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    clinically, many weak children parents should give the child to find traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, enhance physic


    clinically, many weak children parents should give the child to find traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, enhance physical fitness, this is because the Chinese medicine is safe, effective, low toxicity and other advantages, but also as everyone knows the facts. About the Chinese health theory can be said that everyone knows a little, such as "winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, keeps the doctor away" and "to the children, three of hunger and cold". Chinese medicine conditioning weak children, mainly based on the physical fitness of children with weak conditioning.

      from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, children's physique is divided into the following 9 kinds of physical.

    flat quality the most healthy

      characteristic   this kind of child body shape is strong and healthy, the complexion, the color of skin is moist, the vision has the God, energetic, sleep, the appetite is good, the stool is normal, the illness is usually less.

      diet therapy; diet should moderate, not too hungry to eat too full, not overheating too cold food. Thick and thin grain to be reasonable collocation, eat too greasy and spicy things.

    Qi deficiency; fatigue

      children with this kind of soft muscles, low voice, walk out of breath, sweating, tiredness, easy to catch a cold.

        diet; eating chicken, white bean, yam, jujube, letinous edodes etc.. Eat less gas consumption food, such as spinach, turnip etc..

      Yang deficiency quality

        the child muscles are not strong, often feel cold hands and feet, stomach, back or waist cold, eat or drink cold food to feel uncomfortable, loose stool, urine volume and color clear.

        diet; eat mutton, dog meat, shrimp, leeks, oranges, chestnuts, etc.. Usually eat less cold sticky goods.

      Yin deficiency, mouth and throat

        children with this kind of body more slender, hands heart fever, flushing, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, dry stool, brash, reddish tongue, less moss.

      diet   eat duck, mung bean, red bean, melon, chestnut and other cool moisturizing products, eat mutton, dog meat, pepper isothermal dry goods.

      phlegm wet body fat

        this type of child obesity, sweat more sticky, aching limbs heavy. Often feel there is a layer of oil on the face, mouth often sticky or sweet greasy feeling, old phlegm in the throat, tongue thick.

        diet; light based diet, eat lentils, coix seed, white gourd etc.. Control of sweet, sticky, greasy food intake.

      moist heat and mass polymorphism

        the children face and nose is shiny, face acne, skin itching, smelly mouth pain, bad breath or mouth, stool viscosity uncomfortable, urine feverish, yellow urine.

      diet therapy   based on the principle of light diet, eat mung bean, melon, lotus, water chestnut, sweet and cold, sweet food. Eat less meat, dog meat, leek, pepper and other pungent hot food.

      Blood Stasis - color dullness

      physical characteristics of   such children face dark, sublingual vein stasis purple, rough skin, and sometimes unknowingly will appear in the skin, blood stasis, gingival bleeding.

        diet; eat radish, Jin Ju, pomelo, hawthorn, vinegar and other foods, eat less fat pork greasy goods.

      Qi stagnation, chest fullness

        children with this kind of thin, often feel depressed, always melancholy and moody, two flank pain, chest tightness, sigh It is without rhyme or reason. foreign body sensation, throat.

        diet; eat wheat, onion, coriander, garlic, radish, kumquat, roses and other food.

      the intrinsic quality of genetic difference

      feature; is allergic, usually on seasonal climate adaptability, skin prone to scratches, easy to form wheals, addiction rash, cough etc..

        diet; diet should be light, balanced, thick collocation appropriate, reasonable combination of meat and vegetables. Little fish, shrimp, crab, fishy volatiles and meals contain allergens in food.


Notice: the formation and influence factors of physical fitness

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