Cold syndrome and prescription used representative (three)

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Cold syndrome and prescription used representative (three)Welcome to Zhuhai traditional Chinese medicine hospital (Zhuhai People's Second Ho


Cold syndrome and prescription used representative (three)

Welcome to Zhuhai traditional Chinese medicine hospital (Zhuhai People's Second Hospital lianhualu outpatient department) Li Chongyu

5 - Shaoyang cold

[] common symptoms of cold days, cold and heat exchanges, chest and hypochondrium fullness, silently appetite, upset vomiting, or chest trouble without vomiting, or thirsty, or belly pain, or by, or under the heart palpitations, difficulty in urination, or not thirsty, have fever, cough or.

[treatment] law of Shaoyang, Fuzhengquxie

[representative prescription] little Chai Hutang

[25g] the recommended dose of Bupleurum baicalin 9g ginseng 9g 9g licorice ginger 3 jujube 6 pieces of ginger Pinellia 8g

[Medicine] direct solution of Shaoyang main table half half, where the pathogen from the alien will be from out of the sun from Bupleurum Shaoyang, pinellia can Yin rise, are yin and Yang, and it could be a function of eliminating except disease. Shaoyang disease belongs to fire disease, and hot gas of baicalin. Ginseng, jujube, grass can strengthen the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach can make the disease from the inside out. Ginger can Dakwah have divergent and various drugs, the disease evil made within reach.

[change] and nasal congestion, runny plus Nepeta, wind; limb pain, bloating, and notopterygium Angelica; eat less on coke hawthorn, heat or with the Divine Comedy; Honeysuckle and forsythia.

[] used to use experience to complain of symptoms for more, clinical between cold and heat, chest full of bitter, silent appetite, upset vomiting in eyes, for children with cough, the heat cough often combined Maxingshigan decoction, cold cough often combined three decoction.

6 body deficiency cold

[in] the common symptoms of postpartum blood loss, blood and body. The symptoms of fever burnout, micro bad cold, complexion without Ze, dizziness pain, no sweat or sweat, lips a pale, palpitation, dreaminess, gas micro voice, or cough, or thirsty throat. Pale tongue, weak pulse. Women with menstrual quantity is little, pale.

[treatment] law of nourishing solution form, dispelling wind and cold

[] representative prescription of Chaihu Guizhi Decoction

[9g] the recommended dose of Guizhi ginseng 9g 9g Scutellaria 6G Jiang Banxia 12g 9g Zhigancao Alba 3 jujube ginger 3 Bupleurum 25 g

[Medicine] direct solution pathogenesis of Xiaochaihu soup Zhong Jingyun is "blood deficiency of Qi, cou, because of evil, competing with righteousness, chgzt with Shaoyang, led the evil out of Xiaochaihu Decoction and Qi regulating yin and Yang, Ji and Wei Guizhi Tang Fang to cure.

[change] with severe heat addition and subtraction honeysuckle, forsythia; cough with almond; thirst with Radix trichosanthis, Rhizoma Phragmitis; palpitations insomnia with deficiency or add Suanzaoren; Angelica sinensis; Radix Pseudostellariae, malt, medicated leaven with anorexia.

[] use experience used in nutritional status in general or partial thin, with fever, anorexia, clinical burnout in the eyes of floating pulse string, for cold or hot after the infusion time was back again fever, will use this.

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