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Cast outpost position, guarding the pride of womenFirst, we performed the sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer guided by radionuclide


Cast outpost position, guarding the pride of women

First, we performed the sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer guided by radionuclide in Quanzhou

A lot of people are afraid to hear that they are suffering from breast cancer, the first reaction is, "how long can I live," the second reaction is to give me some of the clean". "How long can" with the tumor staging, and to determine the breast cancer is early or late, mainly through the relevant examination before and after operation to see the spread of tumor cells is not, for breast cancer axillary lymph node pathology is an important indicator to judge whether cancer cells run out. If the axillary lymph node metastasis, then the condition is relatively serious. "Clean cut" and breast cancer surgery, the surgical methods of breast cancer include surgery, breast cancer, breast milk and pure excision, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy, breast cancer radical surgery and so on.

Doctors used to think that the more treatment, the better". Later, after a lot of experiments found that this is not the case! After years of clinical research, scientists found that breast cancer from the beginning of the disease is a systemic disease, that is, from the beginning of the tumor, it has begun to transfer the body. The local cut more It doesn't help the situation! Do not cut too much of the patients live longer, but lead to a lot of patients with concurrent disease, death rates have risen! The doctors found that the key is how to weigh the pros and cons of surgery in the best therapeutic effect and minimal complications! If the axillary lymph node metastases, they need to be completely cleaned; if no axillary lymph node metastasis, does not need to be cleaned, otherwise the upper limb activity limitation, and upper limb edema will significantly increase the opportunity.

Figure: upper extremity lymphedema after breast cancer surgery

How do you know whether axillary lymph node metastasis? Then we need to detect the sentinel lymph node. The so-called "sentinel", or "sentinel", "axillary lymph node" is the "barracks". "Sentinel" is "at the forefront of the barracks", if "sentinel" has been violated, "barracks" may be violated; if the "sentinel" has not been violated, "barracks" can be considered safe.

To determine whether the sentinel lymph node metastasis can be generally by preoperative imaging (ultrasound, molybdenum target, MRI, etc.), medical examination, needle biopsy and other methods. However, the most reliable method is to use the sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Lymph nodes in the body and around the fat color is almost, if cut one by one to find, the trauma is absolutely intolerable. This needs to be done in a way that makes it look different from other organizations. Now, more and more methods are used in the world, such as the dye method, the nuclide tracer method or the combination of the two methods. The tracer was injected into the breast, can see the blue stained lymph vessels, lymph nodes, or using a gamma ray detector to detect the radionuclide in the lymph node concentration, find them, cut out and sent to check, after half an hour, you can know the result.

Our oncology department of breast and thyroid professional group recently in the Department of nuclear medicine assistance, have started using radionuclide + dye +ECT scanning for breast cancer and sentinel lymph node biopsy, has now completed more than 20 cases, the operation method can greatly improve the detection rate of sentinel lymph node, shorten the search time, the technology of Quanzhou the first area, the technical level is at the leading position in the Quanzhou area.

The combination of modified radical mastectomy of breast conserving the technology and our team proficient in breast cancer, breast cancer patients can meet the conditions of conserving and avoid axillary lymph node dissection, which is minimally invasive and minimally invasive, achieve a single 4-5cm incision radical resection of breast cancer, a change in the status of traditional operation flat, flat, ugly, huge scar the effect of 1+1 reached more than 2, greatly improve the female patients with mental and physical health, maintain self-confidence, improve the quality of life.



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