Cancer patients how to treat hair loss?

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Patients with cancer will have significant hair loss during the use of certain chemotherapy drugs. The degree of hair loss is often inconsis


Patients with cancer will have significant hair loss during the use of certain chemotherapy drugs. The degree of hair loss is often inconsistent. Not only because of different drugs, but also varies from person to person. Light is often the patients become aware is often a towel or more off the hair, or feel thinning hair thinning. Weight can cause all the hair off. Can be recovered by chemotherapy drugs on hair loss often, while some people gradually have long hair restoration medication side, while radiotherapy induced hair loss as part of a permanent.

In the hair loss can take a hat, so as not to get rid of the hair are all. Need to reduce the number of shampoo, as far as possible with a wide tooth comb comb hair, comb hair when the action should be gentle. Some people from the appearance of love to customize a wig, wig is made of human hair or artificial hair tied in a head sleeve made of. Two the current supply of wig is mainly useful for nylon mesh do and do poplin. The former is more suitable for use in hot weather because of its good air permeability. Wearing wigs people should pay attention to the regular cleaning and carding less two things. The so-called Qin comb particularly perm wig, if every day wearing should comb every day, according to the wave direction with a thin comb comb from top to bottom, from the bottom up, it will carefully comb, comb hair comb will sometimes encounter barrier, it may be because the hair. For the sake of. At this point should be the first comb through the hair below the knot, and then gradually from the bottom of the comb. And then comb out the original hairstyle. Normal hair can be due to human nutrition supply, does not necessarily need to often use pomade, wigs and human contact does not exist, not nutrients, therefore should be cleaned once every few days can generally use pomade, hair tonic. Wigs should not wash, generally every 2 months or so should be cleaned once. We should first wash the hair with warm water, then add shampoo wash and comb, keep hair smooth and not knot, to do that you have to be careful not to the entire head all submerged in water, but can not be rubbed hair. Otherwise, tie up the hair. Finally with water along the direction of hair rinse dried. The hair dry and add a little hairtonic in the hair, and hair with a comb, hair dryer and other household barber tools.

Human hair varies from person to person. We have yellow hair about 100 thousand or so. It was estimated that a person off about 45 hair per day, up to more than 60. Cumulative, a person will fall off more than 1 million 500 thousand hair. Many factors affect hair loss, such as mental stress, endocrine imbalance in the body, as well as irrational diet will exacerbate hair loss. The cancer patients hair loss occurs when the first pay attention to free ourselves from the mental pressure, not for the illness, especially not for their hair loss and melancholy is puzzled, to restore the balance of their psychological. Some health foods are good for hair protection, such as rich in vitamins and minerals, less fat and sugar, food with a lot of basic protein, and more natural drinks. So can choose foods are meat, fish, poultry, egg or liver, fresh fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables), Cereals, beans and nuts, and should drink 6 to 8 cups of water. Should eat less food, fried food, milk, cream, chocolate and cream products, excess wine and coffee. Refined sugar and salt should not overdo sth..

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