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In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has accounted for the top of women's malignant tumors, which makes us have to pay m


In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has accounted for the top of women's malignant tumors, which makes us have to pay more attention to. What should we do about it? The key lies in the early detection, early detection and early detection. In fact, even healthy women, need to do breast examination!

How much do you know about the method of breast examination?

Breast self-examination:

The patient often is because of his touch the masses were breast, daily should be no trace of traces. Self examination can be in sleep, get up, dressing, bathing, recommended once a month, premenopausal women suggest that menstruation after 7-10 days. Here are the four steps of breast self-examination:

2 clinical breast examination:

Although there is no evidence that the method can improve the early diagnosis of breast cancer and reduce the mortality rate, but the clinical examination breast experienced breast specialist, preliminary grasp of breast disease, may help to compensate for the omission of screening mammography.

3 mammography (mammography):

Mammography for detecting microcalcifications has the most advantage, and can find no symptoms or not to touch the tumor, to reduce breast cancer mortality over the age of 40 the role of women has been recognized by most scholars at home and abroad. However, the penetrating power of the breast molybdenum target to the young dense breast tissue is poor, while the Asian female breast is often dense. Breast cancer mammography is not recommended for women under 40 years of age, without a clear breast cancer risk factors or clinical examination did not find abnormal breast x-ray.

3 breast ultrasonography:

Compared with women in Europe and America, the proportion of patients with breast cancer in our country is higher than before, and the breast is more dense. In this regard, breast ultrasound has great advantages for mammography, breast ultrasound and non radioactive, solid cystic mass and discernible, understand the axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes have no metastasis, is a common means of inspection. But it can not be ignored is that ultrasound is difficult to distinguish a lot of micro calcification, which needs to complement each other.

4 breast magnetic resonance (MRI) examination:

Breast MRI has extremely high sensitivity to invasive breast cancer, can help to find some clinical and mammographic occult breast cancer, but its high requirements for equipment, the price is expensive, intravenous enhancer, contraindications include pacemakers, aortic dissection also need to consider.

Conclusion: the treatment of breast cancer is becoming more and more mature, and the prevention of breast cancer is the most important. Therefore, the examination of the breast is essential!

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