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Look at the Chinese medicine clinic patients, and taking medicine without prescription. But the right medicine to curative effect quite. Chi


Look at the Chinese medicine clinic patients, and taking medicine without prescription. But the right medicine to curative effect quite. China's ancient doctors have attached great importance to traditional Chinese medicine decoction method. There were two kinds of changes to traditional Chinese medicine decoction process: one is the effective ingredients of the drug dissolution; two is a variety of physiologically active compounds in drug combination reaction. Therefore, the decoction decocting method has many special attention.

The traditional Chinese medicine decocting method is very important for the treatment and effective use of drugs and improve. The reasonable decocting traditional Chinese medicine can fully play the role of the drug, disease prevention and control have important meaning for. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction is various, mainly including:

1 cleaning:

Chinese herbal medicine is mostly crude, before the sale are generally carried out in the processing, generally do not need washing before decoction. If you do feel that some herbs dirty, you can quickly rinse with water before soaking, do not soak wash, in order to prevent a large number of soluble components in the effective loss of water, thus affecting the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

2 instruments:

The casserole decocting apparatus as well, because the material is stable and not casserole ingredients chemical reaction, uniform thermal conductivity, thermal relaxation, pot heat and strong evaporation week, small, this is one of the reasons has been used since ancient times, but the pore is more easy casserole "odor", and easily broken. In addition, also can choose enamel pot, stainless steel pot and glass fried, with acid and alkali resistant performance, can avoid the reaction with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, preparing more choice. Copper and iron frying device although the heat transfer fast but chemically unstable, easily oxidized, can produce chemical reaction and affect the quality and variety of ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine decoction in medicine, can not be used with copper, iron, aluminum, tin and aluminum utensils, although rapid heat transfer, the relatively stable chemical properties, but not aluminum resistance to acid and alkali, the pH is not very strong medicine can be used, but not the ideal decocting appliance.

3 immersion

Chinese herbal medicine decoction before soaking is conducive to the effective ingredients fully dissolved, and can shorten the decocting time, decocting time to avoid too long, resulting in some loss, excessive destruction of effective ingredients. Most drugs should be soaked with cold water, put the medication into the medicine pot out flat, then add warm water -- often at room temperature for 60 minutes, when the water pressure is higher than the light crude drug level of about 2 cm. The principle of using medicinal materials. High summer temperatures, soaking time should not be too long, so as not to corrupt, winter can be longer. Special attention should be paid to the immersion of traditional Chinese medicine can not be immersed in boiling water.

4 water

Boiling water must be no odor, clean clarification, containing minerals and less impurity. Generally speaking, people who can be used for drinking water in daily life can be used for decocting Chinese medicinal materials. Generally clear spring water, river water and tap water, well water must choose a better water quality. The best use of water purification and softening of drinking water, in order to reduce impurities into the water to prevent calcium and magnesium in the plasma and precipitation of ingredients.

How much water: according to the theoretical calculation, the amount of water should be the total amount of water, decocting pieces in the process of evaporation amount and decocted liquid volume required. Although the actual operation of water is very difficult to achieve very accurate, but at least according to the texture density, water absorption and herbal decoction time to determine the length of how much water. The amount of water for the first time in general: decoction is 5-8 times the weight of herbal medicine, or pieces of proper pressure, liquid submerged slices about 2 cm. Second times less water consumption. After the first dose, the medicine juice filter, high - water delivery plane about 0.5 to 1 cm, to high heat until boiling after boiling for 15 - 20 minutes slow fire boiling. Hard, thick, or long decoct medicine quantity of the water can be slightly more than the average drug, loose texture, or effective ingredients of volatile drug decocting time is short, the surface can be drown drug. If the general in the grass, flowers and leaves more drugs, a large amount of water, decocting should be added to water, you can put a little water.

5 method

5.1 traditional Chinese medicine decoction and decoction time should pay attention to. The fire size and fire emergency fire (fire emergency fire, slow fire, said, small fire slow simmer). Then without boiling, after boiling simmer, small fire simmer, lest the medicine juice overflow or excessive burning, slow evaporation of water, is conducive to the dissolution of active ingredients. As for the control of temperature and time, mainly depends on the properties and texture of different drugs, in the boiling process, as little as possible to open the lid, so as to avoid the volatile ingredients.

5.2 times of Decoction and method

Decoction of Chinese medicine decoction two times to. Time number is too small, incomplete extraction, medicinal material loss; decocting times too much, not only the power consumption and fuel, and decocted liquid impurities increased. Generally speaking, a traditional Chinese medicine effective ingredients in the decoction two times has been greatly reduced, it is better to decoct two times. Generally, the first with the emergency fire boil, boiling time calculation of boiling water, usually head fry for 20 to 30 minutes, two fry for 10 ~ 20 minutes. For Chinese traditional medicine or medicine should be used for the treatment of high heat and cold, time is short, the boiling time is l0 ~ 20 minutes, and hourbeforebedheattaking. The effective ingredients is not easy to fry the mineral, horn, shellfish, crustaceans and tonic medicine, generally slow cooking for a long time, the use of effective ingredients to fully dissolve. Often stirring in the decocting process of the above.

The decoction of traditional Chinese medicine while filtering out, lest the effective ingredients precipitate in the dregs; if accidentally put drug boiled cook, this medicine can't take, because this produces a lot of toxic substances harmful to the body, taking.

5.3 boiling squeezed juice

After the traditional Chinese medicine made of liquid medicine is generally 150 ml per adult, school-age children of 100 ml, infants and young children should be 50 ml. According to 2 times a day to take, the adult dose of 300 ml per day for 2 times, school-age children to take up to 200 ml per day for 2 times, infants and young children, 100 ml daily service is appropriate for 2 times.

