Psychological adjustment of patients with breast cancer

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1, actively and consciously adjust their psychological attempt to use a positive attitude to face life, to focus on the good feeling, make y


1, actively and consciously adjust their psychological attempt to use a positive attitude to face life, to focus on the good feeling, make you happy women once confirmed breast cancer, the most radical treatment is the entire breast resection, resection of the breast after you lose women so beautiful, anxiety and self-confidence is weakened, many people need time to accept the loss of breast reality, you need to discuss, and the spouse share your feelings, do not hide or guess his feelings, nor the communication is to help you hardly wished to live., and your spouse know the best way for your new ".

2, how to adjust their psychology

(1) when you are in a bad mood, when you are overwhelmed by the pain, you can find a way to adapt to the depressed heart, such as changing the environment, reading a good book, listening to music, sports, etc..

(2) talk about your own inner pain and thoughts, to your family, friends, your doctor, nurse, in exchange, they will give you understanding, help, encouragement and support.

(3) to understand the medical staff about breast cancer knowledge, and talking about cancer misconception. Breast cancer is a disease with better curative effect in cancer treatment. With the development of science and technology, there are no new treatment methods, the treatment of breast cancer is more and more comprehensive.

(4) take part in group activities, go back to work and resume normal life.

(5) communicate with each other frequently, encourage each other and help each other.

(6) trust in yourself, your family, your friends, your medical staff.

(7) thanks for being grateful to your family and friends. Thanks to those who helped you, forget those who hurt you.

(8) believe in science, conquer yourself, conquer disease.

3, to make up for the defects to wear the milk, maintain body size, regain confidence! The appearance of defects, can rely on the breast to remedy, almost lifelike, breast shape weight on the market can make users feel adapt to the nature, many of the patients after surgery soon settled; or also can be breast reconstruction breast plastic line.

4, to maintain a harmonious life

Surgical wound healing, can return to normal sexual life, sexual relationship will not affect the normal treatment, it can help you and your spouse mood early recovery, consolidate your, you have confidence in yourself, after the operation is still beautiful, you have the right to dress themselves should be so guilty, although you unfortunately suffer from cancer, but you absolutely have the right to enjoy life. If you are not married, you do not need to avoid feelings, as long as honest and let the feelings of natural development.

Contraception must be within five years after the surgery, signs, after five years without recurrence under the guidance of a doctor can be pregnant, but is not the use of any contraceptive hormone drugs such as oral or injectable contraceptives, please use condoms or consult a gynecologist, Sheung wan.

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