7 signs of early detection of congenital heart disease

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Abstract: congenital heart disease is due to the development of cardiovascular malformations in the normal way to destroy the body's blood c


Abstract: congenital heart disease is due to the development of cardiovascular malformations in the normal way to destroy the body's blood circulation, common ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus and other congenital heart disease. As everyone knows, congenital heart disease patients with heart vascular malformation is due to damage to the normal way of human blood circulation, common room with ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus and congenital heart disease. Some patients with heart defects is not serious, there may be no symptoms in infancy, with age and physical development, because the heart burden appeared symptoms or cardiac murmur was found in physical examination, even in adulthood before the onset of symptoms.

However, the majority of children with congenital heart disease in early infancy may appear different abnormal and normal infants, as a baby in a quiet state of air thick, faster breathing up to 40-60 per minute, in the midst of the blue, pale, especially in infants crying and more serious symptoms, often eat some milk stop breathing in children with congenital heart disease; eat less food, appetite are not good; these children are particularly susceptible to colds, bronchitis and pneumonia complicated with heart failure, and pneumonia is not easy to cure. Respiratory tract infections often occur frequently in winter, so the children's growth and development is lagging behind the same age children, thin and small, not only the amount of activity is limited, after the event is also easy to feel tired. Above these symptoms are due to heart malformation caused by pulmonary blood volume increased because of the.

There is a part of children born after the gradual emergence of cyanosis, this is due to cardiovascular abnormalities caused by low oxygen levels in the blood, medically known as cyanotic congenital heart disease such as tetralogy of fallot. Parents will find children with the lips, fingers and toes cyanosis (Qing Zi) and the fingers and toes to widen and thicken the shape of drumstick, medically known as clubbing, this is due to the long-term severe hypoxia, the number of microvessels increased, venous and microvascular expansion caused by the. Severe cyanosis visible body skin bruising, children with severe birth obviously. This was serious in sudden irritability crying, complexion cyanosis aggravated, dyspnea, and even convulsions or confusion, medically known as hypoxic episodes, this is a need of emergency treatment of dangerous state.

When the children grow up to walk, often walk several steps then love squat or take a rest; often squat and small talk with friends of the phenomenon, these are the diagnostic value of clues.

As parents, relatives should carefully follow the doctor's advice, postpartum for newborn babies do inspection and regular health check to the hospital, because some infants born in the heart, all normal, the doctor can not hear the heart murmur, until the full moon after examination or after the examination to be found, so baby parents should pay attention to the following aspects to observe the child.

1, observe whether the skin after birth sustained cyanosis.

2, whether the child has repeated delirious condition.

3, often cold, respiratory tract, bronchial, lung infection.

4, baby feeding difficulties or antifeedant, cough, shortness of breath, usually.

5, growth retardation, emaciation, sweating.

6, children complained of fatigue, poor physical, perioral blue or long.

7, the body can be found in other parts of the body there is a congenital malformation.

If the parents found the child had abnormal findings above with different age healthy children, should go to hospital without congenital heart disease and belongs to which type of congenital heart disease, to cure cardiovascular malformations, so that children with a new and healthy child, to participate in the study, a rich and colorful life.



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