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Recently in the circle of friends to see a friend sent a state, the picture is himself in the infusion, the title is cold". This friend ofte


Recently in the circle of friends to see a friend sent a state, the picture is himself in the infusion, the title is cold". This friend often and I discuss how to develop Chinese medicine, how to make more people believe in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, this is not difficult, I want to tell you, the first to do these four words -- and.

What is the "Chinese people unity"?

Just think of a cold infusion of Chinese medicine is certainly not!

Weak hour susceptible to exogenous I, before college every year infusion several times, after learning Chinese for more than and 10 years, not because of the cold and lost fluid, my wife and children, including parents in recent years is not because of the cold infusion, the child asked whether the high friends came to the hospital, ask symptoms, headache, chills, no sweat, typical cold, have their ginger brown sugar water orally, such as high fever tomorrow to open the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking ginger brown sugar water sweating hypothermia after second days, no fever, friend of children have a fever three times in January, the first two are infusion therapy, treatment 3-4 days, did not expect this so fast cooling. In fact, a lot of cold can not heal without treatment, but after treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can shorten the course of treatment, and no side effects.

Six years ago, came to the hospital to hospital, many departments do not trust Chinese, not to trust me this young Chinese, less than a year's time I actively participate in inter department consultation, for the treatment of around western doctors volunteered to some common diseases, they can not look when I often give yourself and family medicine, slowly increase my confidence, more and more of our hospital medicine doctor to see me, some western medicine treatment effect is not ideal for patients are often recommended to me and, after several years of accumulation, outpatient now has greatly improved.

Two days ago in the "good doctor of Shandong medical group, a doctor asked to speak a March how to treat patients have a fever? And a detailed description of the disease, the doctor followed some group discussion, I looked at the doctor's work unit is XX Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, so I recommend that doctors may find their hospital famous doctor of Chinese medicine prescription medicine, and introduced him to the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment of fever, and I will be a in the recent daily outpatient fever for 1 months, the Department of a provincial hospital for treatment and no fever, in my outpatient oral medicine soon after the recovery case sent to him, in order to increase the credibility and reference, I put my shot down and two patients with outpatient hospital discharge records to the group, embarrassing things, the group had stopped speaking, the doctor asked the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine disease did not say "thank you, after I made so much information to him". I can feel their distrust of Chinese medicine. Like a lot of relatives, students in the disease when I give them a better treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, they said, you still lead me to a certain department to see it". But I was never discouraged, because I saw more and more people around me trust in traditional Chinese medicine. In our hospital, Department of Dermatology, Department of respiration, Department of Endocrinology, digestive medicine, Nephrology, children's respiratory and critical care unit, Department of anus & intestine surgery and other departments will be invited to a number of weekly consultation. Sometimes the relevant sections of the doctor will say "Comrade Xiao Song feel shy to bother you to consultation", "teacher, can you believe that Chinese medicine, believe me, I have been in my mind this is indebted forever".

Some people may say that I am more extreme, "got sick, both Chinese and Western medicine can cure disease on the line, the best one, more will be good". From the doctor and the patient's perspective it is perfectly logical and reasonable, but I will not do so, first of all, when I was in university I also spent a lot of time to learn western medicine in recent years, ward tube bed are catching up western knowledge, for patients with severe acute disease, and the need for surgical treatment of patients, western medicine does have the advantage, but for many common clinical disease and miscellaneous diseases of Western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine does not cure, regardless of speed or prognosis. There are a lot of Western medicine may need to do surgery common diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, Chinese medicine treatment can often be free from the pain of surgery. Secondly, western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine theory of property theory of different system, pay attention to western medicine chemical composition, Chinese herbal drugs according to the cold hot warm and cool, both on a piece of what would happen if this reaction can make nothing of it, disease treatment effect is not ideal, it is the traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine is wrong, wrong, maybe they are right, wrong is they will both put together. If the treatment effect is good, I do not know which is the role of. This is not good for young doctors to sum up clinical experience. Moreover, the current situation of the development of traditional Chinese medicine is poor, there is a good clinical effect but not the public attention, so the development of traditional Chinese medicine, so that more people understand the Chinese medicine has become the mission of this generation of Chinese medicine. With this sense of mission, when I encountered the disease when the first thought of the application of traditional Chinese medicine to solve the problem, it is because of this sense of mission, in my consultation with the Department is always full of power.

Study and practice of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine as a "unity"!

February 3, 2017 morning (Song Langzhong)

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