If you or your family have breast cancer, how to face?

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How to face breast cancer?IntroductionAt present, breast cancer has become the most common malignant tumor in women, and the age of onset te


How to face breast cancer?


At present, breast cancer has become the most common malignant tumor in women, and the age of onset tends to be younger. As breast cancer patients, how should face breast cancer?

A correct understanding

1 establish the confidence to overcome the disease

Breast cancer is not terrible, it can be treated, and 90% of patients with early-stage breast cancer can be cured. Even if a small number of patients with recurrence or metastasis, but there are still a lot of methods of treatment, many patients can survive with a tumor, the longest period of more than 10 years.

2 create a harmonious family atmosphere

Breast cancer is not contagious, got breast cancer does not spread to other people, so do not feel inferior. It is no different from the common cold, but we need to devote more energy to active treatment.

3 had breast cancer is not equal to the slagheap

Will not be a burden to the family. Many of the patients after the end of the treatment to take all the housework, or to participate in the work to increase family income.

Two, standardized treatment


Treatment must be done to the tumor specialist, the first treatment of all tumors is the most critical, directly affect the overall survival time and quality of life. The first treatment failure may lead to treatment failure, so that some patients can be cured in the short term recurrence or metastasis.


During the treatment, communicate with the doctor in charge, understand the general process of treatment, listen to the doctor's advice, and follow the doctor's arrangement, complete the whole process of treatment. At present, the treatment of breast cancer each year, there are specific guidelines for the treatment of patients with breast cancer in a variety of circumstances, according to the guide to select a reasonable treatment plan. Patients from the diagnosis of breast cancer first days, follow-up treatment, the basic has been determined. Need to do is to follow the prescribed order implementation. Adjust the treatment plan according to the individual response.


There will be some discomfort in the treatment, or there will be some sequelae, but these circumstances are controllable, generally can be restored, the future will not have a significant impact on normal life.


Don't ignore any kind of treatment methods, especially the oral drug, most people need long-term oral drugs for the treatment of breast cancer patients, with tamoxifen, letrozole, anastrozole, exemestane. It is also one of the main treatments for breast cancer. These drugs can inhibit the growth of tumor cells for a long time.

Three, law review

Some patients feel no discomfort, why spend money? Do not underestimate the law review. It can detect early metastasis. Tumor growth is hidden, will not say hello in advance, when it has just been transferred to the treatment, it can still destroy it.

Four, return to society

Six months after the end of treatment, the basic can be normal life and work, do not stuffy at home, we must go out of the house. Like a good cold to continue to work, do not treat yourself as a patient. The treatment is over. Develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good state of mind. The disease won't take you anymore.

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