"Dog" Beware of "emotional heat"

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"Dog" Beware of "emotional heat"WanghuikaiDepartment of traditional Chinese medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical CollegeXiao Li


"Dog" Beware of "emotional heat"


Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical College

Xiao Li has always been recognized as a good temper, but today, I think a little bit of work and colleagues quarrel, but also moved up the hand...... After the event, Xiao Li is very difficult to understand their emotions. Since the weather is hot every day, a lot of people like to hold a fire, see who want to quarrel.

It after outpatient the emergence of new changes, many patients reflect their appeared "bad temper" and "irritability" situation...... This is a heat stroke.

Human emotions are closely linked to the external environment, normal people, about 16% of the people will be "emotional heat" in the summer, especially when temperatures exceed 35 degrees, more than 12 hours of sunshine, humidity is higher than 80%, the impact of meteorological conditions on human hypothalamic regulation of emotion central is significantly enhanced, physiological and heatstroke "emotional heat" ratio will rise sharply. In general, low temperature environment is conducive to people's mental stability, once the change range of temperature rise increases, the human spirit, the mood will fluctuate, not only bring people to the body, will have a negative impact on people's psychological and emotional, resulting in the phenomenon of emotional irritability, tantrums, memory decline etc..

4 drugs to relieve emotional heat stroke"

Shidishui. Shidishui has the wind, cold, heat Jianwei effect. However, the drug should not be more clothes, pregnant women avoid using.

Huoxiangzhengqi water. Huoxiangzhengqi water has moisture solution, regulating qi and power. In addition, the summer due to air conditioning or rainy weather caused by cold, acute gastroenteritis, indigestion and other diseases, fever, chest and diaphragm appear stuffiness, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms can take. But because Huoxiangzhengqi water contains large doses of alcohol, driving is not suitable for use. Can choose Hexiangzhengqi pills or Huoxiangzhengqi oral liquid.

Cool oil, essential balm. Cool oil and balm which contain menthol, with cool, carminative, analgesic, antipruritic effect, in addition to cooling and refreshing can relieve itching and pain, for mosquito bites.

5 kinds of food to reduce the emotional heat stroke"

Mung bean mung bean: bestie detoxification, blood pressure, eyesight and tranquilizing. Mung bean soup is a commonly used Qingshu antidote.

Watermelon: watermelon can alleviate heat stroke, fever, upset, thirst, etc.. But people can not eat the stomach.

Cucumber: contains vitamin A, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, but also rich in potassium.

Loofah loofah soup: drink, Xiaoshu antipyretic, diuretic, detumescence.

Bitter melon: Qingrejiedu, Qingxin Mingmu refreshing, antihypertensive effect.

If the above methods can not lift their emotional heat stroke, it must go to a local hospital, or take a break or change the environment to improve the emotional heat stroke.



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