May 6

Taking the medicine, many people are in the habit of Chinese medicine decocting two times, and two were taking juice juice separately. In fact, this method is not scientific. Because of more effective ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine soluble glycoside, polysaccharide and volatile oil content in the first dose, other insoluble ingredients are fried less; but in the second decoction, the content of soluble active ingredients may have very low insoluble active ingredients is fried more, so the effective ingredients the two time decocting inconsistent effect is also very different. So, taking the medicine in general should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine decoction liquid 2, evenly divided into 2 parts, respectively in the morning and evening to take to work to the best degree.

Generally speaking, tonic and purgative laxative drugs should be taken on an empty stomach before meals; drugs for the treatment of exogenous diseases and head face disease should be taken after meals; sedative drugs should be before taking medicine; stool should be in the morning and day and night before taking, avoid taking. Chinese medicine to stimulate the stomach, but also appropriate to take after meals. The time after meals is generally about half an hour after eating.

7 proper diet

Taking the medicine during the diet should pay attention to not eat raw, cold, sticky, spicy food, no need to add vitamin. The general had fever bogey spicy, spicy, greasy and not easy to digest food and tobacco; cold disease not eat cold food; jaundice, allergic diseases, tumors, tumor and some skin disease not eat fish, shrimp and other fishy food and excitant food; edema patients bogey salt; hematonic bogey tea etc..

8 special Chinese medicine treatment

General drugs can also into decoction, but part of the drug because of its nature, performance and clinical application of different needs of Different Decocting time. Some need special treatment, and even the same drugs because of different decocting time, there are also differences in the performance and clinical application. So, we should also pay attention to medicine decoction decocting method.

9 1: first decoct minerals, shellfish, crustaceans, bone, fossil drugs, hard texture, effective ingredients of these drugs is difficult to boil out in a short period of time, so to separate first decoct. In addition, there are some medicines with high toxicity such as Radix aconite, aconite, aconite, Decoction by high temperature long time can reduce the toxicity, can play a role in detoxification to reduce its toxicity, long decocted hydrolysate can play a therapeutic effect, make the application more secure.

9 2: flowers, leaves and some aromatic herbs containing volatile ingredients (such as mint, Herba Moslae etc.) boiled for a long time will cause the loss of volatile aroma, resistance, so it should be after, some effective ingredients of rhizome Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine components to the thermal instability, not resistant to boiling, easy cooking for a long time these should be after. Such as saffron, rhubarb, senna, medicine should be after. The other is decocted later, before the cease-fire 5 ~ 10 minutes and then into the boiling, 5 to 10 minutes after the call.

9 3 packs of fried: a certain medicinal gauze wrapped up, and then fried with other drugs. There are four main classes of drugs need to package fried, a small seed drugs, such as psyllium, Tinglizi, semen Celosiae, decocting particularly sticky, such as fried package, easy to stick pan, medicine juice is not easy to filter out: two is some drugs such as pollen, Sea Sands, stoves subsoil and talc so, when fried easily floating in the liquid surface or precipitation pot, so need to wrap up the decoction; three are some fluffy drugs, such as magnolia, Inula, loquat leaf, such as package decoction, decocted not easy to filter, after taking the fluff will stimulate the throat, causing coughing, vomiting and other side effects use. The four is the starch, phlegmatic more drugs such as yam, easy to stick pan coking in the boiling process, need to package the drug decocting Decoction; when the drug wrapped with gauze, and then into the medicine pot with other drugs with the decoction, called decoction. When the bag is fried as far as possible to loosen some of the drugs, so as not to cause the expansion of the space is not enough to absorb more water and suffering.

9 other 4 fried: some more valuable drugs (such as ginseng, 37, antelope horn, Cordyceps sinensis, pilose antler, etc.) can separate decoction, and then blended with clothes in liquor fried. In order to avoid the loss of effective ingredients in the decoction process with other drugs, resulting in waste.

9 5 melt: also known as Yang, refers to some traditional Chinese medicines (such as gelatin, gum antler glue tortoise, etc.) or viscous soluble drugs (such as maltose), decocting easily with other drugs bonded into clumps, or by increasing the solution colloid osmotic pressure, is not conducive to the effective ingredients for drug dissolution, the influence of decoction effect of drugs, or the bottom of the pot to boil and focal adhesion, waste and other medicines, not general medicine decoction, need to put in a container water stew, or with a small amount of water - pay attention to regular stirring and then mixed into other drugs in the same clothes, after taking medicine or direct melt fried the.

9 6 global service: some less dosage, and the effective components in traditional Chinese medicine drugs easy dissolution (such as senna, Pang Dahai, etc.) without boiling, boiling water directly after soaking can take.

9: 7 with some insoluble drugs, some drugs (such as powder like amber powder, cinnabar) is not boiling, or some precious herbs (such as ginseng powder powder, 37) or not (such as drug decocted liquid drugs (such as Glauber's salt), bamboo juice, ginger juice, etc.) can be straight then take the medicine into the fried mixed use, or directly with warm water, to avoid the loss of drugs. Some of the more expensive drugs and small dosage, if together decocting with other drugs, the drug juice will be another drug adsorption, thus affecting the efficacy of the drug. Such as bezoar, musk, amber, pearl powder, Cordyceps sinensis, 37 powder etc.. In addition, there are some drugs such as Fritillaria powder, although not expensive medicine, but research into fine powder dosage than other drugs with better effect after taking decoction.

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