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Open the soft lawAuthor / Li Chongyu source / "small doctor doctor's notes"A soft side often involves the combination of many drugs between


Open the soft law

Author / Li Chongyu source / "small doctor doctor's notes"

A soft side often involves the combination of many drugs between drugs, dosage, the average doctor is difficult to grasp the severity of the pros and cons. It is also the cream side, the treatment effect is very different. A soft principle cannot do without TCM "syndrome differentiation" and "disease" and "five flavours" basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. A soft Dafa has three: individualized compensation; secondary treatment to cure for this combination. Then the three Dafa, soft reaction of patients for you to in it.

Human complement

General soft should be compensated, a good look at everyone is open to attack the tonic less, but this was seen. The people can not attack pampered nourishing tonic, only slightly flat, conditioning click. While the majority of the toiling people can according to the requirements to open a tonic anyway, because they usually do not appear in the "virtual free fill", easy to tolerate large dose tonic and you can reach the ideal effect they think. And those who have no physical illnesses but also open soft people, even to reinforcing the spleen and stomach health can be their god.

Combined therapy

The patients are required to fill government with this is between the tonic and drugs you and the proportion of collocation has great knowledge in it. If the patient is good physique, attack drug proportion can be greater than the tonic; if the patient's physique is poor, but also requires secondary treatment combination, then you have to tend to flat, so as to avoid a "virtual free fill" situation, the appropriate use of some medicine to take care of the disease and attack.

Rule based

Requirements for treatment based, generally more difficult economic. They require a prescription that is able to cure all the diseases caused by their own work, that is, economic and effective results. Although they may have stomach, but their stomach can attack the drug tolerance, if you charge light has become hard to attempt an ineffective solution potential, their effect is not ideal all the limbs and bones.

Taking soft matters needing attention

1 take soft during the diet turnip, tea, shrimp, crab and spicy fried food.

2 common cold and cough, to be cured, can be tonic, some acute diseases should not be used. If taken with soft abdominal distension and other symptoms, can ask the doctor to open several posts "open party", the gastrointestinal functional rehabilitation after taking soft.

3, gastric hemorrhage, hypertensive episodes of gout patients should take serious symptoms after treatment, in order to tonic. (from "the little doctor doctor's notes" people's Medical Publishing House, Li Chongyu.)

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