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Cognition of modern medicine on malignant tumor:The formation of malignant tumors or from the "gene". Now, scientists believe that the human


Cognition of modern medicine on malignant tumor:

The formation of malignant tumors or from the "gene". Now, scientists believe that the human body has both proto oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, the proto oncogene responsible for cell division, proliferation, human growth requires it. In order to "bundle" it, the human body there is a "tumor suppressor gene". At ordinary times, the proto oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes to maintain a balance, but in the role of carcinogenic factors, the strength of the proto oncogene will become larger, while the tumor suppressor gene has become weaker, the body's tissue after the constant growth of variation. This regulation without hyperplasia of the body, the new organization has not have normal function of the organization, its main activities is to stop the body consumption of resources, occupy space, and more and more rapid proliferation. If it continues, it will outlast the human body. Moreover, the tumor is not like a virus, not an intruder in the outside, it is the same composition and normal tissue, so the body can not identify it and immune clearance. What is carcinogenic factor? It is generally believed that the main factors include mental factors, genetic factors, lifestyle, certain chemical substances, etc.. More "key" together, in order to start the "cancer program"; and "key", the greater the opportunity to start. As a result of the accumulation of mutations involved in a number of genes, therefore, the process of cancer formation in general for several years to decades. This process involves three aspects: carcinogenic factors, gene changes, tissue variation.

Treatment also involves these three links. Surgical chemotherapy is the most effective method to eliminate the variation of tissue. However, there is nothing to do with cancer causing genes, and chemotherapy and radiation as a new cause of cancer are likely to aggravate the disorder. A friend will ask, if there is a way to get rid of the proto oncogene, is not carcinogenic factors will not lead to the organization of the mutation? The fact is that without the oncogene, the human body is unable to supplement the aging tissue, resulting in faster death.

My understanding of the incidence of malignant tumors from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine:

Without the term "gene" system of TCM, but according to the gene in the life system, which controls the function of the basic structure and performance of life gene, we can be regarded as a part of the body's genetic element. True yuan is divided into Yuan Yin and Yuanyang, Yuan Yin is a form of energy, the formation of the body of our body shape; Yuanyang is a kind of "gas" energy, the birth of our human organs function. Inside the cloud: "Yang Qi, Yin Cheng," said that this truth. When the Yuan Yin Yuanyang energy shortage, Yuan Yin cannot form normal viscera and tissue morphology, uncontrolled growth; Yuanyang cannot form normal viscera function, so that the normal loss of function, allowing the body to lose control. Therefore, the origin of the formation of malignant tumors is the lack of Yuan Yin Yuanyang. This problem is how to lead it? In addition to the lack of innate endowment, acquired influence is also crucial. "Cold injury Yang Yin, anger" is the basic principle of acquired injury. In the diet as an example, how many people are drinking beer, cold drinks, eating spicy barbecue in the living; for example, staying up late will hurt Yang, air pollution is Yin; with emotion as an example, the desire is infinite dissipation within the knot is the fire is Yang, yin......

Now, there is a saying that the body is good for people with cancer, the body is weak, but nothing". This statement is only a superficial phenomenon. The so-called good body, in fact, the body is more chaotic, yin and Yang has been seriously lost balance, so that the form of cold and fever can not be adjusted to the body. Weak people, only the balance of yin and Yang of a relatively low level, still can through illness to regulate the body.

From clinical observation, the formation of malignant tumors, is the Yin Yang and Yin Yang node node within the home, outside the home. Yang Yin, refers to the cold injury Yang Yang, promoting the weakness, and the formation of the Yin. Yin Yang, Yin refers to anger, there is not enough water to transport, and the formation of the dry end. Malignant tumor of this kind of dry knot in the external, Yin knot in the state, the formation of the Yin and Yang of the grid. In order to break this kind of rejection, it is necessary to start with the real Yin and yang.

Advantages and problems of modern medicine in the treatment of malignant tumors:

Modern medical treatment of malignant tumors, mainly by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy. If the early surgery to remove the diseased tissue, while the patient can change the way of life and mental state, the majority of patients will have a good prognosis. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy as the poison method to eliminate malignant tumors, effective. But for most cancers, chemotherapy does not completely eliminate all tumor cells, a suitable environment will be a stirring among the dry bones. So, when the line chemotherapy and remember to be moderate". What is "moderation"? Just can't let the body down because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the body too weak is one of the main causes of the rapid growth of tumor cells or extensive metastasis. Another drawback of radiation therapy is that chemotherapy does not repair the function of genetic variation, and as a carcinogenic factor.

I think the focus of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of malignant tumors:

In the poison destroy malignant tumor tissues, the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is better than western medicine chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The main advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is to adjust the human body, so that it can restore the normal function of the treatment of disease, because the best doctor, is our own body". In the treatment of tumors, can follow the "Yellow Emperor, to really want to" great "Singan divergence for Yang, Yin Yong Suanku relief, salty discharging Yin and Yang light leakage. Six or received or scattered, or slow or anxious, or run or dry, or soft or hard, with their head, regulating the gas, which is flat "principle to syndrome differentiation and treatment. This treatment is based on the restoration and blending of the true Yin and Yang of the human body. The problem is that late patients have no chance and time to accomplish this goal. At this time, through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, so that patients with pathological changes in organs and meridians in a relative balance of yin and Yang, while the level of metabolism is relatively low state, help to inhibit the growth of the tumor, the time for recovery. It should be pointed out that there is no medicine to supplement the body's Yin and Yuanyang, Yuan Yin Yuanyang is in the body of yin and yang balance can be generated in the integration of yin and yang. That is to say, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to provide the environment for the restoration of Yuanyang, which is not a direct supplement. Therefore, the patient's state of mind and the prognosis of the disease becomes critical.



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