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Overall levelThe overall strength, outstanding featuresBe able to independently carry out three hospital routine clinical technology project


Overall level

The overall strength, outstanding features

Be able to independently carry out three hospital routine clinical technology project (cardiopulmonary bypass atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot orthomorphia, and rheumatic mitral stenosis and (or) aortic regurgitation (single or double valve) and mechanical valve replacement etc.).

With cardiovascular surgery professional characteristics, can be difficult surgery complex (such as coronary hybrid surgery, total aortic arch replacement and stent elephant trunk surgery and main pulmonary artery root double switch operation etc.) and coronary artery bypass surgery.

In Yunnan, the leading level of cardiovascular surgery complex difficult surgery and minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery.

The total number of cardiovascular surgery in 2012 was 2271

2012 total outpatient cardiovascular surgery was 5162.

The average length of stay in cardiovascular surgery was 17 days in 2012.

2012 cardiovascular surgery difficult and critical cases accounted for 22.5%.

Sub specialty construction

The development of sub specialties and specialties: cardiovascular surgery has four sub specialties (congenital heart disease, vascular disease, valvular disease, coronary heart disease).

Each sub specialty can mature to carry out complex pediatric congenital heart disease, complex vascular disease and severe valvular disease, coronary multivessel disease surgery, with a high level of technology.

Diagnosis ability

Cardiovascular surgical diseases specified in the guidelines for clinical diagnosis and treatment of the Chinese medical association.

To set up a reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan for the difficult cases of cardiovascular surgery, rationally apply the core technology, and obtain a good therapeutic effect.

To establish a reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan for the critical cases of cardiovascular surgery, and rationally apply the core technology.

Radiation capacity

In patients, the proportion of all 2009-2012 patients mostly from the Yunnan province 16 city (prefecture) and surrounding Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province, Guangxi Province, from Laos, Burma and Vietnam, in patients, the proportion of 72% foreign aggression.

Refresher doctors, nurses, source: 2009-2012 years, from three hospitals in the hospital for further study of the doctor, from the level of the hospital nurse training 16, 12. The study physician covers 2 provinces (Yunnan province and Guizhou province) (16).

Counterpart support:

Ma Runwei, director of cardiovascular surgery in 2008 targeted aid to Wenshan, to carry out open chest cardiac surgery guidance Wenshan People's Hospital cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass, the hospital has to accept the training of doctors and nurses in our hospital to study, through the help of several years, the school has to carry out the following routine surgery: congenital atrial septal defect, congenital heart ventricular septal defect, congenital heart disease, patent ductus arteriosus, mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement, years of operation of reservation 60~70 around taiwan.

In 2012, Ma Runwei director of cardiovascular surgery, Southwest Guizhou People's Hospital of Guizhou targeted aid, help the heart to build and carry out the operation of thoracic surgery Southwest Guizhou People's Hospital including congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, cardiopulmonary bypass.

Quality profile

Rational use of blood: cardiovascular surgery patients in 2012 per capita blood transfusion 1.0u, component blood transfusion rate accounted for 100%, the proportion of patients with blood transfusion accounted for 18.9%, in line with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of health documents.

Rational use of drugs: in 2012, the basic drugs accounted for 16.8% of prescription drugs; outpatient, inpatient use of antimicrobial agents was the percentage of the drug accounted for 38.70% ().

Harmonious doctor-patient relationship, high patient satisfaction, 2012 people's Hospital of Yunnan Province, second group of patient satisfaction survey each quarter were > 97%; Nursing Department of cardiovascular surgery, high quality nursing ward monthly patient satisfaction survey monthly > 98%.

Medical accident: 2009-2012 did not occur after the Yunnan Provincial Medical Association identification of medical malpractice.

Quality and cost of single disease

Single disease quality: quality, efficiency index of key disease of cardiovascular surgery shall comply with the relevant requirements of Ministry of health; in patients with congenital heart disease in children in 2012 the average hospital stay of 13.6 days; 14.6 days for patients with coronary artery bypass; patients with vascular surgery for 16.7 days; heart valve surgery for 15.6 days; the mortality rate of operation for 0.8% patients.

Single disease cost: single disease cost control measures, the cost control effect is good, the average cost of patients with congenital heart disease in children in 2012 was 32671.4 yuan, 52556.6 yuan for the patients with coronary artery bypass patients, vascular surgery is 81134.4 yuan, 50386.1 yuan for the patients with valvular surgery.

Ward quality

The coincidence rate of cardiovascular surgery patients in 2012 was 96.2%.

The coincidence rate of clinical diagnosis and pathological diagnosis was 78%.

Grade a medical record rate was 98.5%.

Follow up and evaluation of therapeutic effect of discharged patients.

Patient follow-up system was established.

The follow up rate was 66% for patients with major diseases (congenital heart disease, valvular disease, coronary heart disease, large vessel disease).

The average length of stay was 4.2 days.

Establishment and implementation of basic nursing and nursing quality evaluation criteria.

The qualified rate of basic nursing was 99.5% in 2012, and the qualified rate of critical care was 98%.

Establish a sound system of prevention and control of hospital infection, and put in place.

Outpatient quality

Experts out of the situation: every day arrangements for senior professional staff out of the clinic, all experts out at least 1 times a week.

Appointment of patients in outpatient situation: since 2009 to carry out telephone booking, online booking clinic work.

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