Beware of colds and rheumatic heart disease in winter

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Abstract: on the eve of the Spring Festival, and the cold air southward, must pay attention to warm the cold winter, not because of cold cau


Abstract: on the eve of the Spring Festival, and the cold air southward, must pay attention to warm the cold winter, not because of cold cause heart problems.

According to the latest weather forecast, the eve of the Spring Festival in 2013 will usher in a wide range of cooling. The cold air southward, sometimes hot and sometimes cold weather makes people feel uncomfortable. Inadvertently a little cold, have a fever, may cause palpitation, chest tightness, if the old people had heart disease will repeatedly even worse. We must pay attention to warm cold winter, don't let slip in rheumatic heart disease.

1, a good heart, how a good valve will be broken?

Rheumatic valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, rheumatic heart disease. Rheumatic heart disease is allergic to systemic disease hemolytic coccus infection Lian in adolescence, generally in infants suffering from repeated pharyngeal inflammation, a sore throat have a fever, will cause systemic allergic immune response to disease, after 10 years of time, it will cause heart valve reaction, after 10 years, the heart valvular damage occurs and the corresponding symptoms. In general, usually in adults, but in recent years, the age of onset of rheumatic heart disease tends to younger. More than and 10 year old children have become rheumatic heart disease patients.

2, rheumatic heart valve disease what good treatment?

With the development of cardiac surgery, there is an effective treatment for rheumatic heart disease. Now the operation is very mature, the success rate is very high. As long as the operation time is right, the heart function is stable, and the success rate can reach above 99%.

Simple to say, is to have the heart of a new renovation. Valve repair refers to the repair of the diseased valve to achieve the normal state of operation, some patients after surgery, the valve lesions increased again, the condition deteriorated again, it is necessary to re operation valve replacement. Heart valve replacement surgery is to remove the patient's own lesions of the flap, replaced with artificial valve, thereby eliminating the lesion.

Repair or replacement, depending on the patients with valve damage, heart surgeon will according to the operation conditions and comprehensive choice for patients with the most appropriate, if conditions permit, repair is preferred, this can avoid postoperative anticoagulation too many problems, the operation cost is relatively low, but the majority of patients with medical treatment. The illness is heavy, basically lost the opportunity to repair, it is only a replacement.

Regular follow-up after surgery, the 20 year survival rate can reach more than 90%. After valve replacement, the majority of patients with cardiac function recovered well, can participate in normal work and study, the quality of life is high, a few patients with cardiac function recovery is not ideal. The preoperative cardiac function related to severe loss, drug treatment, to improve the heart function. The possibility for the two application of bioprosthetic valve flap, a valve flap application of mechanical failure may, however, is not common, but also need lifelong anticoagulation to prevent prosthetic valve thrombosis caused by, there is still a small part of patients had anticoagulant accident, machine body embolism or bleeding, even cause serious complications and death.

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