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Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women. With the awareness of breast cancer continues to improve, and people on t


Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women. With the awareness of breast cancer continues to improve, and people on the development of breast cancer prevention awareness and examination, early diagnosis rate of breast cancer is increasing, the traditional breast resection treatment model has been hitherto unknown challenge. The blind expansion of the scope of surgical resection, and can improve the prognosis of patients with breast cancer, Europe and the United States more than half of breast cancer treated with breast conserving surgery, in our country, the investigation on 10 of the country's three hospitals in 2000 showed that the breast conserving surgery for breast cancer surgery only accounted for 9%, accounting for 19.5% with breast conserving surgery. Our conservative rate is mainly traditional concept behind and knowledge is not universal, suitable for some breast conserving patients, still believes that "Conserving not removed completely, conserving will leave for the future", and the surgical technique, pathological diagnosis and radiotherapy equipment and other conditions etc.. With the improvement of living standards, the incidence of breast cancer in young and breast cancer new ideas gradually spread in China, breast conserving surgery accepted by more and more patients with breast conserving surgery in the treatment of breast cancer under the premise, to maintain a good breast shape, has become the standard operation for early breast cancer. A large number of studies have confirmed that breast conserving surgery and traditional radical surgery can not only obtain the same survival rate, and according to an American study, for breast conserving surgery patients 10 year survival rate is 94%, and only those patients undergoing mastectomy was 90%, mastectomy combined with radiotherapy is 83%. The quality of life of patients with breast conserving breast cancer was significantly higher than that of breast cancer patients. But at the time of radical resection, the breast and the maximum shape is a problem worthy of attention, that is how to balance the aesthetic effect of the surgical removal of tissue and postoperative, resected tissue weight, breast tissue removed less severe deformation; high risk of local recurrence. At present, the traditional breast conserving surgery, usually with extensive tumor resection (Figure 1) section, quadrant or larger resection (Figure 2), but the traditional breast conserving surgery may be due to lack of local glands, after radiation damage caused deformation and displacement of the nipple and areola breast breast appearance is not beautiful (Figure 3-6). In order to make up for these defects, in recent years, there have been a lot of reports abroad, the application of breast plastic surgery in breast conserving surgery, can significantly improve the cosmetic effect after breast conserving surgery. Breast conserving surgery for breast cancer surgery, tumor surgery, tumor free technique not only follow the principle, but also the use of plastic surgery techniques, the main advantage is that as much as possible the resection of the tumor and surrounding tissue, as well as preserve the breast shape and symmetry, improve breast appearance beauty effect, and reduce the risk of local recurrence the. The Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Guangxi Medical University of breast surgery in breast cancer experts under the leadership of chief director Liu Jianlun, according to the wishes of patients, breast conditions, tumor size, location and biopsy and biopsy site, the first Guangxi carried out a series of cosmetic breast conserving surgery, not only cure the tumor, but also retains the breast shape, compared to with the traditional breast conserving surgery, postoperative complications and lower better breast good cosmetic results, patient satisfaction is high. Plastic breast conserving surgery in 1, resection of breast tumor resection by double ring angioplasty (Peri-areolar mammaplasty), applicable to various parts of the skin without leaching make advantage of the tumor, the nipple areola and surrounding skin color mask at the junction of scar after operation, postoperative effect is better (Figure 1, 2). 2, "Ώ" type of breast tumor excision angioplasty (Omega-plasty), suitable for breast tumors located in the upper near the areola, also known as the bat wing (batwing) angioplasty (Figure 3, 4). 3, breast tumors located in the lateral or have local biopsy by lateral tumor excision breast angioplasty, also known as tennis racket type breast tumor resection plasty (Tennis racket mammography) (Fig. 5, 6). 4, inverted "T" type of tumor resection (Inverted-T mammography), suitable for tumors located in the lower part of the breast (Figure 7, 2). 5, adjacent skin flap (vicinal skin flap) for breast tumor located near the edge of the skin, may be used in conjunction with the tumor and the surface of the skin with resection, lateral thoracic back or upper abdominal fascia flap, repair the defect free after rotation to the breast (Figure 11, 12). 6, below the breast skin flap plasty (Inferior pedicle mammaplasty), the central tumor is considered a relative contraindication to breast conserving surgery, because the nipple areola defect, postoperative aesthetic effect is relatively poor. Take the nipple and around the tumor resection including part of normal tissue beneath the skin glands using pedicle flap to repair over areolar tissue defect (Figure 13, 14). 7, the latissimus dorsi muscle flap (Part LDF), suitable for local tissue defects of large glands, repair is difficult to achieve satisfactory results, application of latissimus dorsi muscle to repair the defect of breast, especially foreign quadrantanopia best.

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