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Surgical treatment of breast fibroadenoma: common type fibroadenoma diagnosis can not surgery, but requires close observation, periodic revi


Surgical treatment of breast fibroadenoma: common type fibroadenoma diagnosis can not surgery, but requires close observation, periodic review. To improve the accuracy of diagnosis of breast fibroadenoma is the key to reduce the rate of surgery.

In the early stage of breast cancer, breast cancer is often manifested as painless breast mass, and there is no specificity of ultrasound or mammography. The special type of suspected and diagnosed as fibroadenoma common fibroadenoma but not clearly diagnosed, or too anxious patients, or the tumor increased obviously in a short period of time, or a family history of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, or new onset breast tumors, and surgical treatment should be.

Surgery is the most effective treatment of breast fibroadenoma, whether ordinary or juvenile fibroadenoma, giant fibroadenoma and other special type of fibroadenoma, as long as the complete resection can make the cure. Surgical treatment of solitary breast fibroadenoma, but multiple fibroadenoma surgery is more difficult. For the distribution of scattered multiple breast fibroadenoma, if total resection, with breast incision, is obviously difficult to accept something, consider the option of large or suspected malignant tumor resection, and to those of typical fibroadenoma were observed, in the observation process, such as mass increases faster or not, except malignant, timely and underwent surgery.

Part of the patient after complete resection is still in the original surgical site or other parts of the breast or even the contralateral breast and then appear new tumor, which is not the original tumor recurrence, but the cause of second primary tumors. The so-called "resection of breast fibroadenoma results in the occurrence of tumor" that there is no basis.

1) the timing of surgery of unmarried women, the diagnosis can be made in close follow-up, according to the wishes of patients before or after marriage was considered elective surgery; the quasi pregnancy maternity patients on the marriage, many suggestions in the plan before pregnancy surgery helps to avoid surgery due to pregnancy and lactation, pregnancy and lactation can make tumor growth accelerated. The tumor was found after pregnancy; pregnancy should be in 4~6 months for surgical resection; 4 for promoting tumor growth in pregnancy, lactation, trauma and other situations, in the short term suddenly accelerated the growth of tumor, should be timely operation; the operation time is best to avoid the premenstrual and menstrual period.

2) surgical approach:

The traditional surgical resection and complete resection of Aesthetics: according to the convenience of surgical skin incision, scar small and visually less obvious paralysis along the edge of the areola arc incision healing after multiple can be considered for the lower edge of the breast folds incision. The operation should be carried out the principle of layered incision, the skin and subcutaneous layer can be the direction of the skin, while the breast gland layer needs to be nipple centric radial incision to reduce the damage of the breast duct. Surgery to complete the entire tumor resection. The disadvantages of traditional surgery will leave the skin incision scar, affect the breast appearance. For a large range of large resection of the tumor affecting the beauty of the breast, can be considered as a simultaneous resection of breast tumors in the simultaneous reconstruction of the breast;

The removal of minimally invasive surgery: general clear diagnosis of breast fibroadenoma. Is in the armpit or areola concealed hole (about 3 mm), or breast tumor echo Mammotome vacuum assisted biopsy system in tumor cutting ultrasound or X-ray mammography guided by a needle, repeatedly cutting, little pain, after leaving a 3 mm the hole marks, quick recovery, incision without suture without stitches. It is possible to use a single incision to remove a number of tumors at one time, which is not suitable for this kind of surgery. The disadvantage is the high cost, prone to local bleeding, subcutaneous ecchymosis, sometimes can not guarantee complete resection.

Because of the possibility of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, the specimen should be routinely examined. According to the results of pathological examination to give appropriate treatment. For the traditional surgical removal of the specimen can also be frozen section of the rapid intraoperative pathological examination.

Fibroadenoma of breast surgery, other parts still have similar probability of re growth of breast fibroadenoma. Therefore, attention should be paid to regular physical examination and imaging examination.

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