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We all had colds.After cold and sneeze several, found the body chills, began runny nose, if not timely treatment, the disease may be aggrava


We all had colds.

After cold and sneeze several, found the body chills, began runny nose, if not timely treatment, the disease may be aggravated. People talk about the disease to send up. In this case, if there is no sore throat, thirsty, are generally cold. If at home, the general use of cold heat can be improved. If there is no medicine cold medicine, how to do? Never mind, ancestors of a very effective therapeutic side we leave: onion miso soup. Which is light blue, the amount of fermented black bean.

How to use it? Generally, there is the choice of a scallion shallot, about 2 inches is enough, with shallot, cut clean, and then put a handful of light water reference can be fermented black bean.

This prescription, the average family has. Light fermented black bean this medicine, homologous, medicine and food can eat, this medicine can treat cold anemopyretic cold resistance comparison of moderate and collocation, the main role is to take a gas machine outside, people speak of the volatiles, and the same meaning, is a divergent like. Light blue and green onion to be? The two main functions, one is the medicine into the lungs, because of runny nose and sneezing is the lung problems, another is to provide a warm effect. Pungent drugs can spread the cold. Drink this medicine, but also drink plenty of water, shelter from the cold. The role of it, is to open the pores through the cold sweat away, if contact with cold, then the pores will close the surface, evil can not be timely removed, if less water, so the process of sweat is not smooth, can not completely take away evil body.

If there is no single line with fermented black bean, onion?

This is also possible. However, there is one point, usually have a dry mouth and throat, thin body, weak constitution, which belongs to the type of insufficiency of body fluid alone taking set decoction may appear dry eye, dry mouth, sore throat and other symptoms of deficiency of body fluid. That is because the fermented black bean into the stomach, can bring the gastric body fluid in the stomach to do sweat, body fluid in the discharge of this help, sweat is very smooth, and enough, and there is no effect of the onion, single into the lung, have good strength, easily hurt the body fluid.

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