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In the face of breast cancer, Qingfeng say, breast cancer is preventable and curable, let us face together.In September 30, 2015, President


In the face of breast cancer, Qingfeng say, breast cancer is preventable and curable, let us face together.

In September 30, 2015, President Liu Qing drops a letter to buddy again sounding the alarm "breast cancer". The prevalence of breast cancer in China and around the world has continued to record, and is now the number one killer of women's cancer camps":

(1) the incidence of breast cancer in the world since 70s of the last century has been an upward trend, although the prevalence of breast cancer in developed countries, but China is higher than developed countries 1-2 percentage points of growth rate should not be optimistic;

(2) breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies in the world, and is the number one killer of women's health, according to WHO 2013".

But breast cancer is not a patent for women, men will get breast cancer.

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, a pair of couples from the United States and Connecticut together through decades of marriage journey, raising two daughters in October. However, they have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and work together to fight breast cancer.

According to reports, Kang Gerrard and Meg Compean not only bear the wind and rain, but also need to fight against breast cancer.

Gerrard was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2006, when he found a lump in the chest like a small blister. His wife Meg recalled: "at that time, the first reaction is that people suffering from this disease, it should be me, not him". Through surgery and chemotherapy, Compean family thought the battle is over, that is contrary to expectation, Meg was diagnosed with breast cancer in three years, but the cancer has not spread, through radiation and surgery.

As the couple that can get rid of breast cancer suffering, but once again returned to the disease; the cancer has spread to the bones of Gerrard, which means there will be no cure.

After the second confirmed, Compean and his wife, the couple began to participate in the activities of men to prevent breast cancer, and even lobbying the government announced that the third week of October is the men's breast cancer prevention week. Meg said: "80% of men do not realize that they are also likely to suffer from breast cancer, we do not want to let more families lose their husbands and fathers".

At the same time, the couple hope that doctors in the face of men with breast cancer patients, do not repeat the use of brochures and materials sent to women, in order to improve their awareness of prevention of male breast cancer.

Male breast cancer

Male breast cancer is a rare disease among all breast cancer accounted for only 0.6%, but in all male cancer accounted for less than 1%. so long, compared to women with breast cancer, we don't know enough for male breast cancer. The occurrence of breast cancer is due to the presence of malignant tumor cells in the breast tissue. Men also have breast tissue, so it can also cause breast cancer. Genetic factor is an important cause of male breast cancer. Whether it is congenital or acquired factors, male hormone deficiency, excessive secretion of female hormones, men are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. Compared with female breast cancer, male breast cancer is often more advanced, so the tumor will be relatively large, often accompanied by lymph node metastasis.

Because the male breast is small, so when the male breast small foreign body, is very easy to be perceived, so relative to women, as long as you pay more attention to male breast disease, early detection of problems more easily. When the male breasts appear, should go to the hospital for further examination as soon as possible.

1, caking and swelling. The main symptoms of male breast cancer is breast masses often occur in around the areola, hard texture, the boundary is not clear, the surface is often not smooth, poor activity.

2, breast skin depression, nipple, nipple occasionally accompanied by hemorrhage. Sometimes the pain is not obvious, but if the nipple retraction, and the skin, should be vigilant.

3, lymph node enlargement. Breast cancer is the biggest feature is easy to transfer, so if you find axillary lymph nodes for a long time to be particularly careful.


Conventional radical resection of breast cancer, followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.. If the disease is late, feasible bilateral orchiectomy.

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