's lives have a great impact. Because of difficulty in defecation and constipation often require intense effort. The abdominal muscles strong contraction, leading to intra-abdominal pressure increases, when the abdominal blood vessel by pressure will make a lot of blood flow to the heart, leading to cardiac burden, elevated blood pressure. In some severe diseases such as acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebral hemorrhage, severe hypertension patients, due to constipation defecation caused by abdominal pressure, intravascular pressure suddenly increased caused by sudden death be too numerous to enumerate.

Classification of constipation:

Constipation is divided into real and imaginary secret secret two categories, the real secret can be subdivided into heat and Peru; deficiency constipation can be divided into Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency of secret secret secret, secret yang.

The real secret of heat, mainly for dry stool, urine short red, upset or dry bad breath, abdominal fullness, pain, red tongue, the patient should not eat spicy food, such as pepper, ginger, mutton, dog meat, chicken, fish, wine etc.. Because this kind of food "to help the fire evil", "true consumption Yin" make the deficiency constipation. However, we should eat more food, such as pear, cucumber, bitter gourd, radish, celery, lettuce, etc.. The secret is gas Qi for constipation, difficult defecation, abdominal bloating or pain, such patients should eat ginkgo, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, chestnut and pomegranate have convergence effect of food, eat Qi, soft firm, Runchang food, orange, bergamot, banana, kelp, bamboo shoots

In the empty secret, the qi stagnation is characterized although it is intended, but forced defecation difficulties, short of breath and sweaty, after exhaustion; Yang secret mainly for dry stool or not dry, difficult to eliminate, cold pain in the abdomen, these two types of people should eat Qi effect of food, such as bergamot, radish, mustard, almonds, oranges, should eat Jianpi Yiqi Runchang food, such as yam, lentils, figs, walnuts, taro etc.. Hematasthenic constipation is characterized by dry stool, lusterless complexion, palpitation and dizziness; Yin Mi showed dry stool like sheep feces, emaciation, tinnitus and dizziness, upset less sleep, night sweats and other symptoms. Yin deficiency should not eat hot pepper, mutton, spicy seasoning, so as not to aggravate constipation. Suitable for nourishing Yin, moistening dryness. Such as mulberry, honey, sesame, peanut etc.,

Dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine:

On the dialectical and disease doctors understand the disease are closely related, because the doctor for constipation pathogenesis is different, so in the differentiation of symptoms and signs are not consistent. Some people think that "no boat stop" is the basic pathogenesis of senile constipation, it must add liquid or nourishing and moistening treatment; some people think that the transport of spleen weakness is the root cause of senile constipation, so the spleen qi treatment; some people think that the elderly due to kidney deficiency, decline of vital gate fire no, Yang Qi and agitate weakness, bowel gas deficiency and constipation, appropriate treatment Wenyang purgation. In fact, the old man is like a machine for a long time will be the same as aging, in the old age, with the growth of people's age, the function of the human organs in the declining. Classics of Chinese medicine "HuangDiNeiJing" in this record, "people over forty and have since half", meaning that people over the age of forty body function began to decline, the body's Yin and Yang Qi deficiency. Therefore, the elderly constipation is due to gas, blood, Yin, Yang deficiency caused by. This treatment will be to fill the main based on, in order to fill without delay with the Qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine. To remind you that the elderly constipation must not use laxatives, because the elderly gastrointestinal was weak, not only easy to make the elderly treated with laxatives diarrhea not only, but also easy to make the elderly gastrointestinal weaker aggravate constipation.

Diet of senile constipation:

Qi deficiency constipation: dry hard stool is not certain, although it is intended but difficult to discharge, defecate is sweating, after fatigue, pale complexion, Shenpi fatigue, pale tongue, moss white, pulse weak. Zhi Yi Qi and spleen

Atractylodes 100 grams of boiling water, adding sugar amount 2 times a day

Polygonatum 15 grams, rice amount, the Polygonatum chopped, boil together with rice, porridge for breakfast as usual, take

Blood deficiency constipation: dry stool hard, 3 - 5 days in a row, pale, pale, palpitations, forgetfulness, dizzy, pale tongue, thin pulse. Nourishing expelling runzao.

Angelica 100 grams, 50 grams of asters, 600 ml of water, fry to 200 ml, to slag juice, into 50 grams of honey, boil juice paste, bottle, morning and evening each take 10 ml.

Take longan pulp, mulberry 50 grams, 500 ml of water, bottling spare, morning and evening each take 10 ml

Yin deficiency constipation: dry stool, 4 - 6 on the line, then such as sheep feces, emaciation, dizziness and tinnitus, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse. Appropriate treatment of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney.

Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame seeds 50 grams in casserole jianqu gravy, to slag, into the rice 100 grams, jujube 3 pieces, crystal sugar, boiled into porridge, two times after the early morning service

Black sesame 25 grams, fried banana with medium, dipping, 3 times a day after

Yang: Constipation defecate difficult, difficult defecation, urine clear long "pale complexion, limbs not warm, like heat evil cold, stomach feeling cold pain, pale tongue, white coating, pulse delay. Treatment should be gentle laxative

Guangxi porridge: take 5 grams Guixin, Poria 5 grams, 10 grams of mulberry, rice 100 grams, 500 ml of boiling water first, Guangxi heart, Poria, mulberry bark, to slag juice, juice and boiled rice porridge for breakfast, morning.

With 250 grams of milk, plus honey, 30 grams, early morning when the heat is taken

The above election party to insist on taking the dialectical, the longer the better, at the same time should be more into the slag containing food, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink boiling water, proper activity, to develop the habit of defecate, it can contribute to the rehabilitation of elderly constipation.

Dietary conditioning to improve constipation:

Misunderstanding (a): dietary fiber to eat more

Dietary fiber's dimension can indeed relieve constipation, but on gastrointestinal function poor eating but will cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract to cause flatulence and abdominal pain

Error (two): eat radish can laxative

Senile constipation, deficiency constipation accounted for a very large proportion, with the popular point of view is the lack of gastrointestinal motility, white radish Xiaoshi under the effect of gas, bloating constipation eat does work, but for the elderly gas was insufficient, and diarrhea diarrhea constipation more gas.

Error (three): oil and meat can not eat

In fact, industrial machinery need lubricating oil to help each component in order to operate normally, as well as in the human body, therefore, constipation people need to eat more a little oil, especially oil, as well as its "predecessor" a spoonful of sesame, every day, can improve constipation, within a week for the meat, because of food protein gastrointestinal stimulation, constipation can eat.

Myth (four): eat bananas can be laxative

Most people think that bananas are Runchang, in fact, only the ripe bananas can the function. If you eat more bananas not only can not pass, but will increase constipation. Because no ripe banana contains more tannic acid, the contraction of the digestive tract, can inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis. Generally speaking, bananas will be put in ventilated place to surface spots, but it did not change when eating the best texture.

Misunderstanding (five): tea can laxative

Many people think of tea to constipation, but constipation should not drink tea, because there is convergence, drink will aggravate constipation. But those who are constipated must drink plenty of water. Ordinary people drink 1200ml a day, constipation to drink 2000ml, put the water into 8 - 10 times to drink, can guarantee the intestinal moist, helps relieve constipation, also is a "water can go".

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