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Many people have the habit of sleeping in, especially on weekends and holidays, love slugabed is a long time in bed, even the growling stoma


Many people have the habit of sleeping in, especially on weekends and holidays, love slugabed is a long time in bed, even the growling stomach does not want to get up. However, sleep is not only a bad habit, but also not conducive to health, studies have shown that sleep in at least six major hazards.

Causes the body to be weak when the human activity, the heart rate is accelerated, the cardiac muscle contraction strength enhancement, the blood flow increase; when the person rests, the heart is also in the rest condition. If you sleep for a long time, it will undermine the rules of the heart activity and rest, so that the heart contraction fatigue, a little activity will heartbeat, fatigue, body weakness, the formation of a vicious cycle, leading to physical weakness.

The respiratory poison the air in the bedroom in the morning the most turbid, even if there are unlatched the window, the air not circulation 23%. The unclean air will have a large number of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust particles, which has an impact on the respiratory resistance, so the door sleepyhead can often catch a cold, sore throat. High concentration of carbon dioxide can also cause memory loss, hearing loss.

Hypotonia morning after a night of rest, muscle and bone joint become more relaxed. Such as wake up wake up immediately after the event, on the one hand enable increased muscle tension, on the other hand through the activity, the blood supply to increase muscle, the muscle tissue in the repair activities, at the same time will be the night of accumulation in the muscle metabolites in discharge, which is conducive to muscle fiber activity missed opportunity, after getting up, often feel leg acid, waist discomfort, limb weakness.

The impact of gastrointestinal function in general, a modest dinner, to 7 hours after the morning has been digested. At this point, the gastrointestinal tract in accordance with the "hunger" information began to move up, ready to accept and digest new foods. Can not afford Laichuang due to not eat on time, gastrointestinal peristalsis often hungry for a long time, easy to get gastritis, ulcer disease and cholelithiasis.

Destroy the biological clock effect of hormone secretion is regular, can not afford Laichuang cause circadian rhythm disturbance in the body, the daytime hormone does not go on the night, hormone level drops, it will make people full of can't sleep at night during the day, feeling unhappy, fatigue, yawning "sleep".

Interfere with the normal function of central nervous system sleep sleep late for long time in the excited state, a long time will be tired. While other central due to inhibition of the time is too long, the corresponding function will be recovered slowly, and often feel, have dizzy spells in the blues.



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